Shimano Compre Reaction Casting Rods

Featuring actions, tapers and lengths precisely engineered for fishing topwaters and spinnerbaits, the Shimano Compre Reaction Casting Rods are one of the newest additions to the winning Compre rod series. Now upgraded with lightweight IM-9 high modulus graphite blanks, they offer excellent sensitivity and strength with the durability to provide you with a lifetime of service. Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides also help reduce friction to facilitate greater casting distance and accuracy, and new custom Shimano no-thread Reel Seats offer a sturdy, lightweight base for your reel while putting your hands in direct contact with the rod blank. The reel seats also fasten from below the reel for a sleek, new, threadless look. Delivering the performance, premium components and pricepoint that have made the Compre series famous in the fishing world, the Shimano Compre Reaction Casting Rods have what it takes to fish reaction baits they are meant to be fished.

Additional Features:

- Custom Shaped EVA Handles
- Multi-purpose hook keeper
- Etched Technique Specific Badge Butt Cap

-Backed by 1-year Limited Warranty (All warranty claims must be made with Shimano directly. Tackle Warehouse can no longer accept Shimano warranty rods.)


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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Shimano Compre Reaction Casting Rod 6'8" Medium


Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Med-Fast 8-15lb 1/4-5/8oz 9+Tip Compre Reaction A 12-1/2" In Stock: 3+ $99.99
Compre Reaction A

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  • Precisely engineered with the technique specific performance and features you need for fishing spinnerbaits and topwaters, the Shimano Compre Reaction Casting Rods offer tournament caliber performance at a reasonable price.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought this rod and sent it back the next day. It is more stiff than I expected but I could deal with that. What I couldn't deal with is the weight of this rod. This is rod is insanely heavy. Would be very awkward on the water. Returned it and bought a Cabelas Tournament ZX rod.

From: Kellen: Kearney, NE 2/11/16

Comments: Tip snapped on my third largemouth (2lbs). I bought the 7'6" MH and wanted this to be a great rod, and everything about was great when I got it; the reel seat and full blank grip are amazing and I could cast into next year. I hope the replacement Functions like it should because it is a nice rod for the price.

From: TK: Stevensville, MD 10/5/14

Comments: The tip is supposed to be soft for topwaters. The reason being that it compensates for quick reactions to strikes, setting the hook a split second later. These rods are amazing. I use a 7' 5" MH for my frogs. I throw the Live Target 65's on it just fine, casting it a mile and getting great hooksets at any distance. My hookup ratio on the frog is around 95% with this rod. Shimano cannot be beat.

From: Jason: Hampton, VA

Comments:  Bought the 6'8 MH Topwater rod and I feel the tip is faaaar too soft for topwaters.  The rods rated up to 1oz, but with a 5/8 oz lure tied on the tip was sagging.  I prefer to use big walkers like Spooks and the such and the rod is just too soft to walk the dog with a heavier lure.  After about 8 casts with the rod I'm trying to sell it.

From: Andy: Chicago

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