The Shimano Clarus Spinning Rods are newly designed and updated, adding another level of refinement and performance to the winning Clarus formula. Featuring lightweight, IM-8 graphite blanks, they offer the sensitivity and power that anglers have grown to love from the Clarus series of rods, and their precisely tuned actions and tapers are perfect for a wide range of bass fishing applications. Premium Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides at Fuji Concept Spacing furnish improved line control and casting distance, and new custom Shimano, no-thread Reel Seats offer direct access to the rod blank for increased sensitivity transfer into your hands. The new reel seats also tighten from below the reel for a sleek, new, threadless look. For the price, it’s hard to beat the Shimano Clarus Spinning Rods.

Additional Features:

- Custom Shaped Grade EVA Handles
- Laser Etched Butt Cap
- Multipurpose Hook Keeper
- Limited Lifetime Over-the-Counter Replacement Warranty


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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Junk Rod. I bought a 6' 8" MH and after only one season my rod tip broke and the glue on my reel seat came undone and my reel fell off while I was setting a hook on a fish. I loved the rod and caught some great fish with it but the fact that the reel seat busted after a few months of use was really disappointing. I would use the warranty but I lost my receipt

From: JBird: Rhode Island

Comments: I bough the 6'8" MH for skipping baits under dock/overhanging cover. It's fantastic. What does this rod compare to? Well it's a tad bit heavier in weight than a 6'8" St Croix Mojo M/XF, BUT it's not noticeably tip heavy with a 2500 size reel on it. Sensitivity is excellent, on par if not better than the Mojo, and $20 cheaper to boot. Components are top notch and it has a lifetime warranty. It's a little  more powerful than the Mojo, but not a broom stick, tip loads very nice to fling small baits up under stuff. I am very pleased and satisfied with this series of rods. For less than $100 I think the Clarus and the Abu Vendetta are tough to beat and perform well above there price point.

From: Brad: WV

Comments: Why would anyone throw away a rod with a lifetime warranty?  Some people don't know how good shimano really is with regards to their warranty, or they have submitted a review for a different product by mistake.

From: Michael: Charleston, SC

Comments: This might upset people but rod breakage is almost always the users fault. You can't bang these things around or you might never even know you stepped on them in your boat.  It's a graphite tool to catch fish.  Hell, I may get a defective pole one day but not one broke out of 12 poles owned and sold in 6 years.  Don't bend them toward tip! this will weaken them. Treat it like a special tool and you will never have an issue. Good luck all.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: I have the previous models with the cork grips. I've had them for almost 3 years now and they are great rods. Are you saying the new ones are defective? Also I thought you could just go to nearest dealer for shimano and replace for 10 bucks? or is that warranty different now?

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: throwing mine in the trash.  First time out and it broke about 6 inches from the tip.  Seems to be a common problem.  25.00 to ship it for them to decide weather to warranty  a 40.00 rod.??????  Never have had a salmon, steelhead/ flyrod break.  going back to Loomis.  Thats what happens when you go cheap.

From: Charles: WA

Comments: All I really have to say is I had 2 Clarus broke on me maybe its my luck that it was defected. Im just saying throw in more money to get the compre or even a crucial. 

From: Joe: GA

Comments: excellent rod for the price and lifetime warranty you can beat it. I have the 7'2 Med. Paired with the okuma trio 30 spooled with 12lb nanofil. I use it for spotties and halibut in the bay (San Diego/Mission). I will definitely be purchasing a couple more.

From: David: San Diego, CA

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