MSRP: $199 - $239

Extremely sensitive and lightweight, the top-of-the-line Shimano Cumara Reaction Casting Rods build on the success of the popular Cumara Bottom Contact Rods, now with the buttery actions and soft parabolic tips to allow you to excel at fishing reaction (moving) baits. Shimano painstakingly set out to dissect and categorize the world of reaction baits in order to design a series of rods, which would accentuate the attributes and strengths of each particular reaction bait in the conditions which they would most likely be thrown. With so many types of reaction baits out there, including crank baits, blade baits, big baits, deep baits, shallow baits, etc., it proved to be a daunting task. Shimano eventually decided the best way to categorize reaction baits was by cover type, either Hard Cover or Soft Cover - because no matter where you fish, fishing cover is the only real constant.

Thus, the Shimano Cumara Reaction Series Casting Rods were born and split into rods designed for fishing Hard Cover, like timber, rocks and manmade structures such as boat docks, and rods for fishing Soft Cover, which consists of grasses - in all shapes, sizes and densities. Both types of cover present unique sets of challenges especially for your fishing rods. In Hard Cover, the rod must absorb the friction of the bait hitting objects and recover quickly to keep the bait swimming true, while in Soft Cover the bait must constantly be cleared of grass and the rod must be able to rip the bait through the soft cover to get a bite.

The IM-10 Graphite blank construction is the real magic behind the Cumara Reaction Series Casting Rods. Delivering exceptional sensitivity, extremely light weights and soft forgiving parabolic actions, Shimano sought to create the most precise and lightweight reaction bait rods anglers have ever fished. The sensitivity helps anglers differentiate varying types of cover and navigate structural hazards more effectively, and the ideal actions are perfectly suited to accurate presentations, while also providing the perfect amount of play once a fish is on the line with the backbone to steer them away from trouble. Shimano's custom Split Reel Seat Design also facilitates a greater sensitivity transfer into the anglers hands by delivering maximum exposure to the rod blank. In addition, the Fuji SiC Silicon Carbide Guides are also extremely durable and lightweight. Featuring a unique Deep Press frame design, the guides are extremely resistant to tangling, even with braided lines, which are notorious for their tangling abilities. Rounding out the premium features, a convenient Hook Keeper keeps your baits secure and out-of-the-way when not fishing and the shaped EVA Foam Grips provide maximum comfort. Sleek and stealthy with their all-black finish, the Cumara Reaction Casting Rods are among the lightest rods on the market and perfectly blend the sensitivity of 100% graphite blanks with the proper rod actions to fish reactions baits at their full potential - in just about any situation.

All Cumara Reaction Series Rods are backed by Shimano's Limited Lifetime Over-the-Counter Replacement Warranty Program.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I love how bass pro shops still has this rod priced from $199-239 just one more thing that makes T.W. a much better place for all my bassin' needs. Anyways...these rods are super light and have a lot of back bone, I wish the taper wasn't so tough but overall this rod is one of the first ones I grab when I go fishing paired with my Core100 it feels like a toy in my hand but is far from it.

From: Michael: GA

Comments: ML man it is so sick. i cant express it anymore than that its light weight sensitive and i use it for a bunch of things from texasw rigs and more

From: Josh: LA

Comments:  7' Heavy:  Great rod, lots of backbone and easy casting tip.  Perfect for 5/8-1 oz. lures.  7'7" Med:  Fine rod, but stronger than a Med action.  MH would be more accurate.  Ideal for all 1/2+ oz reaction baits.

From: Don: TX

Comments: I bought the 6"3 medium for light topwater baits and I must say, this was a great buy!! This rod is bad ass paired up with a shimano core reel with the 6:2:1 ratio. Couldn't be happier with this little rod!!

From: Mrbond007: Est Lansing, MI

Comments: I picked up this rod last week and fished with it for the first time this weekend.  The rod was really light and paired up well with my Lew's tournament pro speed spool baitcaster.  The rod is sensitive but not leaps and bounds better than previous rods that I have tried.  But the rod packed a punch on hooksets and nailed a 4 four pounder on a shallow crankbait with no problem.  The foam handles are really nice (this is coming from an all cork handle angler) and I probably will invest in more in the future.  Very comfortable, lightweight, sensitive rod for the money.

From: Alan: Joliet, IL

Comments:  First impressions, rod is light weight, nice quality componets. very clean and balanced. The one sore on this rod is the fact it's mass produced in china and not Japan. It's about $75.00 overpriced. Save your money and get a: 7"2" Powell Endurance Crankbait Casting Rod  heavy action

From: Scott: Japan

Comments: I enjoy these rods so much that I had to buy everyone of them.  The only thing I'd came accross that I had a problem with was that you had to be careful with the tips.  As long as you take care of the tips they will not brake on you

From: JC: Stockton, CA

Comments: I got myself a 7'0" H Cumara Reaction for topwater and deep cranking usage.  I love the rod, planning on getting another one, if not, then a 7'2" MH.  Awesome froggin' rod, strong backbone for strong hook sets......

From: Cher: Wisconsin, USA

Comments:I purchased the CUCX711MH model about half a year ago for light saltwater duties. I must say I'm super impressed with it. I have caught tons of Calico's, Barracuda, Bonito, and even a 25-30lb class White Sea Bass. Friggin' rod handled like a champ! I love throwing 5 inch swimbaits with it, because it does it so well. I also love the fact that I can fish it all day without getting tired. This rod does everything Shimano states. This is my 5th Cumara and it won't be my last.

From:P: Ventura, CA

Comments:I have the 6'3'' Heavy rod and it is great. I use it for many applications but it really is great for topwaters like spooks and sammys.

From:Bobby: Munster, IN

Comments:Got the 6'9 MH model not long ago and broke the rod tip right off on the second use, a highly touted product that failed miserably, far too lightly built, splintered like a dried out twig...not at all happy with Shimano.

From:Zach: Michigan, USA

Comments:Purchased the CUC711M for throwing DD22's and other deep running cranks. The performance of this rod is perfect for this task and it has a nice soft action tip for the classic crankbait sweeping hookset. I would definitely recommend this rod to anyone.

From:Vince: Orange, CA

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