Now lighter than ever before - the re-designed Shimano Curado 200 G Series Casting Reel delivers many of the performance features that made the previous generation such a classic with anglers across the Country. Also still sporting the signature Curado green paint job, it dishes out the cranking power anglers have come to expect from Curado Reels. Its rigid, lightweight aluminum frame and graphite sideplates combined with Shimano’s robust HEG: High Efficiency Gearing provide the wherewithal to stop fish in their tracks, and the Dartanium Drag System with clicking drag star adjustment also stays smooth throughout its range and provides a hefty 11lbs of max drag.

Whether you are making tight pitches into cover or launching a crankbait as far as possible, the VBS: Variable Brake System with Reduced Mass Hub also makes casting easy and smooth with no backlashes. Available in multiple gear ratios to cover the widest range of bass fishing applications possible, the Shimano Curado 200 G Series Casting Reel is as mean and green as ever.

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Newly redesigned and lighter than ever, the Shimano Curado 200 G Series Casting Reels deliver enhanced performance and reliability - honed over two decades on the water.

- Aluminum Frame
- Lightweight Graphite Sideplates
- Recessed Reel Foot
- High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
- Super Free Bearing Supported Pinion
- Gear System (SF)
- A7075 Aluminum Magnumlite Spool
- Dartainium Drag
- 5 Bearings - Total
   • 4 Shielded Stainless Steel BB
   • Roller Clutch Bearing
- Variable Brake System (VBS) with
- Reduced Mass Hub
- Super Stopper
- Assist Stopper
- Septon PV Power Grips
- 1/8 Turn Easy Access Attached Sideplate
- Metal Cast Control Knob
- Anodized Spool and Handle
- Disengaging Levelwind System
- QuickFire II Clutch Bar

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Customer Reviews

Comments: In my personal opinion after fishing with  Shimano Curado's since 1999. I have fished with probably every model of this reel with the Curado name. This is best far the worst of the series. It has the name Curado without the quality of previous Curado's that Shimano produced. I'm a inshore fisherman and this reel just didn't last. I have other Curado (my fave 2 being the Curado cu200bsf and 200dhsv, flat out freaks of nature as reels go)..This little green machine they should have scrapped on the drawing board..

From: CR: Houston, TX

Comments: This reel has been doing the job and not once it has let me down. Drag is smooth and I can cast a mile with it. Worth the money.

From: Sean: So Cal

Comments: use this for some huge bass and inshore. it has plenty of power to handle 30 lb snook and tarpon under 70 lbs and have caught multiple bass 10+ lbs on it. great reel on a loomis gl2 swimbait rod with 30 lb power pro.

From: Unknown: West Palm Beach, FL

Comments: I don't know why so many people are bashing this reel. Sure its not as good as the e series but its still a great reel for the price. It could easily compete with the revo sx and the the lews bb1. I could cast light lures easily with no backlashes. Keep it up Shimano!

From: Phil: NC

Comments: This reel is a work horse! Yes you can go out and get a better real for more money but in my expirence for the price this is the best your going to get, in 5 years this reel be working can you say the same about an Abu ?

Comments: Just gotta say that I love the Shimano stuff and this real is great!  Feels good in my hand and is super smooth.  I ventured away to a Lews and have found that I like the Shimano stuff better.

Comments: I love the Curado series, because they never disappoint, ever....  Well, my one gripe has been that those cheap looking aftermarket effective grips are necessary over the septon handles for anybody who dares to use a scent like smelly jelly etc.  I have been very surprised they have not fixed this issue for many many years.  Other than that, still great stuff. 

From: Bigpoppabass: Nashua, NH 

Comments: Hey, I just got the shimano curado 200g7 and  You cant definetly feel that its cheap quality and i would recommend the abu garcia revo 3s for 30$ cheaper and its alot more smooth and compact feeling.. But other than that the reel is smooth and pretty nice

Comments: Just got the 200 G7 and man is it a good reel! Smooth casting, smooth retrieve, and smooth drag. Cast a long way. Im not going to lie though you can tell it is a little on the low end side for Shimano, especially when you compare it to the new Chronarch, but that said for the price this reel can not be beat. If you want something in this price range this reel is a very good option!

From: CE: Auburn, Al

Comments: It could'nt be better. Once i got this reel, ill never want to go back to my old one. It realls smooth, casts great, and works perfect.

From: JD: NO

Comments: Just picked one up today and I have to admit it is a ver nice reel. I've had both the 200E and 50E in the past. This newer version is a stallion right out of the box due to the MagnumLite spool. I also have a Citica 200G7 and even though they are off the same platform the spool difference is where they differentiate. I've added Boca 7's and its a rocket. This reel with the Boca 7's is on par with the older 200E casting wise. It does not feel cheap or flimsy at all its very solid and smooth. Time will tell the tale but for right now its a champ without a doubt. On another note...the Citica is not as good and this is why. For me its hard to find a "happy medium" of adjustment and I "think" this can be attributed to the spool breaking system where the Citica has plastic guide pins for the breaks and the Curado has smooth brass pins. You can see this if you open the side plate and my thoughts are that the breaks on the Citica "stick" to the plastic rods and either don't fully engage or get stuck all the way engaged during the cast. Curado 200G is a Stallion.

From: CJ: Gretna, La.

Comments: These are great reels, don't let fools tell you any different. If it had a different name and color scheme people would give the G series much more credit. Casts light lures very well, is smooth on the retrieve and the drag is fine. It's also light and sturdy. Is it as good as a 200E? No, that reel is now $200. If you want to spend a bit less and get a fine reel, don't be afraid of the 200G series. I have 2 G series and 3 E series green reels and they're all great.

From: Brad: PA

Comments: i have owned and fished with the Curado 200E7 just about every other day for two years. The only problem i have had with it is the crank is stripped and is wobbly. Just need a replacement  screw or two and should be fine! Great reels. The G series has been downgraded a bit. Theres a noticeable difference between the two. But still a great reel. Would have to say this reel is only slightly better than the citica. (Own two citicas)

Comments: Awesome reel. almost nothing wrong with it. It is very stong and very durable. it can handle big fish in thick cover with ease. the only problem i have is with casting light lures. i was using a 1/2oz popping frog which feels light on every reel. but im not use to reels as smooth as this so when i cast it feels a little weird. im hoping its because of t he lure i was using. dont really understand all of the complaints. as for the line guide breaking like that you cant blame the reel. Sh** like that happens. i have a reel where the spool actually shakes and can easily move from side to side and has points in time where the drag completely fails and on full lockdown you can take line out with no problem. and i bought another because i still liked it. note that the reel with the problems wasnt a curado. point is just because a reel has some flaws dont abandon it. i think its a great reel and well i dont like spening 160 dollars it was money well spent.

From: Brandon: PA

Comments: I have the Curado 200e and now the 200g, they both perform very well. Just because Shimano downgraded the cur ado doesn't mean ya'll have to bag on it! Give this reel a chance i think you'll like it.

From: James: Lake Minnetonka, MN

Comments: I felt that this reel was overpriced not very impressed compared to lews. The reel is ok but not a whole lot smoother than a citica. Save for a chronarch or just buy a lews bb1 for the same price.

From: Billy: Texas, USA

Comments: I love this reel, really compact and light, casts a mile with no problems at all.  If you can afford the extra $30 over the Citica I feel you're getting a lot more in quality.  I've been fishing this reel with topwater baits the last couple weeks and its been a joy to fish with.

From: John: San Diego

Comments: well, i wrote a review about this reel a little while ago, and gave it credit. well, i was wrong. the line guide when reeling kept stopping on one side or the other, and i had to manually push it with my finger to make it work. I took it to get it maintenanced, and figured it just needed cleaning. Well, no. First trip out slung a squarebill and sure enough, it does it again. Not buying another shimano unless its on the upper end, or they do something different. same thing happened with citica.

From: Jake: Mount Juliet, TN

Comments: Pretty disappointed with this reel. It did not feel like 160 bucks at all, felt more like 100 bucks. I have two Abu Garcia silver max's, and they felt very similar to the curado. Sure, the curado does cast pretty far, and is smooth, it just isn't worth 160 bucks. If this had been the e series, I probably would have kept it. Instead I am exchanging it for a Lew's Tournament MG Speed Spool. I know it is going to be much much better than this reel. Shimano might have great customer service, and their reels might last a long time; but their performance isn't what it used to be. The new series of all the shimano reels sucks. I'm gonna buy more Lew's Tournament MG's in the future, I just know it. Switch to Lew's, they have the best reviews on all their reels. Shimano used to be good, not anymore.

From: Dominic: MD

Comments: Great reel for the money. I don't understand all of the complaints.. The most common complaint I keep reading is that it "feels cheaper than the E series".. Well instead of judging this book by its cover, get out and use it and you will be impressed. Very smooth, very good casting distance, very light weight. I love it.

From: Kyle: Lansing, MI

Comments: I will be honest I bought this reel because I was in a bind needed a new cranking reel for the next day fishing trip " I am a quantum guy" anyways i am so impressed and happy with this reel i will be switching to shimano wish I would of giving them a chance sooner :/

From: John: linden NC

Comments: just bought this 200g6 curado and its worth every penny way smoother than the caenan...what can I say its smooth and cast a mile away

From: Howard: Fresno

Comments: i bought this reel for saltwater fishing for calico bass super smooth reel the drag system is great for stopping big calico's and even caught a 20 lb halibut on the reel great product thank you shimano and tackle warehoue

From: Kris: bakersfield ca

Comments: I have two of the 201G7's. They are solid and very reliable, except for the spool bearings. The bearings are cheap and if you fish every week as I do, they will be worn after 6 months. It's not worth having the bearings serviced, they don't work much better. Do yourself a favor and replace them with Boca Bearings or just buy a more expensive reel.

From: Barry: GA

Comments: This reel feels much cheaper than the e but once I've fished it several times now I love it not as smooth as an e but cast farther

From: Rob: VA

Comments: Ok, here's the deal.  I purchased this reel the day before a bass tournament on lake Lanier and was excited about using it!  The reel cast a mile from the start, very smooth, very comfortable.  Caught a fish about 20 minutes into the tournament. Things were going just fine, then a mishap occured. It was cold and my hands were wet and as freak accidents go, the rod and reel slipped out of my hands into about 18 feet of water.  Needless to say, I was not in my happy place after that for a while.  My fishing partner said, "Don't worry, I'll come back tomorrow and get it!"  I just thought he was trying to comfort me, and in a way he did.  Well the next day while working I get a text from my buddy that read, "I've got it".  Shortly after that text I get another of a pic of him holding the rod and reel.  I simply couldn't believe it!  He sends another pic of him holding a fish that he caught with the newly recovered rod and reel.  He said the reel cast great with no problems even after sitting in 18 feet of water for a little over 24 hours.  I have since used the reel and it still cast a mile and is just as smooth as the first time it was used. My point to this little story is DON'T believe any negitive comments about this reel.  It works and performs AWESOME!!!  For the money, you simply cannot beat this reel. 

From: Benny: Canton, Ga

Comments: I don't know what everyone is complaining about. It's not as good as the Curado E (shimano never said that) but it's still a solid reel for the money.

From: Ben: MN

Comments: What are you guys crying about??!! This reel is bad ass! My buddy bought one from E-BAY and it just arrived over the weekend. We took it out today to a creek that wasn't iced over to see if all the negative crap had any truth, well all I can tell you is this reel passed all expectations with flying colors!! I have the curado 200e, I love it, but this reel is so much lighter!! those of you that say "Well they took away a bearing and made it cheaper", I don't care how many bearings a reel has its not the number of bearings, its the quality of the steel they use to make them. Don't believe, well the shimano core has five, and some fluger reels have eleven or twelve, and I promise you that the shimano will outlast that fluger. Quality bearings will outlast reels with more bearings! Please don't listen to the negative stuff about this reel. I have cores, curado E7'S, and chonarch's , and this reel is right up there with them!! It preforms like the E7, its just lighter!! Which makes for more casts, and less fatigue at the end of a good fishin' day!!  Buy it, you'll love it!!

Comments: Nice reel but doesn't compare to my 3rd gen revos. The curado is super smooth and had the strength for stripers but the new revos are so light and compact that this reel does not compare to revos.

From: Jon: MD

Comments: Shimano seems to be going cheap on this series. Usually reels get better with new models. however this is Not as good as previous models. Also, Dont like the 50 series is gone. I returned this reel because even my old PT energies were better.

From: Ed: Grayslake, IL

Comments: I have fished 2 of these new curados for a few months now. I'm getting the same performance from these as my old E series reels.

From: John: St. Cloud, FL

Comments: i bought the curado 200g6 it is very smooth. if you have it sitting idly and you spin the handle it mayseem that it doesnt spin near as long as other reels this is true, but when your fishing this is the smoothest reel ever it blows the gen. 2 revo s out of the water. btw i have 14lb berkly vanish on mine. ilove mine never had a 200e7 but this reel is great and i reccomend it;)

From: Wes: Erie, PA

Comments: I have had my Curado G7 for about a year now and I love it, I do have a 300e which is butter compared to the G series but all in all i believe that they are both very quality models. Is the G series a little bit of a down grade? In a sense yes, but will you man handle fish given you take care of them just as you should any reel? Why yes you can and will. I love my Curado G7 and for the money I can't complain that I have one of these bad boys lined up with my crucial rod. If you want more bearings, buy more bearings. Or pay more money for a Cronarch.

From: Trevor: SD/CA

Comments:  To start of with, I own a Shimano Curado 200e7 and the Curado 200G doesn't compare much to the 200e7. The e7 you can find on ebay for less money and the e7's are way better. Not saying the G's are bad just that the E's are better. If your looking for something brand new and nice in the $150 to $200 price range go with the Quantum Smoke 100

From: Lee: Peachtree City, GA

Comments: I think Shimano done fudged up.  I don't know how they figure they can remove bearings and generally cheapen their models and call it an upgrade to the previous generation.  My sentiments echo what I'm hearing over and over.  As a lifelong Shimano guy (literally all I've ever owned in 25+ years) I definitely feel like it's a good time to try something else.  That said these are still decent reels just a bit disappointing is all.

From: Jeb: Toronto

Comments: Ho-hum, a decent reel for the money.  Definetly a step down from the E series in feel and performance, but it still does what a basic plug reel is supposed to do.  The feel is OK, performance is what would be expected at this value point. I have heard from other anglers who fish it that it is not as durable, but the two I use have been fine with regular far.  Basically it is an OK reel for the average angler.  If you have never experienced the Shimano Curado baitcasters of previous generations (D&E), you would not know that it is a step or more down from previous Curados.  However, I would not hesitate to recommend one to a new fisherman just getting into plug casting.  Just know there are better, much better, casting reels available.

From: FL

Comments: Don't know what all the griping is about. I bought a 200G7 one day, fished it the next day, was so pleased, went back the next and bought another. Don't listen to all the hooey. These reels are great, so if you have thought about buying one, go for it. You wont be disappointed.

From: Bob: Cincinnati, OH

Comments: This is my first Curado reel and I have never used any of the older Curados, so I might not know what i'm missing, but to me this is a smooth, light, great reel that has preformed well for me the past few months.  I don't see anything wrong with this reel at all.

From: B Dawg: MO

Comments: Shimano, you can't be serious with this phony!! I was a Curado E fan and was excited about the G series but once I put my hands on it, I i sent it back. It just feels cheap.. I now fish the Chronarch which is basically a curado e with a heavier price tag and white paint. Did you think we wouldn't notice?

From: Jason: Boynton Beach, FL

Comments: dont be fooled by the name. its caenan with a green paint job. this is nothing like curado e. if you like the curado e than get the chronarch e. so pissed with myself when i bought this. i feel like sucker.

From: Josh: Portland

Comments: It's ok still Wish they made the 200e7

From: I$ai: San DDiego, CA

Comments: I do not have any problem about this reel, I use  for fishing snake head about 5 months, very smooth and light

From: Nelz: Asia

Comments: Ive got both the lefty models. I posted a review at the beginning of the season but my opinion has changed considerably since then. I have used the heck out of all of my gear this season and have started to notice a few things about the G's that have never been an issue with my E's, D's and CU's. I spend  considerably more time dialing in the G's. With a good reel the only time you should have to tune your cast control or move the brakes is if you change baits, or get wind. I have caught myself messing with cast control or the brakes between cast multiple times in the last month with this reel. I catch myself going heavy on the thumb just to keep the spool honest. Another thing I notice is that the drag is starting to wear out already. I have never replaced the drag pad on E's or D's, but will be replacing them on both of my G's if I decide to keep them in the lineup. In all honesty, its still a great reel. You are just getting less value than you used to get for the same amount of money. I was a loyal Shimano guy because of the Curado. I will be buying my first Abu and Daiwa this offseason to see what they have to offer. My guess is that the Curado is still the best reel at this price but I will find out soon enough.

From: Nate: Pasco, WA

Comments: Save your money and just get the chronarch. For only $40 more, you get much better quality. The chronarch is much smoother. The Curado isn't too smooth. I would recommend saving money for the chronarch

Comments: The G series of which I own two, (the 200g5 & 200g7) are different than the E series of which I also own two, (the 200e7 & 50e). The difference between the G & E series is by no means in a bad way. In 2011 I fished strictly the E series reels 1-2 times a week with no problems. Early this year I retired and I've been fishing the entire season 4-5 times a week. I've fished both series reels equally and had no problems with either series reels whatsoever. Granted there's a difference in the feel, the E series feels better built, more solid but the reasoning for this is because several of the G series components are different utilizing lighter types of materials than are used in the E series reels, this leads to a difference in "feel" but not in actual performance. Using the G series reels this season along side the E series reels I've come to appreciate each series's unique yet similar assets. Just because something's different doesn't mean it's not as good. If you're an E series loyalist that's fine but don't trash talk Shimano's G series reels simply because their innovative features give the reel a different "feel". My G series reels cast as well as my E series reels and to date have held up throughout the entire fishing season. IMO, for the money the G series is a damn fine reel worthy of the Shimano name.

From: Don: IL

Comments: Feels nothing like the Curado E. It feels like a cheap plastic reel. It works good and havent had problem with it. Its not the same frame the Curado E has. Its alittle bigger. Which I like cause I have big hands. I can palm this reel much better. I like it and fits me. Just dont like the cheap parts. But its taking the abuse so far

From: Mike: New Mexico

Comments: this reel is great i have heard alot of bad reviews about it but to me shimano is a great company with great products my curado has not given me any problems at all i have many reels of many brands abu,diawa,shimano all great reels and my personal prefference is shimano great reel

From: Bert: Menifee, CA

Comments: I started off using Citicas, and loved them. I read alot of bad reviews on this reel, but also alot of great ones. I use mine for a flipping/heavy worm setup and it works great. Only issue is that sometimes if you undo the side plate it is a bit tricky to get stay on. Other than that it is a great reel.

From: Jake: Mount Juliet, TN

Comments: well I did not want to believe the bad reviews so I ordered one so I could come to my own conclusion. I got a dozen casts in and everything seemed fine.  Even caught one.  Cast thirteen and the levelwind stuck on the right and the line bound up on the spool.  I could get it to work for one cast then the next it was the same thing....levelwind stuck on right. Put it away for the day very disapointed. TW has a great return policy and I am looking forward to my new reel (different brand).

From: Dave: East Bay, CA

Comments: This reel is garbage, dont buy it. it feels like it is made of plastic and feels really cheap. bought one, 5 days later took it back and bought the new lews tournament speed spool, way better in my opinion and 10$ cheaper.

Comments: I think a lot of these reviews are unfair. I have both e series and the new g and have used both plenty and will say the gs function every bit as well as the e. They cast and are smooth as silk. I think a lot of people dont realize in any reel there are going to be plenty lemons you have to put your hands on em and make sure u have a good one.

From: Josh: KY

Comments: This reel couldn't be better. I have no complaints for it being my second baitcast reel. Out of 100 cast I would say 1 to 2 backlashes, while my cheaper beginner setup was more like out of 100 cast i would get 25 to 30 backlashes. To top it off this reel is set up for my all around rod. I cast anything from top water frogs to really light soft plastics and it delivers just fine on powerpro 30# braid.

From: Yer: Denver, CO

Comments: I agree with Ben, below. Great reel, great price. Yes some minor changes, but worth the weight reduction and keeping the price point realistic. If you take your time, prep the reel properly, and maintain it modestly, it should hold up just fine. I have four, used them all summer three times a week- not a problem in the group. Love the wider paddle handles, too. For my money, NOTHING beats Shimano Curados for value and reliability, including the new G series. Ignore the nonsensical reviews.

From: John: Jefferson, NJ

Comments: Not the best curado in my books! I have tried different line sizes and types on this reel and nothing really works good  with it ,I have almost all the breaks set on this thing and it likes to backlash on me too much,plus not a good casting distance out of it either without the backlash situation. I have all kinds of Shimano reels from Calais DC ,Chronarchs,all the way to Curados(44 reels total) and this one does not fill my list!

From: Charlie: Trenton, NJ

Comments: I bot the 201G7. This reel is smoother and over all more sturdy than the older 201E7 model. Casts smoother reels smoother and has great feel on the palm.. Love the reel love the price!!!

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: Surprised to see the Malyasia stamp on the bottom. Did notice a slight difference in feel of the handle turn, and the push button from my E curados, in a negative way. I honestly do not notice a difference when I pick a rod up and start using it. It functions the same just feels cheaper. Just like the E series felt cheaper than the 100D series. The guts, i am pretty sure, really have not changed much.

From: Nate: Pasco, WA

Comments: I have always been a Shimano Curado fan, no better reel on the market, that is all way up to the newest "G" series.   Yes they got cheaper in price, but the quality tanked on this model.   Shimano is going to force me to look elsewhere for my replacement reels.   Shimano, please move the mfg back to Japan!!!!!

From: John: Franklin, KY

Comments: Great reel for the price, and I advise ignoring the negative feedback!

From: Ben: Hutto, TX

Comments: this reel is the BIGGEST disappointment in fishing. i just bought it. its horrible casting. 1 once bait on free spool 50-70 FEET when i cast on my Q code (80$) i get 70-90 YARDS with a 1/2 once frog. Never... will... i... buy... shimano... again...

Comments: let me start of by saying i used to be a quantum guy KVD tour edition all the way untill i used this real. Last summer i changed out all my quantums for Curados this reel is on par with any 300$ reel on the market for half the price!! i now own about 7 curados with different gear ratios and could not be happier cant wait to try the Chronarch

From: Tom: NY

Comments: well this reel is pretty awesome .. its just that the Non Japan Curado looks trash and non solid and pretty ugly xD i do care about that hahaa

From: HeyHo: CA

Comments: I just got this real today .Going to use it tomorow .The reviews are good so i have high expetations for it

From: Greg: Mission Viejo, CA

Comments: I love this reel threw some 50 pound power pro on it and boom cast amazingly super smoothe great drag and breaking systems i caught a 9 pound bass thanks to this reel i love it

From: Louis

Comments: its a shimano i dont care what yall say this is a nice reel i like the 200e more but this is a shimano so its gonna be the freakin cadillac no matter what if u can find the 200e buy it but this reels fine to what ever u can find buy it

Comments: it's not really all a bad reel even though it looks a little bad on the well everything, but it really isn't worth $160 to me i would say about $100. Overall not bad its like a canean but a little better. Remember the phrase "dont judge a book by its cover."

From: Enrique: Houston, TX

Comments: I been using my curado 200g6 for about 3 weeks now and I have no problem with it. My first casting reel I bought and I'm pleased with it. Nice and smooth. Nice long cast and never disappoint me. My next reel is gonna have to be the curado 300e because I need to add a few more curado to my collection.

From: Sai: Fresno, CA

Comments: Full time reel tech weighing in. Yep, the Curado G series is quite a bit different from the E series. It feels different when you hold it in your hand. Our understanding of the reduction in weight is that Shimano found a durable composite material they were happy with which reduces weight and cost. As far as bearings go?  My opinion? 4 + 1 is plenty. I have an old Abu 3600 Pro Max in my arsenal that has 8 bearings. They had to put bearings in the handle to increase the bearing count. Nice reel, but ridiculous. My Black Max feels just as smooth. Ok, I own a G7, and I'm not disappointed with it thus far. The bearings are smooth, the gears smooth right up when I put a little load on it when pulling a plug. It's very light and balances well on my 6' Fenwick HMG.  One note to those deciding to give one a try. Pop on at least one extra set of brake blocs when you're starting out.  Mine floated 10# line, and backlashed every fourth or fifth cast no matter where I put the cast control until I put some more brake on it.  As far as casting goes, it's as good as anything out there. A nice smooth lob is enough to get it right out there. There seems to be a very tight sweet spot with light lures, but it chucks light lures just fine for me.  Yeah, the E7 feelsa hell of a lot more substantial, but the loss in weight on the G7 means effortless casting if you get it right. Let me get a summer on it before I declare it worthy of the Curado name, but it doesn't suck, it's just different.

From: Elton: Des Moines, IA

Comments: I just  bought one of this today and have not tried it yet but, talk about Shimano going cheap on the reputation side man. I was told by the sales person when I called the store back, that the new reels do not come with oil and wrench anymore just extra breaks. The reel feels tight on the handle even with the tension knob loose all the way. I do not know how it will perform but it makes me think about returning it though!

From: Charlie: Trenton, NJ

Comments: I bought this reel yesterday and im already having to take it back because the spoll got bent when the side cover came off and all my line rats nested. After i put it all back together i can almost not even turn the handle on the reel. Im not the only person that i know this has happend to. I would much rather have my E Series Im not a big fan of the G Series..

From: RJ: Hot Springs, AR

Comments: This weekend I had the opportunity to fish a few generations of the Shimano line on Lake Toho.  I think the 200G is at the top of it's game at the price point, especially when coupled with the 30 dollar rebate.  I fished the Citica 200D, Citica 200E, Curado 200E5, and Curado 200G7.  Each generation felt better, from a weight and performance standpoint.  The 200G7 performed exactly like the E series - once you get used to the "plastic" feel of the drag star and the weight of the extra 20 dollars (50 with the rebate) in your wallet, you'll be just fine.

From: G7: Tampa, FL

Comments: Curado G = Downgraded From the E series. Curado E = the new Chronarch E. In response to William from TN. You say you like the quality and performance of this reel but yet you only had it for a week. Put the G series through some heavy work throughout the season and see if it can compete with the Curado E series. I have used the E series 3-4 times a week for roughly 8 months and it took beating. In the end it still works like it is brand new. Why would they make a new Curado and say its "better" but mark it at a lower price than the E Series?

Comments: It's time to buy reels from other makers. Losing market share will force Shimano to correct their mistakes.

From: Curado201e7

Comments: It really irritates the fire out of me to read all of these negative comments about the new curado e series reels. I bought 2 last week and I am very pleased with their quality and performance. Shimano does not make a bad curado to replace a great curado e reel. You are stupid if you think they would put the curado g reel on the marked if it was not the best reel that money can buy. I have to stand up for what I believe in. I have owned Shimano curado reels every since the first one was built, and I plan on owning them forever. I will never change to any other brand as long as they perform the way I expect them to each and every time I go fishing. I am 58 years old, fished all of my life, and when I could afford the curado I left the Zebco 33 behind. The curado g series are just as good a quality as the curado e series. I own them and I fish them hard every time I go fishing and I have never been let down. Shimano reels to me are like a good woman, if you know you have got one you had better hang on to her, because you don't run upon the best everyday.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: all i can say is the 200e is better if u can find 200e buy it

Comments: This reel is a 2012 model of an old 200B. However, it does have a metal tension knob where the B series was plastic. These are great reels. No, they are not as flashy as the E series, but they are quieter on the retrieve and cast just as well, if not better. To me, they palm better. Everyone wined and moaned when the E series came out but they eventually came around. I think that will be the case with the G series. Inside, they are built just as well as any Curado has ever been. All six of mine have performed flawlessly for the last few months. The rather stiff thumbar lightens up with use.

From: Rob: TX

Comments: this reel isn't as bad as it seems from all the negative comments if you don't like the bearings in it, then replace them its as simple as that. Like the guy said below decide for yourself don't let some kid who has never tried it persuade you into not buying it.

Comments: I agree with the posts below:  If you have any of the 200E series from last year this is definately a downgrade.  They obviously just turned last years curado into this years chronarch ( why else would they offer the 50e series in the chronarch this year and not the curado?) because they just swapped the plates from green to silver and bumped the price.  I would hesitate to say that this G series curado is even in the same class as the 200E citica from 2011.  Shimano was all I have ever fished over the last few years because they were the only company who made a quality reel that would hold up to the rigors of tournament fishing 100 plus days a year.  I honestly feel like there are no options left beside trying to buy up all of the 200E series. 

From: Jeremy: Punxsutawney, PA

Comments: Just bought 2 and fished a tournament this weekend and I actually took this reel off my rod and replaced it with one of my old curados. It sounds like it is missing bearings when it casts and it does not wind the line evenly. Not impressed at all. I am selling and going with the Chronarch.

Comments: Do not listen to these negative comments this reel is awesome, and i love it. Decide for yourself instead of letting someone who hasn't used it, or felt it decide for YOURSELF

From: David: Tampa, FL

Comments: I just got this reel today and it felt like crap at the store.. But one i put my quantum hot sauce, line and a jig on it felt like a million bucks. It casts like a dream, the smoothness is normal to good. and everything else about it i like. This is also my first Curado so idk how the old ones were

From: Trevor: San Diego

Comments: The new Curado is poorer quality than the E series. Read some reviews online. The Chronarch is basically the old Curado with new gears.

From: Ehdg

Comments: I have 18-20 of the old green curados and starting to swap them out with this model.  I have been extremely impressed with the performance of the new curado. 

From: JW: SC

Comments: I've also fished Shimano for a very long time. The negative comments about this reel have to be from people who have not used it. This is the best Curado to date. If you get this reel and acually use it you will love it.

From: Mike: VA

Comments: I have been fishing shimano reels since the early 90s it is all that I fish with.I have the old Chronch reels the 100 series.This is better than any reel that shimano now makes in this price range.Also have 5 curado e7 great reel for the money.Tried the new Curado g In the store and it felt like junk.They are know where as smooth as the E series and  they make allot of noise.I have not used one on the water but would not even consider them as I like very smooth and noise free reel which these are not.Shimano was know for their smoothness not this reel.They made a big mistake and will now make me use other reels if I buy one which would be the Lews pro tourament reel these reels are great.I hope shimano listens to the people and changes them fast as most people I know will not buy them.

From: Erick: VA

Comments: This reel is decent i havnt tried the curado 200 e, but this reel is pretty good for heavy carolina rigs and swimbaits

From: Mason: Tallahassee

Comments: this thing is the best i have the citica and curado both great but i love my 200g7

From: Julius: Peoria, AZ

Comments: Right out of the box this does feel like a piece of crap which is what i think turns a lot of people away from the curado g. However once you put this thing on a rod and start fishing, your whole mentality will change. When I first got mine it felt like a cheap peice of poo and i wanted to return it but once i fished it, whew, ill never doubt shimano again it casts much further than anything i have ever casted and is a solid preformer for the price Thank you shimano you still got it

From: Grant: CA

Comments: They cheap with this reel.  Cheaper drag wheel, no titanium line guide, lower bearing count, cheaper handle and worst of all outsourced to Malaysia instead of Japan.  Then they took the old Curado E and renamed it a Chronarch and added $20 to the price tag.  I wasn't fond of the plastic line pawl on the 200e7's but I guess it's okay since the other attributes make up for it.  I own 5 of the 200e7's and this is a different reel than the 200e series.  I also have 1 Chronarch, 1 Revo STX and 2 Quantum Kinetic PT's (bought the quantums because they were on sale for half price). All of my spinning rigs are Shimano.  I have been a life long Shimano fan and have owned about everything they've made over the past 20 years but I am starting to shift to the Abu Revo series.  They're a lot more reel for the money.  I have a Revo STX and it puts the Curado to shame.  I just wish Abu would make one with a VBS type brake to improve casting light baits.  I still think Shimano makes the best spinning reels but they are going downhill with their baitcasters and are losing customers to Abu Garcia.  They need to listen to the customers instead of trying to improve the margin on their products.  Quality and customer satisfaction should be the #1 priority.

From: Brian: Bella Vista, AR

Comments: People need to do a little research before complaining about a reel that 99% of you haven't even actually fished with. There was nothing downgraded on this reel. Shimano built a new facility in Malaysia that has more technology and quality control than their plant in Japan. The only reason for the price drop is because of the currency exchange rates in Malaysia, if it was still made in Japan there would have been a price increase. The body uses a new graphite that is stronger and stiffer than last years curado and all though they dropped the bearing count, the new bearing are higher quality. Fishing the two back to back there is no performance difference. No difference in casting distance or ability to cast small baits. I actually think the new reel balanced a little better because of the weight reduction.

From: Drew

Comments: Whats wrong with you guys this reel is great! its light, powerful, and affordable. i have mine on a 7,5 heavy crucial flippin stick with 60 pound braid, i can flip and pitch with this reel all day with no fatigue. I agree with Robbie, the loss of 2 ball bearings doesnt matter! Mine still throws skinny dippers and jigs a mile and with almost no backlash. Awesome reel i love mine!

Comments: Why is EVERYONE Saying this is a downgrade? or a disappointment? The Ball Bearings does not matter as long as you have the 5 CRITICAL bearings, if you have that amount of bearings in the critical places then it doesnt matter how many ball bearings you have. You can find articles about it on bassmaster. Second the only reason it is cheaper is because they make it in Malaysia now because it would have been a $200+ reel if they would have made it in Japan. 3rd: They have actually upgraded things on this, they have 2 NEW features on this reel, only thing that is different is that it is made in Malaysia and that it has ONLY 2 LESS BB. So give this reel a try I'm sure you will be pleased, and the only real reason I can think of why it would feel cheap is because it is .4 oz reduction. If you want to buy a reel I would do research on it anyway. About every other reel is made in the SAME factory that other brands make their reels in, so its basically like making the same reel but in a different brand. Well there is my 2 cents I am not a pro but I have done some research and this is what I have come up with.

From: Robbie

Comments: Lets me say this the g series r great but if you had and e you will be disappionted. The g is a great reel but it is lower quality than the e. In my mind i think it is around the same quality as a revo s which is a great reel. Also IMO the revo sx was better than the curado e

From: Ryan: Chicago, IL

Comments: VERY disapponted wth the quality of the new G curado.  Ive been wating for awhile to get my hands on these and was not appy with any of them.  Shimano needs to get it together everyone I no is switching to revos

Comments: this is just a caenan with an aluminum main frame and new handle and knobs.

From: Jack: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Comments: After feeling it out at a local tackle shop, I'm actually disappointed in the Curado 200G.  If I'm not comparing it to the older Curado, the G is a great reel.  Comparing it to my older 200E, I feel Shimano took away alot of features to shave $20 off the price.  I also don't like the fact that the Chronarch 200E for $200 feels exactly like my Curado 200E (which was $179).  I have a bad feeling Shimano just repainted and rebranded the Curado 200E as the new Chronarch E. I won't be buying the new Curado (or the Chronarch for that matter).  It's a shame because the Curado, starting with the old school bantams, is what made me a Shimano fan.  I'm flipping back to buying mainly Daiwa again.

From: Richard: San Diego, CA

Comments: i went out to bass pro today to get a new reel and i was lookin at the abu garcia sx and the i saw this reel and i feel in love with it... the ponds are frozen here in colorado so i took it to the back yard to cast and im impressed it cast a mile with a 3/8 ounce jig. get youself this reel.... i plan to get more

From: Andrew: Arvada, CO

Comments: Disappointed its no longer made in Japan

From: Yexpir: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: These reels are awesome.  Priced right and very dependable.  I have two cranking and two high-speed models.  Both are improvements over earlier models.  Less weight and compact design translate to less fatigue on fishermen's hands on long days of casting.  I have two Chronarchs from 2003, and they still perform great, but the Curados perform equally well.  I actually sold my older (2003: $110.00 new) cranking Curados for $80 each in 2011, and the shop owner told me that the older Curados were still in high demand with a lot of fishermen.

From: John: Lexington, KY

Comments: Average reel at best! lighter than the older curado E series but a few steps back than curado e series. If you are used to the curado e series this reel simply won't do! If you want performance of curado e series buy the chronarch e!

From: D: Toledo Bend, LA

Comments: Very nice looking reel & smooth casting but Curado E is more better.

From: Nelz: MAS

Comments: YEEEEESS Shimano finally did it thank you I have been waiting along time for them to come out with a curado in all gear ratio and as well for the citica and cronarch thank you again shimano and TW for carrying there great product!

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