Newly designed and updated, the Shimano Crucial Crankbait Rods are especially unique in that they were engineered using Shimano's breakthough TC4 blank technology to create ideal crankbait specific actions, a sturdy backbone, and a light, soft tip. Utilizing IM-10 graphite, the TC4 Construction process wraps a double layer core of advanced dynamic fibers with an inner and outer spiral of high modulus graphite to build a blank that is virtually indestructible, yet crisp and lightweight. The TC4 construction process provides the glass blend you need to fish a crankbait properly and allow bass to inhale the bait, while also providing the recovery rate of carbon to keep the rods crisp in feel and also increase sensitivity.

Lighter and more responsive than ever before, they also come equipped with new, custom, no thread, Shimano Reel Seats. The reel seats strip away all but the essential material, and fasten from below the reel for a sleek threadless look. Fuji Alconite Guides at Fuji Concept Spacing also help increase casting distance and cast control, while split grip handles and comfortable, EVA Grips round out the premium features, and help reduce weight even further. Offering ideal crankbait specific actions, the Shimano Crucial Crankbait Rods deliver the performance serious bass anglers need.

Additional Features:

- Multi-Purpose Hook Keeper
- Etched Technique Badge Butt Cap
- Limited Lifetime Over-the-Counter Replacement Warranty


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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I am considering the 7' MH, Med-fast Cruical for med. crankbaits and noticed that the handle is only 13" compared to 14 1/2" and more for similar rods. Has anyone noticed the shorter handle reducing the leverage you have and making it harder to land bigger fish?

From: Ed: Champaign, IL

Comments:  Wow, I own the 7' medium medium fast. What a rod! 1st day out I hooked up about 25 bass only lost two:) the rod loads well, and has great feel, and is comfy, I paired with a Curado 200e5.  Gear for the smaller shallow running cranks, next up will be the 7'11" for the deep divers

From: Sam: Pretoria South Africa

Comments: I just got my new Shimano Crucial Crankbait Cast Rod 7'11" Med Hvy and I'm using it to throw 1 ounce spinnerbaits and big crankbaits ,Man this thing is awesome for them big spinnerbaits ,the tip and feel of this rod is just way better then any rod I have ever tried a spinnerbait on . These Shimano Crucial Crankbait Rods are better then any thing out there . They way out cast there crucial spinnerbait rods.

From: Kevin: Johnson ,KY

Comments: I picked up the 7'11"MH a little while back for chucking DD22's and other deep diving cranks.  Took a little longer than I wanted to finally give it a work out but let me tell you, this is a fantastic deep diving crankbait rod!  I was throwing Lucky Craft Flat D20's all weekend with it and it would absolutely launch my crank to the next county.  I was even able to get incredible distance casting directly into 15 MPH winds.  Once the bait was out there, I could detect every rock, sand patch, and grass bed.  Snapping the bait out of grass beds was the key to getting bit and it handled 3.5 - 4 pound fish with ease.  Great parabolic bend when a fish loaded up and a strong backbone for a positive hook set in 15-20 feet.  Paired with a Shimano Chronarch 200E5, this is the deal for throwing deep cranks! Will be picking up the 7'6"M for deep little N's shortly. Highly recommend!

From: Blake: Scottsdale, AZ

Comments: Ive got the Shimano Crucial Crankbait Cast Rod 7' Medium and im loving it, SUPER Light very comfortable in my hand and can cast light cranks the whole day. I wont buy this specific one for a lipless crankbait rod, need a little bit more stiffer rod for that.

From: Hugo: Johannesburg, South Africa

Comments: Gorgeous looking rod!! Powerful, sensitive, and feels great in-hand with the comfortable reel seat. I have the 7'6 MH rod and it has been a joy to fish with. However, I dislikes the guides because I think it's a bit too big to my liking when compared with the other rods I own. That's just my personal preference, and maybe Shimano might make it smaller in the near future.

From: Chong: San Jose, CA

Comments: I just bought the 7' Crucial crankbait rod for a trip to El Salto. This rod performed flawlessly. Lightweight and comfortable to grip so I did not get tired after throwing it the majority of the day. Used it for deep diving cranckbaits and spinnerbaits. this rod had enough power to land 7,8 and 9 pound fish no problem. Highly recommend it.

From: Terry: MA

Comments: I am reviewing the 7'11" MH crankbait rod.  At first glance (after a couple of uses) the rod is typical Shimano - light and sensitive.  It must be noted I am a Shimano fan.  I do think the rod seems to lack what I expected it to in regards to action.  I was not expecting the action of the rod to be as fast as it is.  It casts ok, though the action does not allow the kind of casting distance I got from my KVD rod of similar style.  I wasn't a big fan of the KVD rod, though.  I think a more moderate or medium fast action would suit me better.  I was considering a g loomis deep flex but bought this instead.  I do regret a bit that I didn't spend the extra cash, but my history with the Shimano brand has been very good.  I can use it for other things, I am sure, including what I think will make a great lipless rod ripping out of grass.  I have yet to fight a fish with it so only time will tell if the action is adequate.

From: Bob: Cleveland, OH, United States

Comments: i love the crucial line up...but when i compared the 7'6'' MH rod along side it's little brother 7'6'' MH compre..and the compre feels much better than the crucial.  if your trying to rip grass, the crucial feels much too soft to really get any control or power out of grass...the compre has a much stiffer back bone but still soft enough at the tip to keep fish on.  only down side about the compre is the guides are huge!! when compared to the guides on crucial..that's where the money difference is...much better guides on the crucial.

From: Peter: Sacramento

Comments: This rod is incredible! I've got the 7'6" MH paired with the new Chronarch 200E6 and they're literally a match made in heaven. Extremely light rod and super sensitive. Shimano definitely did it right with this one.

From: Michael: Tifton, GA

Comments: No doubt the next rod I will buy.  It will be awesome paired up with my Chronarch.  Nobody beats Shimano!!

From: Casey: RI

Comments: These Crucial rods are the best rods ever made . I have 4 now and will be getting 10 more soon. I have fished for 36 years and never had a rod that feels so good in all cases . I just can't wait any more to go fishing with these even if the fishing is slow , I just love to cast and feel the action and how light these are . I like my falcon rods but I love the crucial line of rods . Price - Warranty - Feel = 100% fun fun and  Satisfaction.

From: Kevin: Johnson, KY

Comments: I love these rods , They are the best fishing rods i evry used . I keep 16 rods in my boat for tournament fishing as of now 2 are these but by the end of the year there will be 8 more of these in it.

From: Kevin: Eastern, KY

Comments: Best rod i have ever owned. fit for the technique its designed for and more. can be used in several applications

From: Massapequa Park, NY

Comments: These are very light and balanced crankbait rods!! I have the 7'6 MH & throw lipless cranks & medium diving cranks on it & it works great. I even throw swim jigs on braid with this rod. Action is perfect for several applications. These rods will get the job done on any crankbait situation & more!

From: Toledo Bend, LA

Comments: I bought a 7'6" MH today and I loved it.  Best rod I own.  So happy I didn't buy a Loomis.

From: roman: San Jose, CA

Comments: If you are looking for a new crankbait rod look no further. 

From: Adam: Elizabethtown, KY

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