Shimano Crucial Reaction Casting Rods - $169.99

Shimano Crucial Reaction Casting Rods

The Shimano Crucial Reaction Casting Rods offer technique-specific actions, tapers and lengths that were intensely designed and developed to excel at fishing reaction baits, like topwaters, spinnerbaits and underspins. They feature premium IM-10 graphite blanks that are light and responsive yet very powerful, as well as, high quality Fuji Alconite Guides at Fuji Concept Spacing. Offering 80% greater compression strength, the Alconite ceramic inserts are also 20% lighter than other ceramic inserts for greater durability and improved performance. Newly designed, custom Shimano Reel Seats also furnish direct access to the rod blank for improved sensitivity, and they fasten below the reel for a sleek, no thread look. Also offering a split grip handle configuration with EVA grips for improved comfort and balance, the Shimano Crucial Reaction Casting Rods deliver top quality components and performance for a reasonable price.

Additional Features:

- Multi-Purpose Hook Keeper
- Etched Technique Badge Butt Cap
- Limited Lifetime Over-the-Counter Replacement Warranty

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Comments: when i received my 6'10" MH/F spinnerbait crucial, i was tickled. the examined the blank, the guides, the threads and winding checks and the epoxy. everything was near perfect. the blank was straight, as where the guides and all threadwork and epoxy was neat and clean. i weighed it and it came in at 4.2 ounces. i mounted a chronarch 50E on it and it all felt great. i fished it and it is perfect for 1/4-oz. to 1/2-oz. spinnerbaits. light, sensitive and strong and handled fish easily. that's all the good, now here's the bad. i tried mounting my new daiwa lexa on it and the front part of the reel foot won't fit into the reel seat (i think this is daiwa's fault, not shimano's since i compared the lexa's reel foot to my other reels and it is larger than any other reel i have, including other daiwas). my other issue just cropped up yesterday as i was trying to mount a reel...the back part of the reel seat broke loose and spins around the blank and i can no longer tighten down a reel anymore. gonna have to get it exchanged.

From: Norm: Sacramento, CA

Comments: Its a love hate relationship with shimano. Best baitcasters on the market, buts their rods and spinning reels are complete garbage. Lasts years model snapped 3rd time out. Buddy of mine got this rod dispite my warnings and broke it on a hard overhand cast. Junk dont buy!

From: Wes: Midwest

Comments: Just got my new crucial 7"5 rod today, and wow!! It"s heck of alot better than the old model, a cumara in an affordable crucial. This rod preforms great, and is super sensitive, I wonder what the new cumara's are going to be like when they hit the market?!!!!

From: Mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

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Rod Handle Length:
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Shimano Crucial Reaction Casting Rod 7'5" Medium

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 8-15lb 1/4-5/8oz 9+Tip Crucial React C
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13-1/2" $169.99 1
Crucial React C


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