Left hand retrieve only!

It's not easy to improve upon one of the greatest casting reels of all time but Shimano engineers and designers are constantly searching for improvements. The Curado E is a complete overhaul from the D Series. The Curado E series utilizes a frame that is smaller than the previous Curado 100D but has the same line capacity as the previous 200DHSV.

Shimano not only redesigned the entire frame size of the Curado E they also made sure to reduce the overall weight by 2.2 ounces. As with the D Series the Curado E Series is equipped with Super Free casting technology and a Magnumlite Spool. Shimano has continued with HEG gearing and a Dartanium Drag for fish moving power and fighting strength.

Key Features:

Aluminum Frame
Lightweight Graphite Sideplates
Variable Brake System with Reduced Mass Hub
Super Stopper II

Click the "Video" link to the right to see the Curado E product video with Larry Dahlberg fishing at El Salto. We also have two more videos from, "The Hunt For Big Fish" with Mr. Dahlberg fishing for Red Fish in Louisiana and Sailfish in Guatemala.

Click here to see some video on Shimano reels with Jeremy Sweet at ICAST '08.
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Reel Specs
Bearings: 1S A-RB, 5+1
Line Cap: 8/180, 10/155, 14/110

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Customer Reviews

Comments: in southcarolina at high tide it flood over the grass and you fish spoons in it for reds. but it is almost imposible to get em out i used my abu and it couldnt get em out with 70lb braaid i used this with 50 and got em out not easy but got him out wich is almost un heard og very pleased also use it for frogging and dont gety me started on how easy it gets em out pond in my neighboorhood has lilys the overlapp eachother and just to make it better the ar as bigg around as a large pizza and thanks to a kopper frog i weave through it and you can get em out my buddys got a presdent and he gets so mad cause he cant get em out very please.

Comments: Best reel for the money hands down! You won't be disappointed.

From: Lee: WI

Comments: Outstanding reel. Higher gear ratio allows for quick retrieval, plus if needed, I can slowly reel equivalent to 201E5. Use it for salmon fishing, yes that's right...salmon. Went from an abu garcia 6501 C3 to this for salmon. Super light, very fine tuned. Great price for a Made in Japan product. I'm totally converted over to Shimano reels now. Free spools amazing compared to abu's. Best bang for the buck. Tight lines!

From: M: Vancouver, Canada

Comments: this reel isn't like what everyone says it it.  i bought 3 of them and they already started making noises.  and it doesn't really have an infinite anti-reverse...it has a slight play then it locks....a really annoying feeling especially when cranking or lipless fishing.  Save your money get a Zillion.

From: Bee: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: Outstanding reel!!!! A plesure to fish with it!

From: Nicolas: Venice, Italy

Comments: It used to be the best for the money...but the time is changing in my mind. I have 10 or so curados every model, but the best reel for the money as bad as it hurts me to say it is.... the new Lews ,try one and see for yourself.

From: Marty: Thomasville, NC

Comments: amazing reel best one i have i spent the longest time trying to decied this or a revo sx but im glade i picked this have some 65 ound power pro and use it for frogging and flipping amzing reel

Comments: SUPER smooth!! Upgraded to abec 5 ceramic spool bearings and a carbontex drag and i wouldnt trade it for a tuned zillion inshore! Excelent reel to pair with my original e21 7'3" MH fast rod!!

From: Adam: Anaheim, CA

Comments: Smooth doesnt even come close when talking about this reel. I use mine for pitching and flipping because you can free spool without backlashing which makes it extremely accurate. Super strong reel. I have the 7.0:1 and it gets um in the boat fast. I highly recommend this reel

From: Phil: Guntersville, AL

Comments: This has to be one of the smoothest working machines around. This reel can take the abuse and just keeps on grinding away. Highly recommended to anyone that has the money to spend.

From: Brent: Johannesburg, South Africa

Comments: Best on the market! Too bad it looks like the new chonarch is a +$20 version of this real. This one is the way to go.

From: Matt: USA

Comments: This is one of the best reels on the market. I don't care what these people say in the comments. Learn your reels then come comment.. If you are a reel angler you know this is a beast reel on the water! ;)

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA


From: Ben: WV

Comments: I picked up a Curado 200E7 since I was looking for another high speed reel, in which I was going to purchase another Revo SX, but opted for this instead seeing as it was on sale. Now don't get me wrong, I've used Shimano's before, but my main line of baitcasters consists of 2 Revo S's, a Revo SX, and a Revo STX HS. Now a comparison between the Curado and Revo's would have to be the Curado vs Revo SX. In my opinion, I like the Revo SX for pitching and flipping, or for accurate casting situations, seeing as the SX has magnetic brakes  instead of Pin Brakes like the Curado. I like the curado for more long distance casting like if I need to bomb a crankbait a long distance away, or for topwater circumstances. In terms of smoothness, I like the revo sx  better, it just seems more smooth than the curado with its 11 HPCR bearings compared to the Curado's 7 Bearing. Overall, you can't really go wrong with this reel, or a Revo in other terms. The choice is yours.

From: Mike: Waukesha, WI

Comments: I Just recently purchased a Curado 200 E7 put 20 lb braid with a 10 yard top shot of 20 lb mono. It casts great. I have gotten like 20 birds nest in about a total of at least 800 casts. And For a person who uses it in salt water it has the power to go trough the thickest bull kelp but all can be used for finese drop shotting.It is super easy to clean which is great and for the price it doesn't get better than this. 

From: Max: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: This reel is a steal. I have owned REVO's, the S and STX, and I would recommend this over either of them. It is lighter, cast just as far and it is smaller. Much more durable finish than the REVO's which scratch and nic very easily. Sure it is not the most refined reel out there but what how much can you expect at that price point. Very nice reel.

From: Dean: British Columbia/Ontario, CA

Comments: I see some of the customers try to compare the REVO reels to the Curado. They are both great reels. One thing that I want to say is that if you have ever used the Curado you would never have no reason to have a REVO in your hands. The curado is hands down, the best of the best in the casting reel category. If you want to, go out and waste your money on any other reel you choose. You will always come back to the Curado. I own 6 Curado's all are matched up with the Lamiglas Excel rods and to me it is the smoothest, lightest, toughest, combination to ever hit the water. Make your comparison you will see what I am talking about. I have 2 of the new Curado G series ordered and I can't wait to take them fishing.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: OK reel. Pros: Workhorse reel, casts far and easy to upgrade the drags. Cons: Mine has play in the handle and I can feel the gears when I wind in. If that's what you like and think that's awesome then this reel is for you.

From: Steve-O: L.A. California

Comments: Great reel!! Although I'd pick up any Revo before this thing, but at this price you'd be a fool not to get one!!

From: Kevin: Santa Cruz, CA

Comments: Best casting reel ever made. Most ergonomic for my small hands. Love the grips and how fluid this thing feels. Hey what do you know the sideplate stays attatched to the frame when you open it! Why don't other reel manufactures do this? 140 bucks - get them while you can!

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

Comments: This the best reel there is for the money, casts very far and is very smooth i highly recomend it.

From: Kevin: Saylorsburg, PA

Comments: The best reel I own so  I bought another one!

From: Thao: CA, USA

Comments: These reals are amazing. super smooth, durable, and look cool too. I highly recomend and of the curado reeals. Thank you Shimano for comming out with a great reel!

From: Alec: Mass

Comments: This reel is smooth as silk, also as smooth as a fish. But either way silk or fish are only smooth in one direction. This reel just plain works and the technology made it seem so simple. It casts like a dream and throws all kinds of baits. Smooth that way. Not fish tails rough the other but the bearing supported spool accelerates casts. As for cranking, well that is were I found some issues. This reel like someone else said earlier has to much plastic. I think that they claim 11 pounds but it seems more like 8 or 9. The drag is pretty smooth but tends to lock up in the beginning even with special shimano drag grease. The HEG is fantastic and the gearing always feels powerful. But the gears don't always mesh well and that makes sense from a reel basically made of plastic. Shake it and you can hear the gears rattle. When the gears mesh wrong you get this weird feeling followed by the innability to reel in until you stop trying take your hand off and reel again. Lots of play in handle. but i reccomend.

Comments: A workhorse, plain and simple, you can use and abuse it and it will ask for more.  I highly recommend it.

From: SDavid: Florida

Comments: Been wanting a curado for about a year and i finally got one. i bought  the e5 for cranking. im surprised thet it will hold 200yds of seagur invisx. best reel for under 200.00 bucks. have many shimano reels but this one is the best

From: Alec: Highland, IL

Comments: Best little reel made bar-none. Smooth, throws very well, light weight, and fits the hand. I've got four waiting on the fifth(thanks TWH). A Skeet Reese or a Powell rod and you're good to go.

From: Mike: Norman Park, GA

Comments: I have tried Quantums,Revos STX's,Ardent XS but this shimano is better casting and smooth as silk,easier to handle and casts llighter lures better than the above plus it has a great drag too. Can't go wrong with this reel or any Shimano by the way, they simply outperform the competition on their price range!

From: Charlie: Trenton, NJ

Comments: I have used Quantum, Ardent, and now Shimano Baitcasters.  I am very happy with my 200E5, nice smooth action, distance is great, strong drag, and very lightweight.   Great buy!  

From: Eugene: Wheeling: IL

Comments: I own a 5 Curados and 7 Revo premiers I love both of them but the Curados are easier to use than the Revos. 

From: Danny: Texas

Comments: people say this reel is good just because it says shimano on it and it performs like your average reel. Some other reels in the same price range are better than this thing by far! its a decent reel but its nothing special! most of you guys would realize that also if you didnt just use shimano.the revo sx is a way better reel than this. shimano is in no way the best.

Comments: ive been using baitcasters for over 8 years now. i have many favorites, but not this one........i dont get why people love this thing so much. my johhny morris elite craps all over this thing. i even like my abu c3 better than this thing. its just a simple well made reel,thats it. the only reason i would consider it is because the parts are easier to get than other reel manufactures. shimano isn't the best by far. i would always pick my abus over shimano. good yes, but its just a regular reel. and honestly not worth 180$. i also think that the six pin brake system on this reel is also below average. the brake system pins are a pain in the ass to move and i think a reel at this price should at least have magnetic braking. this thing is just a fad.........just cause its a shimano. your paying for the name in my opinion.

From: Rochester, MA

Comments: best out there for the money.. period.... it honeslty performs better than all of my more expensive reels and i cannot find anything i do not like about. i will also never be able to go with a smaller handle knob again after using the curados knobs. the chronarch and 2 of the cores dont even have these knobs expcept for the core 100mg flipping version. if you say that any other reel is better for the price then i personally would automatically assume you dont even own one.

From: Jim: Toledo Bend, LA

Comments: Awesome reel. Mine was a little stiff at first but after turning it for a while it is great. Cast my 1/8 oz weight and a trick worm super far. Way better than my revo s. Nice and smooth reel. Will defiantly get more!!

Comments: I just startde getting into touraments and guys always recommended shimano... iwish i would have bought one over a year ago first i got a citica i was great! then i  just bought a curado E5 .... I wanted to shoot my self cuz i have missed fish becuase they throw far smooth and handle great!!!! Im getting rid of my quantums and Pennicles beacuse i thought a high bearinf count meant a good reel but for the money and perfomanc it can be beat coming from a beginner.... but my revo  s is good too but i rather have more curados which im buy one every time i get paid!

From: Michael: Grantville, GA

Comments: I have the e5 and e7. they are amazing reels and you cant go wrong with them. i personally love the color and the feel of it.

From: Reed: Bama

Comments: awesome reel dont get me wrong... but they dont compare to a revo.

From: Billy

Comments: just purchased my 4th reel awesome reels amazing actually

From: Candlewood, CT

Comments: The reels are probably the best in their price range. But man they're fugly. If only Shimano would update the color, bet they'd sell a lot more!

From: Josh: OC, California

Comments: Have had this reel for 2 years without a hitch. Smooth both casting and on the retrieve, comfortable, powerful and sturdy as they come. Save yourself the time looking around and just buy this reel and be done with it.  Best reel I have ever used hands down.  Bottom line you arent going to beat this reel.  There really is no reason to spend extra money on higher end reels, this is the one.

From: Brett: Saint Louis, MO

Comments: awesome....whats not to love about these reels they are ultra smooth cast great and have the perfect gear ratio 5:0:1 for your cranks and 7:0:1 for your plastics and jigs they are great good price too

From: Candlewood: Connecticut

Comments: calm down every body. theres other good reeles to. yes its smooth, and at a good price but there are other reeles just as good as it is.

From: Kenny: San Diego, CA

Comments:  I used to be a Quantum man, after my first Curado, I will never buy another Quantum.  This reel is the smoothest casting reel I have used yet.  I will be replacing all of my Quantum's as soon as possible.

From: Matt: Columbus, OH

Comments: Went through a Revo S, SX, and a few lower end reels before going with the Curado. I should have saved my money and gone with the Curado from the start. Smooth as butter and very few backlashes compared to the other reels. I own both E5 and a few E7s now. Best reel for the price point, in my opinion.

From: Ryan: Houston, TX

Comments: Great reel. Exceptionally smooth, love the power knobs, and very easy to palm. Noticeably smoother than the Citica. I would have 10 if I could.

Comments: Very nice reel, cast like a champ, super smooth, easy to adjust for different weighted lures, and easy to clean and maintain. I paired it with a G-Loomis Mossyback making a great functioning combo. I need to start tournament fishing to justify buying more setups but overall u get what you pay for.  I've had the reel for freshwater use so far, can't wait to use it in the salt.

From: Mike: Georgia, USA

Comments: 1st of all this is a sweet reel...I found mine on sale and saved about 40 bucks...The Curado is smooth as silk when casting, it casts a mile and has great control over a fish...When casting, I barely have to flick my wrist to get my lure out far and to where I want it...This is my 1st shimano baitcaster I have purchased and I am highly impressed with the mechanics and the make of this product...Overall, I would give it about 4.5 out of 5 stars....The only reason it's not a 5 is because my Steez reels are that much better!!!

From: Shark: Where Blue Angels Fly, MD

Comments: I gotta say it's the best reel for the money. Buy this and you won't be disappointed

From: Ian: Longview, TX

Comments: i got this reel for finesse and i must say the best reel under 200 for fliping pitching and finesse i love it im going to get another one just for fliping and pitching. it is so smooth you cant even feel some baits on the end i cannot wait to get my second one

From: Texas Fisherman: East Texas

Comments: i own the shimano curado bantam sf. this is the finest reel i have ever owned or used. i think this model is discontinued and i wonder why? to compare it with other reels is not fair. all the major reel company's have their top machine's and most are great. however, the shimano's are the best in my humble opinion. shimano's are like porche auto's, there's no substitute. my next reel will be an ardent, then i will have the best of two world's!

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: Great reel.  I purchaced the 200 E5 and a Revo Winch at the same time.  Both are great.  Only down side the side plate on mine is very difficult to open and the first 2 weeks I had it I broke the pinon gear and smashed the anti reverse pawl in the process.  Had to pay for the pinon gear, the pawl was free, but both had to be back ordered...Haven't had a problem since, would buy another if I had the cash.

From: Robert: Davenport

Comments: An excellent reel. High quality but yet so affordable... I cant believe how excellent this reel are. Cast effortless..The only complain from me is, why the E5  model doesn't have the left hand retrieve. :-( .. it would be an excellent cranking reel for me.

From:  Julio: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Comments: This is my 4th curado that I've owned and I love this reel. The Curado is very smooth, casts a mile, and all the curado's are extremely reliable. I have two Curado's that are over 4 years old and they still perform brilliantly! The 200E is also very light but super strong. I have caught several bass over 7lbs. with this reel and they had no trouble reeling them in. The Curado's are shimano's best reels and well worth the price tag.

From: Tom: North Charleston, SC

Comments: I hesitated 6 months to buy this reel and what a mistake! This reel is so much smoother than my quantums its not even funny. This reel casts much farther than any reel i have ever used because you can chuck a bait on this reel as hard as you can and periodically let your thumb off the reel and just let the VBS do its job! ENJOY!

From: Matthew: Miami, FL

Comments: Absolutely the best reel under $200!!! Period!!!

From: Ker: Florence, KY

Comments: I got a LH retrieve curado as my first baitcasting reel  on a 7'0 H cumara and I absolutely love it.  Now that I go back and fish my sustain and cumara setup, it just doesn't feel as good anymore. I will definitely get another curado because the core is pretty expensive......

From: Cher:  Wausau, WI

Comments: Own two of these and they really are as great as everyone says they are. The improvements I noticed over the D series is more drag power, slightly better casting, improved gear ratio, and even easier brake adjustment system. Can't go wrong with this reel for the price.

From: Brant: San Diego, CA

Comments: A great reel, better than all but the revo stx 2010. I must say that this reel has too much plastic and not enough drag for me and has proved worth the money but not as worth the money as the 20 dollar more abu revo stx.

From: Manny: Felton, CA 

Comments: Comments:Hands down the best reel on the market for under 200 bucks!

From: Tim: Bethlehem, GA

Comments: Ordered one for fishing frogs in the mats, im fifteen and have been using baitcasts for 2 years now. have revos, quantums and shimanos. at this point my favorite is this reel. i fish frogs alot and this reel allows me to skip the frog and also get them out of cover. BUT this reel has shown some fatique when trying to get the fish out of the cover. Looking to get a CORE. GREAT REEL!!!!!

From: Gunnar: Viroqua, WI

Comments: Buy one. they are the best reel for the money hands down, i love mine and throw everything from 1/4 drop shots to hudds on it and couldnt be happier, i own 2 and plan on getting the new 50 model as soon as i can.

From: Miles: Oregon, USA

Comments: This is the like idk maybe 3rd or fourth best... the abu garcia revo stx is better in every way. more line better drag more bearings smoother... but what really sets them apart is the brakes... the infini brake system is about 10 times better. I mean it has better cetrifugal brake AND mag brakes... Spring loaded ABu garcia revo stx is almost a perfect reel id say spend the extra 20.


Comments: Great baitcaster, this is my second reel. My first was the revo s, but i found my curado to be much more smooth then the revo s, even though the revo s has more bearings. I caught three bass on the first day out, these amistad bass were getting caught left and right. Great reel when paired with e21 carrot stix rod. I would perfer this reel to anyone.

From: John: Del Rio, TX

Comments:Got this reel the other day and took it out, it is one of my favorite reels. I got the Curado 200E5 and I love it. I was throwing anything from a bandit square bill to a strike king series five and it handled them both very well. I used to throw Revos, but I think I will be switching to Curados. I had two backlashes all day and that was when I just put it on my crankin rod. will be buying more.

From:Jeremy: Glenpool, OK

Comments:Great reel! This is point blank the GREATEST reel I have ever owned!!!!!! can cast in the wind no problem. Easy to use, works with any type of line. just great!!!!!!

From:Shane: Massachusetts, USA

Comments:I own nothing but Shimano reels. Some of the old Citica's I have are over 10 years old and I still use them all of the time. I purchased one of these new Citica's and I am so impressed with it that I am going to order me a couple more of these reels. This is the lightest and most ergonomic reel that I have ever owned. Shimano builds the best reels in the world and I will never own any other brand. If you want to get the best and not have to pay a fortune for it, get you a Citica and I promise you that you will never own any other reel.

From:William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments:I recently purchased a left hand model to flip and pitch with, This reel is amazing! I would recommend it for flipping pitching specifically but it will work for just about any application. My order at tackle warehouse was shipped fast and the product was just as described and at the best price on the web!

From:Cole: Montgomery, AL

Comments:I have the 200E7 and work part time at a tackle shop which allows be to try the other quality reels. The 200E7 has no match, period.

From:Leonard: Florence, SC

Comments:Awesome reel! Couldn't be happier. I have both the 7:1 and 5:1 and have no complaints from either!

From:Tyler: Virginia, USA

Comments:This reel is a major improvement from the Curado D series. I love my two Curados D but this is simply better. Also, if you are left handed and you are looking for a lower gear ratio, the Citica makes a good choice since the Curado, as far as I know, does not come in the E5 version for left handed.

From:Francisco: Venezuela

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