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Completely rebuilt and enhanced, the Shimano Cumara Drop Shot Spinning Rods now feature the ultra lightweight, hyper-sensitive HM-1 blanks previously used in the Cumulus Rod Series. The new resin and graphite blend used to create the HM-1 blanks has allowed Shimano to greatly reduce the overall weight of the rods, while maintaining superior strength and power. The tapers, actions and lengths are also precisely tuned for fishing drop shot rigs. The Cumara Drop Shot Spinning Rods now come equipped with Fuji’s latest and greatest guide train as well, the Fuji KR-Concept Guide System. Utilizing both standard guides and micro guides, the KR-Concept System has been proven to greatly increase casting performance, increase lifting power and also increase hook setting power. Also equipped with proprietary Shimano reel seats and comfortable, lightweight EVA handles, the Shimano Cumara Drop Shot Spinning Rods deliver the technique specific performance and advanced features you need for fishing drop shot rigs.

-Backed by 1-year Limited Warranty (All warranty claims must be made with Shimano directly. Tackle Warehouse can no longer accept Shimano warranty rods.)


Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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Comments: I use braid with a fluorocarbon leader & the small eyelets interfere as the knot passes through. Old rod had traditional big eyelets that never interfered.

From: Charlie: Brighton, MI 6/7/15

Comments: I have several other spinning rod brands and this one is my favorite one (7'2"). It is light but powerful and the sensitivity is excellent. The first fish was a 4 pound smallmouth and it handled it like it was a 1 pound fish. The only thing that I had a little problem with is getting Lew's top reel in place on the rod. Once there the feel is very nice making it comfortable for my hand. I am thinking about selling some of my other rods and get more of these.

From: Randy: Clinton, TN 12/15/14

Comments: I have the 7'2 model paired with a Stradic C14, not only does it look awesome, but it is lightweight and has a ton of power and sensitivity.  I have it paired with 5 pound fluro, and have never once broke off, and that is rare when fishing finesse tactics with an exposed hook.  Well worth the price, unbelievably satisfied.

From: Zack: San Diego

Comments:  Finally got around to drop shot with this rod. All I can say is WOW... this rod paired with the stradic CI4, and 7 lb fluoro is bananas... it's super sensitive and the bend and strength of this rod allows you to set the hook JUST RIGHT with minimal effort, not too hard and not too weak.

From: Normz: OC, CA

Comments: What an awesome rod. Perfect fly line senko rod too. I havent drop shot with it yet because I've been slaying the thin senko and 5inch wacky. Awesome action

From: grat

Comments: All i can say is wow!This rod paired with the Stradic CI4 is extremely light and with 6lb flouro i can feel even the subtlest of bites. Definitely worth the money.

From: Rick: San Diego, CA

Comments: Woot 1st to review! bought this cumara + shimano sustain on the bass master classic week DEAL! cant fish this until MN state permits fishing/ will give review when i fish this cumara

From: mrdude

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