Introducing the smallest profile ever in a Shimano reel, the Shimano Core 50MG Casting Reel is designed to take your light line and finesse fishing to the next level. Don't let its small stature fool you, the Shimano Core 50MG has plenty of power to take the fight to any bass. With surprising line capacity and a blazing fast 7.1:1 gear ratio, it is also equipped with HEG (High Efficiency Gearing) and eight S A-RB ball bearings, making it as smooth as you would expect from a Shimano reel of this caliber.

In addition, Shimano's proven VBS Cast Control system and featherweight Magnumlite Spool combine to allow the angler to cast light finesse baits with no chance of backlash. Ergonomic comfort is also ensured via the cold forged and drilled Aluminum Handle Shank paired with premium Septon Grips. The lightweight Magnesium frame and sideplate, as well as, the Graphite non-handle sideplate provide a solid foundation and contribute again to the Core 50MG's overall ultra-light weight. Backed by Shimano's industry leading Warranty, the Shimano Core 50MG is perfect for any finesse technique you might choose and rest assured, it also has the power and speed to match the fury of the meanest bass.

Perfect for light line and finesse fishing, the extremely light Shimano Core 50MG has the smallest profile of any Shimano reel. Blazing fast as well, its loaded with premium components and features.

-Ultra-Lightweight Magnesium Frame and Sideplate
-Ultra-Lightweight A7075 Aluminum Spool Construction
-Magnumlite Spool Design
-S A-RB Ball Bearings
-A-RB Roller Bearing
-High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
-Super Stopper
-Super Free (SF)
-Variable Brake System (VBS)
-Reduced Mass VBS Hub
-Escape Hatch
-Dartainium Drag
-Cold Forged Aluminum Drag Star
-Clicking Drag Adjustment
-Aluminum Cast Control Knob
-Rubber Shielded Cast Control Knob
-Tapered Ti Levelwind Insert
-Cold Forged Aluminum Handle Shank
-Drilled Handle Shank
-Septon Handle Grips
-Recessed Reel Foot
-1/8 Turn Easy Access Attached Sideplate
-Approved for use in Saltwater

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Super light and without a doubt easy to fish with all day long. I have it paired with a Cumara Med Ex Fast and it is by far a very comfortable rig if you like to fish from sunup to sundown.

From: CJ: Gretna, LA 6/24/14

Comments: This is the second time I've written about the Core 51MG 7.0.  I bought another one because my first was so good. I dropped it in the lake last fall & I'm hoping the water goes way down this summer.  Got it GPS'd.  Nothing equals it for casting light swim baits & such.  As easy as a spinning reel and better in the wind.  I use 10lb flouro-carbon Sensenich on a 7' custom made revolver rod. Got the second one two weeks ago and I love it.

From: Howard: Paradise, CA 5/29/14

Comments: well shawn I see your point. but I use my core for flipping heavy cover on 50-65lb power pro. awesome reel and powerful hands down. I order a chronarch ci4+ and curado 200i. just so use to the core 50 and chronarch 100d-200e that those reels dont do it for me. everybody titled to their own opinion. and for me the core is a much better reel.

From: Carl: TX 5/14/14

Comments: great reel for more finesse things, I have 4 ci4's and 2 cores...and they both serve their own purpose, got my ci4s for more power fishing (cranks/spinners) and my cores for finesse jigs/weightless both awesome reels

From: Shawn: WI 4/23/14

Comments: I like this reel better then the ci4+.  If they discontinue this reel. This reel will always hold its value.  just look at the 50 e series curado they still go for 150 used.  It'll be nice if they brought some of the upgrades stuff over here for the core like spools handle knob some differ color accents stuff here and there would be cool.

From: She: MN

Comments: Perfect for pitching and flipping with jigs and plastics as it doesn't hold a lot of line it's a good fit for a half spool of 50/65lb braid or 20-25lb fluoro. Great power and fast line pickup. Very strong drag. I use 2 and need 1 more, also good at casting light braids or fluorocarbon. Very light and smooth.

From: Mike: Ontario, Canada

Comments: This reel can handle more than finesse stuff. This reel honestly has the best drag also. The only downfall I see with this reel is the line capacity.

From: Rick Ross: Miami, FL

Comments: This reel can do it all!  Handles dd cranks, weightless senkos, hollow body frogs and even the 5" bullshad!

From: Supa: MI

Comments: I must of got a lemon... Out of the box this reel would not stack line properly. After 1 DAY of fishing the thumb button developed a loud squeaky noise. And sometimes the thumb button won't stay engauged. And last but not least my biggest problem with this reel is at random times it will be hard to reel the reel, almost like the tension knob was locked down. This is very sad for shimano.... Daiwa here I come

From: Gary: South Jersey

Comments: I've owned this reel for about a year and a half and have to say its still smooth like day one.  Cast everything from 3/16 to 3/4 oz jigs.  Have it on a nrx 803 JWR and its ridiculously light.  Oh and the guy on the bottom who says this is a Aldebaran copy is totally wrong.  Same reel different paint job. Both made in Japan. Oh and BTW, the smoke is no where near as smooth.

From: gman: NYC, NY

Comments: I put this on a 7'1 NRX and the set-up is light as a feather. Pulled in a 6# slounch no problem.

From: Greg: AL

Comments: This reel is gold,for light stuff and anything in between. Very good over all like any top end shimano!!

From: Charlie: Trenton, NJ

Comments: Fantastic reels, truly love them.  I've replaced all of my baitcasting reels with the Core 50 and 51.  Small,  smooth and yet have enough line for nearly all purposes.  One of the best spool control adjustment and drag.  5 Stars.

From: Derek: CO

Comments: love it, the 50 and 100 both

From: Chris

Comments: I have a CORE 51 mated with a Dobyns Champion Extreme 744 with 20lb super slick and I was so impressed with the qyuality of these two products and how well they work together to createh a fish cathing machine. Kudos to Shimano and Dobyns, Keep up the good work.

From: JF: NY

Comments: My favorite reel super light , very smooth , awesome drag , cast very well . I throw huddleston 6" with this reel no problem

From: Fishkiller01: NYC, NY

Comments: Hey howard nice review, i used to fish strictly flour and mono line. In the past two years i started using braid and just tie up a bob sans or uni knot and it works great. Braid doesn't backlash much and lasts forever. It is a bit costly but your line will last you an entire season or two. I recommend Samari, i can stand power pro.

From: Danny

Comments: can this reel throw heavy and other baits as well or is it limited to just light baits?

From: BW: CO

Comments: I have all Shimano Reels and I wanted to throw very light baits on light line.  The Curado would do it but not easily.  This was a lot of money for me but I read reviews & got brave.  It is everything the reviews said it would be.  Casts so easily that I spent time unhooking my lure from trees until I got used to it.  Handled 18"+ bass w/ no sweat.  When I went back to my Curdo it was like driving a truck after a sports car.  Still not perfect on Flourcarbon but great on light Mono.  Although, w/ some practice Florocarbon no problem.  You'll be satisfied w/ your purchase and would like to repalce many of your reels w/ this one, money permitting.  Great Reel!

From: Howard: Paradise, CA

Comments: Bought the 51mg and love it, casts great and picks up line fast. It's light and fits in the palm of your hand nicely. It's like a muscle car from the 70's alot of power for a magnesium reel with a big block motor. Drag is perfect too. Also comes with a protective coating which is great. Insalled a 90mm swept carbon handle an it's even better now. For an american reel it's one of the best!! 90% of my gear is made in the U.S.A.

From: Kayakman: CT

Comments: the best BANG 4 the bucks! Debated over type r pixy.  About 200 bucks cheaper with higher gear ratio! More flex with what this reel can be used for. Daiwa great reels but over price when compare to similar from shimano. Dont get me wrong i own daiwas too, just own more shimano. Im a value buyer.  You cant go wrong with core.

From: Sir Calvin: Sacramento, CA

Comments: set this reel up on a dobyns champion extreme 7 foot ml rod and spooled it with 10lb tatsu floro  have caught several 3lb bass   pickrel 25 to 30 inches  throwing 1/2 clackn raps  this reel may be small and lite but it is built like a locomotive ultra smooth  great casting  have used this set up last 2 times out looking foward to using it to throw tubes and senkos next 

From: John: NJ

Comments: my core50mg7 and i put some hurtin on alot of big bass. i love the gear ratio, picks up the slack like nothing, and it still has power to make a 5 pounder ski back to your boat. one of the very best reels i fished, and if u drop it in the water it will float. i put the core on a cumara i dont care what anyone says, but it looks 10x better with a cumara.

From: Peter: LA

Comments: Cannot believe someone would say this is a cheap American made replica of the Aldebaran.  Both are made in Japan and aside for handle length and color the reels are identical.  Trolls are apparently not only found in fantasy novels. :-) The Core is an excellent reel, light and smooth.  Arguably comparable to the Daiwa Steez in performance.  Owning both I find it hard to choose which I like better.  Kudos to Shimano for holding their price line on this reel while the dollar sinks lower vs. the JPY.

From: Naples, FL

Comments: Core and imx 9' c-rod, best by far!!!

Comments: Goes the best on a Kislter Z-Bone, it weighs 9 oz. so light, perfect for shakey head.

From: Kollin: NWI, IN

Comments: Everything that everyone says about this reel is true (ignoring the bad comments). It is extremely light, I have the 51mg mounted on my 6"11 cumulus and it is the lightest freaken combo I have ever used. I throw this combo 98% of the time. I have a 201e Curado and 7"2 cumara but the core and cumulus is just outstanding. When I switch out to my curado combo it just feels so heavy... Gah... I love my core AND my cumulus. Outstanding reel.

From: Mitch: Conover, NC

Comments: I have three core,s and iam still waiting for something bad to happen. These things are super light, cast like a dream and last for ever, these reels are better than sex   

From: CA

Comments: Light as a feather and smooth as butter!  Upgraded all my reels to this and I have 9 of them now!  Handles braid and heavy flourocarbon just fine.  Paired them all up with NRX's, baddest bass rod/reel combo made today!

From: Brad: Louisville, KY

Comments: Grab Sufix Elite 10lb and let it rip. Tried 10lb Flouro and had to add a third brake and sacrifice casting distance. Strapped up with Sufix and can send a worm so far I will pit this reel against any to cast as far. It will flat out cast farther than Smoke 100, Smoke 150 HPT, Calais and Quatum Tour PT. This little reel was intended for light line finesse fishing and it shows. A true to spec product with very minimal backlash I like to call it a stupid caster because its basically pretty stupid to cast this far the baits go up and then proceed to move forward in a straight line as if they were bottle rockets. Flourocarbon is where youre going wrong if you dont see baits fly Sufix Mono 10lb do yourself a favor

From: CJ: Gonzales, LA

Comments: insanely light it feels lighter than 5.5 ounces.

Comments: The Core 50mg is bottom line a sick reel. Freespools for days, is stupid light, and is butterly smooth. Performs like a little powerhouse. Would not change a thing about it. Want more. 

Comments: i did not like this replica..... the aldebaran was smoother and has a more of a solid feel.  the handle to short compared to my aldebaran.... if your going to buy this, don't do it get the original jdm version.. don't get rip off with this reel. its cheap american made. also the quantum smoke is even smoother then the core and smoke is better then the currado

Comments: just bought my third one in 2 seasons...enuff said!

Comments: awesome reel! super light, super smooth, quiet and extremely durable! handled multiple 6-8# LM and SM bass and a beasty 17# channel cat last year with no problems! i paired mine with a Legendary Creations custom rod and the entire thing came in at 8.3oz! thats with a full spool of line and a 1/2oz lure attached! just awesome!

From: Cheng: Maplewood, MN

Comments: This reel is amazing.  Was looking for a reel that I can throw weightless plastics with, and this is it.  I own a Sol which I bought to do this, spool was too heavy to do what I wanted.  The magforce components just weigh the spool down too much and the walls of the spool are too thick.  So i went back to my souped up 1600 promax, Sol is on jerkbait duty.  Then I saw this reel and decided to give it another go.  The spool is so incredibly light, it starts up crazy fast.  With the right rod (I'm using a lowrider 6 power 6'10" grass rod), you can pitch a 4" senko a hundred miles an hour, without any lift whatsoever.   I was hesitant because of the price, but if you want to fish the light baits with the precision of a casting reel, this is it.

From: Snaildog: Indianapolis, IN

Comments: This reel is great.Dont make the mistake of thinking this reel is only for finesse.I frog and flip with 65lb. braid on them.I drug a 11.2 lb. bass out of a mat and straight to the boat with no problem.It pairs perfectly with a steez XBD rod.

From: Steve: Deland, FL

Comments: The core 51mg is the lightest reel ever. When it comes to comparing it to its competitions excluding the Calais and Steez it soars over them. No doubt better that any Revo.

From: Hmong: Gentry, AR

Comments: Core 51mg is the best reel on the market, light weight, smooth rolling and casting. I have 4 of them, perfect match with my NRX and steez rods, I use this reel for texas rig, light jigs, and spinnerbait. It works perfect.

From: Joe: Markham, ON Canada

Comments: The Core 51Mg was everything I expected it to be for a $370 reel.  Super light, smooth casting/retrieving, and so easy to palm - It really is a joy to fish.  I have it mounted on a 6'8" MH Cumara and it's my favorite set-up for light jigs and soft plastics.  Together this set-up weighs in at a total of 9.1 ounces and balances well, right at the fore grip.  If you can afford this reel, then buy it.  It will definitely make your fishing experience more enjoyable as it has done for me.

From: Pete: Minneapolis, MN

Comments:This is one BAD dude. I won one in a drawing and I absolutely love it. I am saving now for another. I throw 1/8 oz wacky rigs and shakey head rigs with it and have no issues. I can fish with this out fit ALL day.....

From:Larry: Shepherdsville, KY

Comments: Best reel I have ever had, I got 5 of these 51 MG7's and 3 Aldebarans. Very light and fit in your hand great. Amazing how well they cast light baits, I almost never use my spinning reels anymore.

From:Rich: Oak View, CA

Comments:All I can say is wow. This reel feels solid. I have the Chronarch 50Mg and I love it to death, but the Core is way more refined and solid. The drag is beefy and smooth. The 9 bearing system is beyond smooth and it casts really well. I was worried about line capacity at first, but I spooled up with 15lb. flouro and was casting a country mile with plenty of line to spare. Great for finessing, but don't hesitate to pitch and flip or even throw cranks. You definitely won't be disappointed in this reel. Worth every penny.

From:Blake: Alexandria, AL

Comments:Love my Core 51MG! I have two Chronarch 51MGs and a Scorpion 1000MG and the Core beats them all hands down! Granted, it costs more, but it is worth it, IMO. Even though it is constructed from magnesium, it has a solid feel to it. This can't be said of some other MG reels. It is super smooth and a great caster.

From:Blaine: Wahiawa, HI

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