For the anglers that prefer to drop shot with a casting setup, the Shimano Crucial Drop Shot Casting Rods offer top quality components and performance at a reasonable price. New and improved, they now feature lightweight and sensitive IM-10 graphite blanks, which are responsive and powerful for excellent bite detection and fish control. Premium Fuji Alconite Guides also offer increased line control and casting distance, and the Alconite ceramic inserts provide 80% greater compression strength, while remaining 20% lighter than other ceramic inserts. New, custom Shimano Reel Seats also furnish direct access to the rod blank for improved sensitivity, and they fasten below the reel for a sleek, no thread look. Helping to reduce weight even further, a split grip handle configuration and EVA grips also provide all day comfort and balance out each rod. Delivering the intensely designed, technique specific actions and tapers that you need to drop shot effectively, the Shimano Crucial Drop Shot Casting Rods deliver tournament caliber performance.

Additional Features:

- Multi-Purpose Hook Keeper
- Etched Technique Badge Butt Cap
- Limited Lifetime Over-the-Counter Replacement Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Definitely the right casting rod for drop shotting. Shimano nailed it again. Although it may not feel as light as the previous cork handled model, the new Black Eva does just fine is more visually appealing in my opinion. I got the 6'11" length and it casts a mile with the Core and 8lb test. The tip is just right for shaking the slack. The blank itself is super sensitive and can detect even the slightest taps and ticks. If you're fishing with tungsten sinkers, the feel with transfer up the line and into your rod as best as you've ever felt. It also has plenty of power to control fish. My biggest fish this year an estimated 7 pounder and this rod tamed it without any problems. If you've never drop shotted with a casting outfit, you should give it a try. It just feels so natural.

From: Phamtaztik: Ventura, CA 

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