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Offering the ideal actions, tapers and lengths for fishing a drop shot, the Shimano Crucial Drop Shot Spinning Rods are engineered with premium IM-10 Graphite blanks. Intensely designed, they are very sensitive, responsive, and powerful, yet extremely lightweight. Premium Fuji Alconite Guides at Concept Spacing also facilitate greater casting distance and accuracy, and the Alconite inserts provide 80% greater compression strength than other ceramic inserts, while remaining 20% lighter as well. New custom, no thread Shimano Reel Seats furnish a sturdy base for your reel with direct access to the rod blank, and they also fasten from below the reel for a sleek, new, threadless look. A split grip handle configuration combined with EVA grips also balance out each rod, and provide all day comfort. Offering top quality components at a reasonable price, the Shimano Crucial Drop Shot Spinning Rods offer tournament caliber performance at a reasonable price.

Additional Features:

- Multi-Purpose Hook Keeper
- Etched Technique Badge Butt Cap
- Limited Lifetime Over-the-Counter Replacement Warranty

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Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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Comments: Okay okay this rod is were its at. Sensitivity is awesome i can feel my drop shot weight on the bottom and tell what it is going over. The light tip allows for awesome shaking of baits.. This rod balances beautifully with a stradic ci4 2500.   Super light super sensitive just awesome.. I have the 6 foot 8 medium the 7 foot 2 seemed tip heavy .. Awesome rod

From: Peter: NH

Comments: Drop Shotting has been my GO To Technique this year, and this rod has caught a lot of bass and my personal best of 29 in largemouth (I wish I had a scale to weigh this beast!).  I have this rod matched with a 2000 size Daiwa rod and 8 lb Fluoro, also have a spare spool with 8 lb braid and fluoro leader. the setup has great balance.  The soft tip is great for shaking the worm.  This rod has surprising backbone once you get past bend of the XF tip and a sweep hook set does a great job of setting the hook on T-Rigged Worms and Slider rigged baits, both with Thin wire hooks. This setup is very sensitive, especially for a $150 rod. Great rod, Great Value 

From: Mike: Loudoun County, VA USA

Comments: Just received the 7'2" med.  Not as light as the Cumura but it's okay because it seems to be balanced very well.  The rod seems to be very sturdy, more so than the Cumura.  The x-fast action is good but its more equivalent to the fast action on my St. Croix rods.  I will probably buy more Crucials in the future.  If not for the weight, it would be a perfect rod for me.

From: Vince: NJ

Comments: I purchased the 7'2" , ML not for drop shotting but for throwing grubs and hair jigs for Lake Erie smallies and this rod more than meets me expectations. I will probly purchase another one real soon.

From: Dale: Erie, PA

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