MSRP: $199 - $249

The new Shimano Cumara Casting Rod Series is the ultra-performance bass rod series from Shimano. Designed specifically for bottom-bouncing techniques, these rods are surprisingly versatile due to their premium construction. The Cumara features IM-10 graphite blanks which have been tested to be incredibly sensitive yet deceptively powerful. The Cumara definitely holds its own in regards to performance with many other expensive rods. In fact the Cumara was voted 2008 Best Value Rod by Tackle Tour.

The first thing you will notice about the Cumara rods is that they are extremely lightweight. Shimano was able to bring down their total weight by combining lighter EVA Shaped Foam Grips, a split-grip handle, a small foregrip and an extremely minimalist reel seat.

The new custom Split Reel Seat Design on the Cumara Casting Rods allows for greater sensitivity transfer because your hand is in direct contact with the blank, even in a palm position. The sensitivity exhibited in the Cumara is deadly in slow presentation applications, as well as, deep water where sensitivity makes a world of difference. The superior sensitivity ensures you feel even the subtlest taps.

The Cumara also excels in casting light and weightless baits, but is competent at throwing larger lures and can even be used for light flipping and pitching. The Cumara has an unexpected amount of power to move fish and even though it has a high modulus blank it doesn't feel overly stiff. Designed to be a rod for bottom bouncing techniques, it can pull double duty in a pinch as a reaction bait rod. You really can't go wrong with the Shimano Cumara Casting Rod Series. The features, quality and price are all there.

The Cumara Casting Rods match up perfectly (balance and ergonomics) with the Shimano Core Casting Reel. Click here for more information.

Additional Features:

• Stealth Insert Hook Hanger
• Fuji SIC Black Frame Guides

Click here to see some video on Shimano rods with Justin Poe at ICAST '08.

Tackle Tour Ultimate Enthusiast Award
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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I love shimano! There reels and rods are great.  I ordered this after it went on sale and pulled in some lunkers with the 7' 11' using a deep diving crank.  DEF a good buy and you can tell great quality.

From: Joshua: Lansing, NC

Comments: Bought the 7' 7"  H/F punch rod after hearing some good reviews about it having a nice soft tip. Boy did they ever lie to me! Thiis thing is a total broom stick! Sensitive and very well built just a little too stiff forme. But.....for $99 its hard to pass up.

From: Luis: Wauchula, FL

Comments: Just recieved my new Cumara punch rod and can't wait to use it. Awesome sale price. I can't say enough about the service Tackle Warehouse provide's. I live near Toronto Canada and When I place orders they are picked right away and at my door the next day. It's good to know if I find something that's working good in my pre-fish and I need more I can place my order and have it in time for the tournament.Great Service

From: Mike: Canada

Comments: Just got my 7'7" heavy.  This rod is seriously ill!  And at $100 plus shipping I'm stoked to have snagged one!

From: Jerry: Toronto

Comments: I bought the 7'4 during the labor day sale to use for an extra frog rod.The price during the sale was 120 some odd dollars and in my opinion its worth every penny.I used the rod all day yesterday over on Lake Guntersville without any complaint.The tip is great and also has plenty of backbone plus it has a hook holder now not like my 7'2 thats in the handle.I havent used it with a jig but am very satisfied with the rod for a frog rod.

From: TM: AL

Comments: I own 5 Cumara rods and non of them ever gave me any problems.  I never had any problems with the guides cutting my line.  Debating if I should pick up the 7'4 H rod since I sold my 7'5 H Crucial!  For some reason, even though the Crucial is made out of the IM-10 graphite, they don't feel as good as the Cumaras.  Am I the only one that thinks so?

From: Cher: WI

Comments: I got the 7.7ft Heavy. Rods so so sensitive and has the perfect tip and awesome back bone! Love the hook keeper only i wish is that the handle was a 1/2" to a 1' longer. But i still love the rod and the price its at right now. Rods very lite to for its size

From: Sonny: Wareham, MA

Comments: I had very high expectations and this rod exceeded them all by a long shot.

From: Craig: AL

Comments: Unbelievably light rod with a very strong backbone, not to mention very versatile

From: Chad: VA

Comments: Justin, if you can't spell curado (curodo) you shouldn't be able to make a post here. also, from what i've seen SIC guides do not cut braid, they are the best and that is it!

From: Alex: Sterling, VA

Comments: I own three Cumara's the 6'8 medium, 7'2 medium heavy exfast and 7'4 heavy fast, great rods want find anything better. I have try many other brand and there are some good rods out there, but if you are looking for a rod that actually has a taper, Is light,and strong look no further

From: Jakarvis: Weaver, AL

Comments: Now I've heard it all. Justin guy thinks the rod cuts braid lol.  How exactly does that happen?  Seems he's using the rod in a severly damaged condition or just hates Shimano

Comments: Paired the 7'2" medium w a chronarch 50e and it is a superb setup.  Very, very light and cast and retreives flawless.  I use it for light bottom bouncing/senko w 6lb seagaur fc and the sensitivity/performance is 10/10!

From: Kats: CA

Comments: I have the Cumara Cast Rod 7'2" Med/X Fast and its junk , no mater what line what reel i use the line drag threw the eyes are very bad durying the retreave of a cast. the Crucial is twice better rod

From: Kevin: Johnson, KY

Comments:  REVIEW UPDATE.  It's been over 3 years now since I first purchased my CUC68MH Cumara.  Well, it's still going strong and still one of my favorite rods to fish with.  The EVA foam handle has held up well and I have not had any issues with it falling apart or deterioating.  The Fuji SiC guides have also held up very well and I have not had to replace or repair any yet.  The only thing that would give away how much older this rod is, is that some paint on the reel seat hood has chipped away.  Other than that, this rod still fishes and looks as good as it does as when I first got it.  It has helped engrave a lot of great memories into my fishing experience because it has delivered me my personal best largemouth 3 times throughout these years.  And I'm looking forward to catching more fish with this rod for many more years to come.

Comments: I won't ever buy another shimano product in my life I found out that all of the ones I bought cut braid like a razorso I don't recommend their rods to nobody it is just like the curodo and  citica they suck were r the old ones

From: Justin: FL, Winterhaven

Comments: I own the 6'8" MHF and the 6'8" MF and they are both awesome! Shimano is known for their reels, but in the past several years they have been producing some of the best rods, especially within their price range, of anyone out there!  These rods are super light and very sensitive and you can fish without worry due to the lifetime warranty!  I paired the CUC-68MH with my Antares AR (calais 100A) and 17 lb fluorocarbon and it performed awesome at Lake Fork with weightless flukes and split shot rigged zoom lizards.  I could feel every take.  I truly believe this rod helps me catch more fish.  I have the CUC-68M paired with a Core 51MG, and it is so light, it feels like an extension of your arm.  Truly a dream combo!  Get yourself a Cumara!!

Comments: 7'2 MH XF Really great rod. after two months of owning it i just found the hook keeper haha. not cool. i was upset it didn't have one. never seen one on the backside foam or cork

From: King: OH

Comments: I REALLY enjoy fishing with this rod! It would be perfect if it came with cork handles. What is the deal with all rod builders going to foam? I know cork is expensive, but come on! Not one new rod for 2012 with cork except the E21 wild black? A bit re-donk-u-lis. My question is if this rod is gonna be disco or go on sale as the new crucial offers the same great blank for 50 bucks less. At any rate Shimano equals quality you can depend on for a reasonable price.

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

Comments: awesome rods shimano came through again light, sensitive and balnce beutifully with the 200e7 in my opinion they are just as good if not better than the new g-loomis NRX rods buy one they are amazing

From: Candlewood: Connecticut

Comments: Sweet rod, very light and sensitive. I have the CUC-72MH. It balances very well with a Curado e7. The action is great for jigs and t-rigs, and it has a perfect tip. I wish I could have all of these rods, they would be put to great use!

Comments: great rod and super lite weight

From: Bassking81: Anaheim, CA

Comments: I bought the 7'2 M for bass fishing havent had the chance to go out and test it on bass but I caught 62 redfish at the coast in 5 days works perfect. Best rod I have ever owned felt every reef and mud bottom and all the bites. Very light doesnt hurt the arm throwing all day. Thanks Tackle Warehouse for fast shipment

From: Robert: Austin, TX

Comments: The best rod you can ask for, but broke two already at their tip.  With the 20 fee I got my new rods.  Ever since the third one is still holding up to 20lb stripers.

From: Don: Sacramento, CA

Comments: sweet beautiful sensitive rods. i have a 7'2'' mh fast action best worm/jig rod ever.  also have 2 spinning rods also amazing.

From: Jeff: NJ

Comments: Killer rod, light weight, sensitive, and durable. I have this paired up with a Shimano Curado 200E7 and it cast like a dream. The hook keeper is not a problem is actually unique as far as placement goes. If you looking for a sick jig rod pick up the 7' 2" MH and you'll be set for catching monster bass

From: Jon: Illinois, USA

Comments: I love this rod.  Purchased the CUC-X72MH.  This would be a Heavy Power by other manufacturers.  A little tip heavy, but very sensitive and plenty of backbone.  Great look too.  

From: Surffisher: California, USA

Comments:Can not say enough about these rods. I searched every where in Australia for a one piece 7'2 light casting rod for throwing light spinnerbaits, vibes and cranks at Australian Bass. After 12 months I couldn't find a rod I liked, so I took a massive gamble and purchased the Cumara CUC-72M without actually picking one up or having a play with one as for some unknown reason. Shimano Australia won't bring them over,luckily for me the gamble paid off. These rods are very light and the feel is awesome, I would go as far as to say it is better than the 2 Loomis GLX rods I have been using.

From:Scott: NSW, Australia

Comments:I have had lots of higher priced rods, but once I bought one of these I had to have more. Now I have five of these from the medium to the medium heavy extra fast all in the 6' 8" length. These are so lightweight and responsive they are such a pleasure to fish with. I have been fishing with these for over a year with absolutely no problems.

From:David: Arkansas, USA

Comments:BEST ROD EVER OWNED PERIOD!!!! This rod is amazingly light weight, sensitive, powerful, and comfortable to fish all day. handles Giants like nothing and I love this rod, 100% worth it!

From:Blake: Monroe, MI

Comments:I have the 6'8" MH Fast action Cumara. Great rod for fishing bottom contact lures and soft plastics. The only complaint I have is that the rod is maybe too stiff. When casting, the tip doesn't load as well as I would like in order really fling lures out there. But in terms of sensitivity and lightness, this rod is great. Especially for short distance pitching.

From:Pete: Minneapolis, MN

Comments:best rod ever! 7'2 MH XF. took it out the first day and caught a nice 7lber. no problem, extremely sensitive.

From:Tommy: Bartlett, TN

Comments:This rod is OUTSTANDING, I used the 7'2 MH XF since very early spring for mostly jigging, tubes,Texas rigging, Carolina Rigging drop shotting and "gobying", I also use this rod(with a modded Core) for light plastic swimbaits, traps and light cranks. This Rod does not let me down. A great product for the money.

From:Gary: Smallmouth Paradise

Comments:Very satisfied with this rod, I bought the 7'2" med hvy ex/fast for swimming jigs,it has a nice fast tip but loads extreamly well. I caught an 8.2lb largehead on its 1st day out, handled her no problem.

From:Charles: Florida

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