Newly designed and updated, the Shimano Crucial Casting Rods offer the ideal actions, power and tapers for a range of bass worming and jigging applications. Now equipped with premium IM-10 graphite blanks, they are even lighter and more sensitive than ever before, and still provide the great Crucial feel that anglers have loved for years. Fuji Alconite Guides at Fuji Concept Spacing also offer increased line control and casting distance, and Alconite ceramic provides 80% greater compression strength, while remaining 20% lighter than other ceramic. Custom Shimano Reel Seats provide direct access to the rod blank, and combined with split grip handles and EVA grips help reduce weight even further. Offering top quality components at a reasonable price, the Shimano Crucial Casting Rods deliver tournament caliber performance.

Additional Features:

- Multi-Purpose Hook Keeper
- Etched Technique Badge Butt Cap
- Limited Lifetime Over-the-Counter Replacement Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: had a crucial 6'10" and snapped in half so no more, now I have a cumara and love it, save your money and buy a cumara and don't spend your money on these lower models

From: L@ke Murray lurker: CA 

Comments: If you read one review on this rod let it be this one... This is by far the best rod for under 200 or even under 250 but that might be pushing it... For these reasons.. Great blank extremely sensitive. Next extremely dialed in for the application the drop shot rod is a dream. Spinning.. Next warranty lifetime what else could you want?? Outperforms the savvy duckett and whatever else under 225

From: Peter: MN

Comments: I' be had my crucial for over a year now for my drop shot rod and a crucial 7'11" for swimbaits and all can say is wow if anyone has an issue with this rod...you did something to break it. I've caught my personal best a 10 pounder on my drop shot rod. I throw heavy swim baits and umbrella rigs all day on my swimbait rod and never have any issues. My buddy has had his crucial for 3 years now and it's been through hell and back. So I don't know why people have issues with these rods they're light they're sensitive and they're consistent. And not too mention backed by shimanos warranty. And for the price of the crucial it's a no brainer. I have my shimano drop shot rod with a Stradic and my swimbait rod paired with a daiwa zillionaire. I love my set ups. Reliable reliable reliable.

From: Jay: San Diego CA

Comments: Not gonna lie these rods are not as light as my Powell Endurance rods and a little tip heavy but other than that these crucials are where it's at! They are ultra sensitive and the actions are so freaking dialed it's as spot on as a rod can be, which can't be said for the Endurance rods which are at least half a step down from what they're labeled as. Crazily comfortable to fish with all day and setting the hook with these things feels, weird to say, natural...plus they look really good on a core and the new chronarchs, which is always a plus despite what anybody might say!

From: Chris: Emory, TX

Comments: shimano's line up of dialed-in rods stops with the Crucial series, in my opinion. I prefer cork over EVA but these EVA grips do have their advantages. they never get dirty(in the grand scheme of things), when wet that don't feel slippery or slimey from sweat or anything, and they look nice and sleek depending on the rest of the blank. I am very pleased with these blanks and can't wait to get another.

From: Kurt: Emory, TX

Comments: Sick! This rod is freakin' awesome man! I've got two now, one crankbait and one JWR and they are so perfectly freaking dialed in it is unreal. I have yet to lose a fish using the recommended techniques within the recommended lure weights and pound test.  Everything about these rods are top notch, yeah the longer and stiffer action rods are a bit tip heavy but the short ones are perfectly balanced(on a nice reel) and real light plus the most important...INCREDIBLY sensitive!!

Comments: I got a 7'6" crucial crankin rod a while back and got burnt out on it and ended up hating shimano rods and just sticking to their sick reels. Now all this time later, I really really really want another crucial, specifically the 7'2" MH/EF. Will be ordering shortly.

Comments: Broke mine while landing a 1 pounder on dropshot sticking with g.loomis and phenix rods

From: San Diego, CA

Comments: 7'2 MH XF just unboxed it, i got this rod for a steal during the 25% off bassmaster classic sale ($119.99), this rods looks very nice, all guides straight, no over epoxy or anthing like that. i threw on a lews speed spoolwith 30LB braid to 14LB Fluoro(the $99.99 one) and it balances out PERFECT. i love the way the reel seat is. its very clean and leave a huge space on the blank for literally all you fingers to touch.  the EVA is nice & comfortable. just by pulling on the line with my hand this rod is nice tip to very strong backbone. cant wait to fish it. will submit another review on once i get out and use it.

From: David: WA

Comments: Words cannot explain how great these new rods are. I have the 7' 2" jig/worm in MH/Xf and it is amazing! Risiculously light and strong as a beast! For the price it is easily and by far the best rod i have ever used for plastic baits in cover.

From: Luis: Hardee County, FL

Comments: Broke my 2nd 7'2" MH F Crucial today snapped in half on a hookset... these rods have been letting me down.

From: Brad: Ottawa, Canada

Comments: I have the 7'2H, 7,7MH and am very disappionted with these new crucial rods. New handle concept is a good idea but all the ones I own are very tip heavy! Guides are HUGE compared to the Cumara's. I've been a die hard Shimano fan for a long time but I will steer clear of these new crucials. Hope in near future to see a new line of Cumara rods. I fish with nothing but Cumara rods for past two years now. Shimano says Crucial has same blank as Cumara now, but it's just not close to Cumara rods. Looking forward to a new generation of Cumara rods!

From: Big Bass Dude

Comments: I own 3 of the Jig rods. I was skeptical at first when Shimano introduced the new design. These rods are very high quality. Spend the money over the Compre and get Crucial. The 7'2 mh fast rod is the best utility rod in the line up. You can spend $80 more for a Dobyns Champion (great rods) but you wont get $80 more of a rod. Great buy.

From: Kevin: Redding, CA

Comments: I have the Crucial Casting Rod 7'2" Medium and its twice the road as my Cumara Cast Rod 7'2" Med Hvy . the Cumara has such a bad line drag in the top eye , its junk  shimano needs to junk them out for they are no good. The Crucial is to me one of the best rods I own . I use this one for shakey head fishing and it is awesome .

From: Kevin: Johnson, KY

Comments: I have the 7'2 heavy model and the rod is great. Very light, sensitive, and balanced. I throw heavy football jigs and use rod for my big worms in deep water. This rod also makes a great all day pitching rod for heavy cover.

From: Toledo Bend, LA

Comments: Got the 6.9 MH X Fast to use as an all around bottom rod, I tossed 1 oz swimbaits most of the day, dead sticking and hopping. I also tossed jigs/swim jigs from 1 oz to 1/4 an oz, everything loaded great and I was able to get some great distance at every weight even with weightless senkos. The rod also had Great sensitivity to, I was using 12 lb test trilene big game line and could feel everything. It paired great and balanced perfect with my 50th anniversary zillion. Also this reel seat is vary comfortable I would compare it to the zion seats on the zillion rods witch also do not have exposed threads. Its worth every penny you will not be let down.

From: Chris: So Cal

Comments: Absolutely love my new crucial rod. I have the  7'2" Med Hvy X Fast. This is such a comfortable rod and very sensitive. I was very impressed with the new reel seat. Do not let the price trick you. This is a high end rod. Every bit as sensitive as the G-loomis IMX.

From: Duke: Winston-Salem, NC

Comments: Just picked up the 7' M.  Phenominal rod...super light, balanced, and very sensitive.  Action is perfect for small and medium sized topwater, cranks, and rip baits.  The new reel seat design is great.  I actually held off getting this rod for over a month because I didn't think it was going to be that great.  It exceeded expectation.  I hope the other models are as good!

From: Captain: Florida, USA

Comments: I have not had a chance to try this rod on the water yet, I love the new reel set and the shorter handles for pitching are great!!

From: Brian: Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: I'm a long time Shimano customer, and I have to admit, my first impression handling the new crucial was that it felt like a cheaper rod than the old ones. However, after fishing with it, I'm very satisfied. It's a very good rod for the price, and you wont find a better warranty. I got a 7'2" Heavy for jig fishing.

From: Andrew: East Texas

Comments: Im a long time shimano fan, i have had over 15 crucials, i was so excited about these rods, but i recently used a couple and sadly, they feel heavier and more plastic than the older ones. to me they feel like the skeet reese rods....kinda sad to say i'll go with powell rods for now

From: Clovis, CA

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