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The new Shimano Cumara Spinning Rod Series is the ultra-performance bass rod series from Shimano. Designed specifically for bottom-bouncing techniques, these rods are surprisingly versatile due to their premium construction. The Cumara features IM-10 graphite blanks which have been tested to be incredibly sensitive yet deceptively powerful. The Cumara definitely holds its own in regards to performance with many other expensive rods. In fact the Cumara was voted 2008 Best Value Rod by Tackle Tour.

The first thing you will notice about the Cumara rods is that they are extremely lightweight. Shimano was able to bring down their total weight by combining lighter EVA Shaped Foam Grips, a split-grip handle, a small foregrip and an extremely minimalist reel seat.

The carbon in the new custom Carbon Insert Reel Seat greatly increases the sensitivity of this rod – acting as an extension of the blank and sending all of the vibrations into the angler's palm and fingers. The sensitivity exhibited in the Cumara is deadly in slow presentation applications, as well as, deep water where sensitivity is imperative. The superior sensitivity ensures you feel even the subtlest taps.

The Cumara also excels in casting light and weightless baits, but is competent at throwing larger lures and can even be used for finesse pitching. The Cumara has an unexpected amount of power to move fish and even though it has a high modulus blank it doesn't feel overly stiff. Designed to be a rod for plastics and jigs , it can pull double duty in a pinch as a light cranking or jerkbait stick. You really can't go wrong with the Shimano Cumara Spinning Rod Series – the features, quality and price are all there.

Additional Features:

• Fuji SIC Black Frame Guides

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Please Note: Not all models feature a hook keeper.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: super sensitive/super light catching machine. any questions?

From: JD: CT

Comments: This would be the 3rd Cumara model and the only spinning Cumara that I have. I mostly have the Crucials and Compres. However, I must admit that even the new IM-10 Crucials aren't as good as the Cumaras. They could be using the same blank but with different stickers, but there is still some gaps between the two. I can't understand why some people here writing bad reviews. In my opinion use them properly and you'll get the right result. Great rod, Life time warranty, top notch parts and in reduced price, nothing can beat that.

From: Hans: Los Angeles, USA

Comments: Awesome rods! I have the 6'8" medium spinning, and it is the most sensitive rod I own.  The Cumara is one of the highest quality fishing rods out there at any price point. With SIC guides and IM-10 graphite, it is a steal at $220, and was absolute fraud on my part when I got mine on sale for $165!  TERRIFIC for finesse presentations. I love throwing a little 3/16 oz or 1/4 oz jig on this thing. You can feel every little rock or stick that your bait bounces off of under the water. Very durable and plenty of backbone as well. A buddy of mine owns 5 of them, 2 spinning and 3 casting I believe, has caught hundreds of fish on them, and he has never had any problem whatsoever with any of them.

From: Kyle: MI

Comments: Bought the 6'8" Med-Hvy Fast rod when it was on sale. So far I am extremely pleased with the feel and sensitivity of this rod. Its definitely no NRX, but at nearly a third of the cost on sale, it's a no-brainer. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Paired with my Sustain 3000FG, this thing is a fish catching machine.

From: Ty: Wichita, KS

Comments: I bought two of the Cumara Spinning Rod 7'2" Med Xfast and they are great, I paired it with my stradic c1400 for finness fishing, the only problem is that if you catch a fish larger than 10 lbs, the taper more than likely will break, it has happen twice, I had to send it  back to shimano where they have always replaced it, I'm wondering if this rod its only for small fish..
Other than that, I love them, you can feel a fish looking at the line, :)

From: Rick: Mexico

Comments: I fished the 7'2'' M last season, was very pleased w/ the weight and sensitivity.  I generally use casting gear for jig and worm fishin, this rod changed that. I caught many bass pitchin 1/4 to 5/8 oz jigs. looking forward to another season of "catchin"  w this rod.

From: Jeff: NJ

Comments: I hate spinning tackle....or hated it anyway. I have thoroughly enjoyed this rod paired with the super light stradic reel. There is no better worm rod out there. It was made for the shaky head.

From: Thomas: Bham, AL

Comments: 7'2" dropshot best on the market period. I caught hundreds of bass last summer with 6lb test no problem some over 5lbs. Love love love the rod. Have bought 6 of them since.

From: Trevor: Michigan, USA

Comments: most sensitive rod I own, love the IM-10 blank, i can feel the fish looking at it. with a stradic C14 and 10lb braid i use it for light jigging and some finesse plastics and couldnt be happpier with it. im only 16 but this rod is good enough for any angler on any level.

From: Zach: Downingtown, PA

Comments: Two start with I own four of the spinning rods.  Two 6'8" Med Xfast, one 6'8" Med Hvy and one 7'2" Med Hvy. The 6'8" Med Xfast rods are great.  Light weight and sensitive. Though designed for dropshots, I have also used them for throwing small shad raps and small x-raps.  They work like and charm. The 6'8" Med hvy is also a great rod.  The action is just slightly heavier and the rod a little more stiff. Still a joy to fish with.  I am not as impressed with the 7'2" Med Hvy rod.  To me, it feels a little tip heavy.  Doesn't seem to be as sensitive either. All the rods have great backbone and good guides.  You can't go wrong with the 6"8" models.  

From: Pao: Boiling Springs, SC

Comments: Bought the 7'2" MH Fast Spinning about three weeks ago. Took it on my trip to Canada very anxious to test it out. Well what a disappointment. The reel seat foam started splitting 3 days into use and the entire reel seat came unglued and fell apart in my hands. I've had Loomis rods for years that I've never had any issues with and this thing lasted less than a week. Unbelievable poor quality. Stay away from this rod.

From: Chris: Nazareth, PA

Comments:Got the 7'6" cumara and I'm loving it. The weight and hook setting power on this rod is amazing! Gonna get more cumaras!!!

From:Cher: Wisconsin, USA

Comments: Got the 6'8" Med/Xfst paired with a CI4 2500 Time for my review: Balance is horrible, nothing 2oz of solder couldn't fix. Rod loads up nicely with a heavy baits 4-5" yamamoto senko. Rod is horrible for lighter baits, 4" hula grubs. Hook holder is the worst design I've ever seen. Not very sensitive even with fireline. Is not half the rod of my GL3 6'6" med Xfst. If this is the first expensive rod you ever bought it will seem nice. Guides are extremely noisy with superline, my Gl3 is dead quiet. Time to return this over rated rod for another gl3 Don't waste your money.

From:Jayson: Michigan, USA

Comments:I have the 7'2" Cumara rod paired up with the Shimano Stradic CI4 2500 series. This is by far the best combo I have in my arsenal. You can feel everything with this rod.

From:JML: Griffith, IN

Comments:When I die I will need a longer coffin cuz I am not going anywhere without this rod!

From:Barry: Lowell, MA

Comments:The lightest and powerful rod of its range that I've ever fished. Thanks to Shimano and Tackle Warehouse,keep it up!!!!!!

From:Nordin: Malaysia

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