The new Shimano Core 100MG7 Casting Reel is designed to be the ultimate, lightweight baitcasting reel. Constructed with a magnesium frame and sideplates, and featuring a Magnumlite spool, it delivers an ultra fast 7.0:1 gear ratio and weighs in at only 6.7 ounces. The HEG gearing also provides plenty of fighting power and the 11lbs of drag will allow you to tame just about any fish.

Designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible, it is extremely comfortable to fish. Its ergonomic, low-profile design and 100-size allows it to become an extension of the rod. Silky smooth and packed with an array of Shimano’s most advanced features, the Shimano Core 100MG7 delivers durability and high-speed performance that won’t let you down.

Featuring a lightning fast 7.0:1 gear ratio and lightweight magnesium construction, the Shimano Core 100MG7 Casting Reels are designed to be the ultimate, lightweight baitcasting reels.

-Ultra-Lightweight Magnesium Frame and Sideplate
-Ultra-Lightweight A7075 Aluminum Spool Construction
-Magnumlite Spool Design
-S A-RB Ball Bearings
-A-RB Roller Bearing
-High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
-Super Stopper
-Super Free (SF)
-Variable Brake System (VBS)
-Reduced Mass VBS Hub
-Escape Hatch
-Dartainium Drag
-Cold Forged Aluminum Drag Star
-Clicking Drag Adjustment
-Aluminum Cast Control Knob
-Rubber Shielded Cast Control Knob
-Tapered Ti Levelwind Insert
-Cold Forged Aluminum Handle Shank
-Drilled Handle Shank
-Septon Handle Grips
-Recessed Reel Foot
-Approved for use in Saltwater

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Customer Reviews


Comments: Best reel on the market hands down. Nothing feels smoother and ergonomically sound in your hands then the Core. Becomes an extension of your body.  Just wish I had the bank to buy 20 more of these reels.  

From: Joe: On, Canada

Comments: ichanged my texas rig setup this spring. went with core 100mg7 mounted on a 13 fishing omen 7 ft 1 med hvy rod .3/16 ounce wt and 14 lb super sniper line. I have been so happy with this setup. the core has been AWSOME. from castabilty to the performance of the drag that can handle ANY FISH. but what I really love is the way it feels in your hand.this was money well spent.thanks to tackle warehouse I have the best rod and reel I could ask for.LOVE IT.


Comments: Incredible reel!  My first experience with a Core was with a friends Core 50mg.  I really was impressed, but wanted a faster reel with more line capacity.  When I saw this reel I was sold, then I bought one and WOW!  The reel is light and the size is perfect, it's extremely comfortable to use all day.  It cast's a mile, by far the longest casting of all my reels.  It's smoother than any other reel I have ever used as well.  I'm going to agree with everyone else and just say that, yes they are expensive, but the are worth every penny!

From: Keegan: IA

Comments: I purchased my first 100mg7 a year ago and have bought two more since. The reels' performance has been flawless. Strap one on a NRX 852C Green and you are set for soft plastics and buzz baits. My Steez collection is getting dusty.

From: Charles: Dallas,TX USA

Comments: imo the 100mg7 is the best core in the lineup, as it is the one with the brass gear instead of the aluminum. I'd take these over daiwa steez any day

From: Jig: North GA

Comments: Purchased 8 of the Shimano Core 100MG7's as the primary reels in my tournament set-ups. All are paired with 13-fishing-Envy series rods. Through the first 7 tournaments of 2013, on both KY Lake and Lake Barkley, they have preformed flawlessly. Light in weight, balanced and castability second to none-- I would highly recomend for anyone who is a serious tournament fisherman. Easliy fought and handled bass up to 7.76 pounds. Reel handles and cast 1/4 oz shaky heads almost as far as 1.5oz swimbaits. The one drawback-- if throwing a 3/4oz football jig or large swimbait, be careful that you do not throw the entire spool of 15lb line off the reel (oops), the reels cast a country mile.

From: Eric: Indian Mound, IN

Comments: I am such a big fan of the core series reels, super light weight, cast a country mile, just love'em alot!! I just wish they would come out with a core that could handle more line, and heavier line. Like a rating between 10 lb 110 yards to 14 lb 100 yards.

Comments: for the record GMAN I don't think the japanese version has brass gearing which the 100mg7 does. I own 2 and there great reels and I also added bearings to the knobs just because I can.

From: Brian: Burbank

Comments: Love the core 100 bodied reels.  I have two japanese versions and love them to death.  Though this is the US market version, its the same reel minus the handle bearings and color. It has a super smooth drag, smooth bearings; light weight and lots of power. BTW it's a super caster.  Also, this is a magnesium reel NOT ALUMINUM. This is why its priced higher than other reels. Also, you don't need a ridulous amount of bearings to make any reel smooth.  It's the quality not quantity that makes the difference.

From: GMAN: NY, NY

Comments: i love the cores!! i have this reel in the 51mg7 and i am in love with it!! i have it paired up with a st.croix rage 7'1 med xtra fast and its is so light and bad ass looking as well. i love reading the comments about how it "only has 4 beerings" you dont need alot of bearings to have a good reel. some of quantums 30$ reels have 10 bearings it dosent mean a thing its the quality of the beerings. but anyways great reel go out and get it

From: Frank: IL

Comments: This reel is amazing in everything you can think of and also very light. You could never go wrong with a core. Expensive but worth every penny.

From: Larry

Comments: I own 2 of them and there a reel, I added 4 bearings to each handle but it probaly wouldn't have mattered because there smooth out of the box

From: Brian: Chicago

Comments: My wife kick me out of the house. But best $400 buy ever. Warning: If your married make sure you buy he or she gift first and then your Core 100mg7. If you dont then youll be happy either wa\y. Great reel

From: Jesse: H-Town, TX

Comments: READ ALL OF WHAT I HAVE TO SAY.  if you are thinking about buying this reel!!!!! then get it!!!! it is the best, strongest, lightest, a most powerful reel i have ever experienced in my life!!!!! at first i was regretting wasting 400 dollor's on a reel, let me tell you something i am not saying that anymore i don't even think about it anymore...... once you break this real in, it is so sweet. make sure you have a good braid on the reel like the new sufix 832 braid, it is the strongest braid ever made.... and also cast the furthest, thats the main reason i have it!!!!!!  if you have those two things combined you will love it....!!!!!!!!

Comments: Cant believe how smooth this reel is with only 5 bearings. I fell in love with this reel when i pick it up at fishing show in houston. Order it here at TW with other stuff. And I have to say this core reel is wet dream come true. Big ups to shimano

From: Andres: Cypress, TX

Comments: this is great ,lightweight jig and plastics reel,you can actually add 2 bearings to the handle to make it a 7 bearing reel.built with all magnesium frame and both side plates,unlike the overpriced half plastic steez.

From: Jeff: IL

Comments: A good reel Its what you would expect for the price. As for the comment below about being "Tuff". I don't know about that my first tore up in a week might have been a bad reel. And all these comments saying get a chronarch yeah get one of the older ones the new reels just dont live up to the name. As far as the core though rating it from 1-5 its a solid 4!.

From: Brandon: KY

Comments: This is the best bass reel on the market, its tuff and cast a mile, last forever, want a cheaper reel get the chronarch its all the same thing just the core has better overall, but deff get a shimano

Comments: a little pricy but deff worth the money get one there tuff and cast a mile and and last forever, want a cheaper reel get the chronarch its tuff and last forvever also and cast a mile to

Comments: this reel is VERY LIGHT and very smooth, cast a mile and is very tuff, deff worth the money if ya got it. but if you want a cheaper reel get a chronarch, there really tuff and last for ever and impossible to get back lash, easy to use, but this core is the best reel ever,  thumbs up for shimano  

From: Daniel

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