Shimano Curado 300 EJ Casting Reels

Featuring a blazing fast gear ratio of 6.9:1, the Shimano Curado 300EJ Casting Reel adds high-speed prowess to the high line capacity and serious power of the Curado 300 Series.  Its low profile design will change the way you think about low-profile baitcasting reels - delivering large reel performance in a sleek, comfortable design.  Great for quickly ripping large plugs and swimbaits in freshwater, the Curado 300EJ also provides the corrosion-resistance and toughness necessary for saltwater use.  Its lightweight, one-piece Aluminum frame provides a rigid base of operations, and an oversized counterbalanced jigging handle helps move big fish with maximum torque.

Shimano’s High Efficiency Gearing (HEG), as well as, seven ball bearings (1 sheilded A-RB stainless steel bearing, 5 sheilded stainless steel bearings and 1 A-RB stainless steel roller bearing) ensure the Curado 300EJ has the smooth, silent retrieve Shimano reels are famous for, and Shimano’s Variable Breaking System (VBS) provides total casting control. Administering the strength to tame the big runs and hard fighting of big fish, the Curado 300EJ Casting Reel’s Dartanium Drag System stays smooth throughout its wide range of settings, and dishes out up to 15-lbs. of maximum drag.  Delivering the well-established Curado performance so many serious anglers prefer, the Shimano Curado 300EJ now adds some serious retrieve speed to the equation.

Adding high speed to the high line capacity and serious power of the Curado 300 Series, the Shimano Curado 300EJ Casting Reel features a blazing fast gear ratio of 6.9:1.

- 1/4 Turn Key Spool Access
- Super Free Bearing Supported Pinion Gear System
- Super Stopper Anti-Reverse
- Assist Stopper
- SV Power Handle Grips
- Quickfire II Clutch Bar Casting System
- Precision Aluminum Magnumlite Spool

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
CU300EJ Right 6.9:1 11.3 (5SS+1S A-RB) + 1A-RB Braid 50/205, 65/120, 80/105 In Stock: 3+ $279.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bull Reds, Blackfish, Gars, Rockfish aka Stripers... this is a very good large low-profile that can do the job.  Smooth drag along with large spool that holds plenty of line, so you won't get spooled by powerful runs from these fish. Moderately priced for a 300 model, it's a winner for sure.

From: Tam: Port Arthor 12/8/16

Comments: I own two EJs and one E. I use these three reels primarily for pike and they work perfectly for me. In my pursuit of pike here in CT I regularly throw 2 oz. + spinnerbaits & crankbaits with these reels with no trouble. They are simple, durable and certainly powerful enough to handle larger freshwater fish. I did experience the power handle casting issue on the EJs early on but I simply purchased handles for the E and installed them on the EJs. I no longer have the issue of the power handle engaging the clutch during a cast. They are priced on the affordable end of larger low profile (non-round reel) baitcasting reels, when compared to reels like the Abu Revo Toro or the Daiwa Lexa. I am very happy with them. 

From: Eric: CT 6/8/16

Comments: It's a Curado. Very good reel, smooth & cast a mile with good smooth drag. Great inshore reel, you can jig offshore too, for tautog, seabass & the likes. But it does have limitation, it's a 300 so can go too deep. Also if you are going to make big casts, you just have to be cognizant & make sure the handle is down,otherwise the momentum/force of cast may swing handle forward & engaging the spool. That's the only thing, other than that, it's awesome. Put it this way, Rob Choi uses this one quite often & he's pretty darn efficient.

From: Alex: Ocean City, MD 2/26/16

Comments: decent fresh water reel but doesn't hold up very well in the salt. Had to pay 80$ to get new bearings and it was claimed to be fixed. Go fishing the next day and has the same problems. Even with good care and servicing this reel isn't great for salt

From: Jack: Seal Beach, CA 12/29/15

Comments: Just brought 2 of these reels for fishing very large cranks and they work great and over a months time I caught 3 fish over 9 lbs. and 5 over 6 lbs. these reels handled those fish with no problem. I am planning to buy 1 or 2 more.

From: Steve: Lake Isabella, CA

Comments: I just started using the Curado 300 EJ for throwing the big crank baits like the Strike King 10XD and the Lucky Craft SKT Magnum 120 DR. The reels handle allows you to crank those big baits with ease. You can also throw them a mile.

From: Wade: CA 6/7/14

Comments: As stated by others, the power handle was not balanced on my reel. In certain positions this will cause the reel to try to engage during a swift cast. Bad. Bad. Bad.

From: Drew: FL

Comments: it is a great light tackle reel i would not recommend it for big game fish. With the drag it has it is great for calico 

From: Jose

Comments: I had the gears strip out on me setting the hook on a big calico bass. Waste of 260 dollars.

From: Oliver: so' cal

Comments: Cant say enough about 300E or 300EJ. I have them both, and truth be told...I want another set. Both reels perform to their potential and then some. The only difference between the two is the obvious paddles and power knob. The only issue I have is with the power knob. Its heavier than the counter balance and on a cast it can cause a problem. If the knob is in an upward position during a cast. The knob, will fall forward with the momentum of the cast, engaging the clutch and snaping the teeth off the pinion gear. Which makes for a bad fishing day and a trip to the repair shop. That being said, its not enough to prevent me from owning the EJ model. Again I have both, and want another set...

From: Charlie: Austin, TX

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