The Shimano Cumara Crankbait Casting Rods represent the newest generation of the Cumara Rod Series. Completely rebuilt and enhanced, they feature advanced HM-1 TC4 blanks with the technique-specific parabolic actions you need to keep treble hooks pinned, allow your crankbaits to function properly, and make long, accurate casts. The new blank composition also allowed Shimano to greatly reduce the overall weight of the rods without sacrificing strength or power. Now equipped with Fuji’s latest and greatest guide train as well, the Fuji KR-Concept Guide System utilizes both standard guides and micro guides to greatly increase casting performance, increase lifting power and also increase your hook setting power. Each rod also includes proprietary Shimano reel seats and comfortable, lightweight EVA handles. Whether you are throwing big, deep diving plugs or little peanut sized cranks, there’s a Shimano Cumara Crankbait Casting Rod that has the attributes you need.

-Backed by 1-year Limited Warranty (All warranty claims must be made with Shimano directly. Tackle Warehouse can no longer accept Shimano warranty rods.)

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  I now own two of these, and have had a good year and a half to thoroughly test them. These are truly the finest crankbait rods I've ever used. Both of mine are the 7' medium heavy. The action is absolutely perfect to hook fish, and keep them hooked. I've managed to land fish several times, only realize they were barely skin hooked. The way the rod gives when they are head-shaking ensures that they just stay buttoned. As with all Cumara casting rods, I adore these small handles. They are comfortable and maximize blank contact. This was my first of the new red cumaras, and based on these I've since added several other models to the collection, and i'm universally impressed. I believe these hit a sweet spot in terms of price to performance where you're getting ALMOST the best without tip-toeing into the ultra-premium price points.

From: Brian: Oak Forest, IL 10/23/14

Comments: 7'6"Med/Hvy Crank. While I liked the previous "Reaction" series, they felt tip heavy, the guides were not braid friendly and the hook-keep got in the way. The new Cumara is a totally different beast. Stripped down and more refined, they feel crisp and lightweight, with a forgiving tip but plenty of backbone throughout. The micro guides work flawlessly with braid and the ultra sensitive handle design offers max. contact with the blank. It's a beautiful precision instrument with the best warranty/customer service in the business. (I'd still prefer no hook keep)

From: Outcast: San Jose, CA 4/9/14

Comments: Great rod but not for anything but cranks. Tip is very thin and may snap on a swimbait or heavy lure. Had good luck with mine though

From: Ted: CA

Comments: This rod is a dream.  I have a couple Crucial crankin' rods and just picked up this Cumara and paired it with a Core.  Smoooooooth. Casts effortlessly and has plenty of backbone.  Great sensitivity, light weight, very nice all-around feel. I threw some suspending jerks with it also and it felt perfect for that as well. Pretty sweet rod.

From: Tom: Aurora, CO, USA

Comments: My review is on the 7 med, purchase for lightweight cranks and jerk. Rod is very light weight and has a great parobolic action. Has a good backbone and will bring in fish. All the guides lined up perfectly on rod from TW. Perfect balance with my curado 201e7 with chronarch 201e5 gears. Will be purchasing 7'6 mh for deep cranks. Thx TW

From: Kevin: Charlotte, NC

Comments: This rod for me has many positives and few negatives. The TC4 black offers a desirable light weight rod without the "soft" or "mushy" feel of some other (partially or fully)  glass or carbon crankbait rods. The custom Shimano reel seats with a large amount of exposed blank and hidden threads is comfortable and improves sensitivity. The action that I desire for deep and lipless cranks is without doubt found in my 7'6" Cumara. The only bone I have to pick with the rod is that although split grips make this rod slightly lighter in weight, I wish it had a full cork grip instead because I fish in freezing temperatures. If Shimano really wanted to make the rod more light-weight they would 86 the metal cap on the butt of the rod with laser-etched lures/techniques.
I give this rod a 9/10. Great price as well.

From: Rusty: Shiregrove, MN

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