The newest generation of the Shimano Cumara Worm/Jig Casting Rods have been completely rebuilt to deliver an even higher standard of performance. Now featuring the HM-1 blanks from the Cumulus Rod Series, Shimano was able to greatly reduce the overall weight of the Cumara Rods without reducing their strength and power. The new HM-1 resin and graphite blend furnishes extreme sensitivity to help you detect the subtlest bites. Now equipped with Fuji’s latest and greatest guide train, the Fuji KR-Concept Guide System utilizes both standard guides and micro guides. This has proven to greatly increase casting performance, increase lifting power and also increase your hook setting power. Available in a range of size, actions and tapers for a variety of jigging and worming techniques, the Shimano Cumara Worm & Jig Casting Rods also feature with proprietary Shimano reel seats and comfortable, lightweight EVA handles.

-Backed by 1-year Limited Warranty (All warranty claims must be made with Shimano directly. Tackle Warehouse can no longer accept Shimano warranty rods.)


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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought 7.2mh ex fast action. On my fourth replacement rod. All three rods tips broke from 8 to 10 in. Down. Broke two on hookset and one fighting fish. I am a firm Shimano guy but gotta tell it like it is.. These rods have issues. Have to say though Shimano has handled my replacement rods fairly without problems.

From: Travis: MS 6/23/15

Comments: I bought 3 of these rods. Two worm rods and a crank bait rod. Both worm words snapped on half. I dropped one and it shattered and broke the other on a hook set.

From: Cody: AR 5/15/15

Comments: i've got the 7'2 dropped shot med. Xfast for christmas and i tell you this rod is extremely sensitive. Very light weight paired up with shimano stratic ci4+. Haven't got any problems with it it, so far caught a few bass with it. Biggest 4.5lbs with this setup this year.

From: Mr. Xiong: Fairfield, CA 2/7/15

Comments: I bought one of these new cumaras online and when I received it the blank was bent to the left about 6° after the third last guide. I was really shocked so I sent the rod back to shimano to get it replaced and the rod I received in return was just as worse as the first one; the blank was bent even further and at an even more extreme angle. Wasn't impressed at all and finally the third rid I got back from sending it back to shimano again was straight like it should be, having a bent 300+$ rod is a real piss off, so as of now I'm not to sure how the rod will hold up this upcoming season...

From: Connor: Niagara Falls, Canada 5/29/14

Comments: Shimano in my opinion ruined the Cumara with this new line. Yes they are light and sensitive, but they are not balanced and lack the tips necessary for castability. I own over a dozen gen 1 Cumaras and at least 6 of the gen 2's.  The 2's are nowhere near as good.

From: Mike: TX 3/4/14

Comments: I have read some really negative reviews on these new cumara rods and have really be surprised by those! I have been using both generation 1 and 2 now for some time and really like both. The foam part on handle is shorter than first cumaras but after using rods for awhile now I find it's not that noticeable after some time of use. These rods are sensitive and have great power. The actions on these rods are dialed in perfectly. I believe that these rods are just as good as the first cumaras. I've never had one break. One of my favorite rods is the 7'2 MH Fast action. It's a very good senko and fluke rod.

From: Bass Zombie: USA

Comments: Just bought the 72MH Xfast from a local store.  mounted my revo MGX to test the action.  Just a slight pull and the tip broke.  It may be a part of the bad batch (looking at the reviews) and exchange it for another.

From: Mike: Loudoun COunty, VA

Comments: bought the 7'2 MH great rod but set the hook on a bass in 18fow and it snapped into 3 pieces

From: Jared: MN

Comments:  I can't believe shimano ruined the grip on these rods.

From: John: St.Cloud ,FL

Comments: Just received the cuc68mh. I own four older cumaras and two cumulus rods and love them. This new Rod casts great and is very sensitive. The only thing I don't like about the new series is the shortened handle. Not sure why shimano choose to only make it 1 3/4" long. older cumara and cumulus handle length was perfect. Only half of your hand will fit. Feels unfinished and awkward with half of your hand on the rod blank when casting.

From: Bryan: Raleigh, NC

Comments: Picked up a 6'8 spinning version and on the my first fish, I set the hooked, cranked it around 5 times and the rod snapped into 3 pieces.   I gave them the benefit of the doubt and went to the store to get another.  Maybe it was just a defect.   While testing the flex on the one I was about to get, it snapped right in the shop.  The salesperson was standing right there and couldn't believe it.  Could of been just a bad batch sent to the store?  I've used the older Cumaras to death and they still rock.  Not sure about these though.

From: Mitch

Comments: Agreed with steve, the rod should be lighter. Shimano makes tip heavy rods no matter what. It would be lighter if they offer these in matte finish instead of paint. Btw, shimano rods are well known for their tip breaking off. Thats why its backed by a lifetime warranty. Even though with the warranty, its much of a hassle to get it replaced. Bought the 7'2" jig rod and fish 3 pounder broke the tip. Bad first impression on this rod. I guess the quality is made from china. People should start using st croix rods because they are much better and has better warranty. Better technology and affordable compare to g loomis.

From: L: MN

Comments: Got the 7"2 MH... the tip feel heavy and for 200 dollar the rod should be lighter. Reason i think its heavy is because they dip the rod for paint so there paint on the inside of the blank too. because i know the blank it self is lighter. i think the guide concept is nice buy, but dew to it beeing stainless steel makes it heavier also.  should of been titanium. the alconite inserts are fine though.

From: Steve: WI

Comments: Bought the 7'2" med hvy and matched it up with a Revo SX Gen 3 (looks awesome matched up together).This setup is ultra light, sensitive and not at all tip heavy with a 1/4oz weight and a thick plastic.I love the new micro eyes but do not like the small eva grip,it is just to short when trying to roll cast or pitch. Your palm is sitting on the blank of the handle and feels acquired (may just take some getting use to)

From: Dan: Lake Charles, LA

Comments: Love the rod! Extremely light and for me the guide set up make sense, only concern I have is that they are not a sensitive as my E21 Gold series Carrot sticks, it is as if the tip is a little soft in my opinion.

From: Armand: South Africa

Comments: Every single rod Shimano makes is tip heavy, why should this one be any different? If you want something well balanced and light from Shimano, look into their high-end reels. The rod looks nice and I am interested in the new guide concept, but when I, like any other dignified angler, look into a new rod it has to be light, and perfectly balanced. Especially if I'm going to spend over $200

From: Mike: GA

Comments:  I was able to check some of these rods out yesterday the rod itself seems fine feels great but every single rod I picked up had a bowed tip about 12in from the top. Also alot of the micro guides where not lined up properly. The guy at tackle store said its not going to affect the rod performance at all. BUT like I told him if im going to pay $250  for a rod it better be 100% perfect. Over all not really impressed with Shimano this year. Just going to stck with my old Cumuras and look into Irod Air

From: Jose: Torrance

Comments: really liked the old cumaras, I have 3 of them, they're perfect for my tastes, but this 2013 rods seems  really strange: the eva handle  is too short and the lack of foregrip looks so unfinished... I'll buy no other cumara rod at the moment... hey shimano guys... a small foregrip is better than no foregrip!

From: Lot: Italy

Comments: Been working with the new Shimano Crucials lately just curious to know how these match up to them if its a big differecne or minor one thing that is something that i like more on this rod already is the new eys.

From: South Florida

Comments: These things look sweet! I can't wait to get mine here in a couple days!

From: Michael: GA

Comments: Recieved one of these on a warranty deal.  What a rod.  Been fishing cumaras since they started making them, anything you do with a jig, tube, worm ect. this is the rod... bar none. the mh xf's 7'2'' have won me more money than all my other rods put together.  This rod does seem a lash tip heavier though i am yet to put a reel on it.

From: Derek: OH

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