Offering the technique-specific characteristics and performance you need for fishing drop shots to their full potential, the Shimano Compre Drop Shot Spinning Rods deliver the exceptional angler value that has made them a staple in the bass fishing world. Now equipped with lightweight, responsive and highly sensitive IM-9 graphite blanks, you’ll be able to detect more subtle takes, set more hooks and land more fish. Premium Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides also offer excellent durability, and help facilitate longer and more accurate casting, while new custom Shimano Reel Seats help reduce weight even further and provide a comfortable, sturdy base for your reel. The newly designed reel seats also fasten from below the reel for a sleek, new threadless look. A new addition to the quality line-up of Compre rods, the Shimano Compre Drop Shot Spinning Rods deliver tournament caliber performance at a reasonable price.

Additional Features:

- Custom Shaped EVA Handles
- Multi-purpose hook keeper
- Etched Technique Specific Badge Butt Cap

-Backed by 1-year Limited Warranty (All warranty claims must be made with Shimano directly. Tackle Warehouse can no longer accept Shimano warranty rods.)


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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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    The new and improved Shimano Compre Spinning Rods feature super sensitive IM-9 graphite blanks and premium components, offering the winning blend of high performance and value that have made them one of Shimano's most popular and enduring rod series.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought the 6' 8" rod & I love it. It's light weight, feels good in your hand & was an excellent rod for me this year. I would give this a 10/10. By far my favorite rod.

From: Keith: USA 10/11/16

Comments: This is by far the best rod I have ever owned.  I bought the 7' 2" drop shot rod and it has has been amazing, and has improved my drop shot fishing by leaps and bounds.  I highly suggest buying this rod and tackle warehouses packaging and shipping is the best in the industry!

From: Casey: Millboro, Va., USA

Comments: I bought the 6'8" drop shot model hoping it would feel similiar to my curamas.  I was disappointed. My biggest complaint is the location of the hook keeper.  I'm not sure about other people but the hook keeper is right where I place my index finger for sensitivaty and while casting.  The hook keeper should have been placed on the bottom of the rod to keep it out of the way.  I'm having to alter the way I hold my spinning rod because of the hook keeper.  I'm thinking about just cutting it off completely. The rod is also not that sensitive. I think the tip is too soft to transmitt a good feel.  I have cheaper other brand rods that are more sensitive.  Thought about moving this rod to my crappie rod collection. It might make a decent crappie rod. I still love my cumaras but was totally disappointed with this one.  Stick with the cumaras. Even though they cost more, you won't be looking for a replacement any time soon.

From: Pao:Boiling Springs, SC

Comments: I purchased the 7-2 drop-shot rod and have hauled in dozens of fish with it. Very light and sensitive, and has great action for hook sets. It's quickly become one of my favorite rods. Awesome bang for your buck here between $100-110 ... I might have to buy more Compres. Can't go wrong with the lifetime warranty too.

From: Aaron: WA

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