Expanding on their most popular and successful series of casting reels, Shimano has designed the Curado 50 E Series Casting Reel especially for light line and finesse applications. While it may be the smallest reel in the Curado lineup, the Curado 50E definitely isn’t short on performance and features.  Approved for saltwater use, it has plenty of power thanks to its High Efficiency Gearing (HEG) and super tough Diridium Drag, which dishes out 10 lbs. of max drag.  Extremely lightweight as well - weighing in at only 6.9-oz. - its Aluminum Frame, A7075 Aluminum Magnumlite Spool and Graphite Sideplates all combine to greatly reduce weight.  Seven strategically placed bearings and a Super Free Bearing Supported Pinion Gear System also ensure the smooth, silent retrieves that Shimano Reels are famous for.  In a class of its own, the Shimano Curado 50 E Series Casting Reel delivers the Curado performance edge - now with a smaller more palmable profile.

Additional Features:

Variable Brake System (VBS) with Reduced Mass Hub
Recessed Reel Foot
Assist Stopper
Drilled Double Paddle Handle Shank
Septon Handle Grips
Clicking Star Drag Adjustment
Titanium IP Line Guide
1/8 Turn Easy Access Attached Sideplate
Metal Cast Control Knob
Double Anodized Spool and Handle
Disengaging Levelwind System
Quickfire II Clutch Bar

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Customer Reviews

Comments: the Curado 51 E needs some light work if you really need 10 pounds of drag ? adding one additonal drag washer should do the trick, this reel is great for Salt water and fresh as well , i' own 3 of this maybe get another from tackle werehouse they have the right price for sure.

From: Vladimir: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: this reel is awesome!  i bought it for casting small, light weight finesse baits and it works perfectly for that.  spooled with 8 lb fluorocarbon and paired with a 7'0'' m action rod, i could cast a small 1/4 oz lipless crank or even an inline spinner ultra far.  an amazing reel that is on clearance.  swipe one up before they're gone!

From: Elijah: Seattle, WA

Comments:  i've had this reel for about a week now and i also have the caenen and i thought that reel was nice til i got this a few days later and this piece of equipment is very very very nice its smooth cast a mile never backlashes and its light and small enough to fit in any ones hands

From: Hunter: Coon Rapids, MN

Comments: I've purchased two Curado 51E's from Tackle Warehouse and immediately took them to my friend and reel guy extrodinare and had the bearings replaced with Boca Ceramic bearings and the drags replaced with Carbon Fiber drags and the result are insane. 
I've basically turned both of them into Shimano Core's on Steroids.

From: David: Scottsdale, AZ

Comments: Man,this is a little power house reel. I got the 50E version and the Core 50 and they are both great,what else can you expect from Shimano? I followed some advice from feedback in some of these reviews and flushed the spool bearings, and re-oiled them and this thing is like a slingshot  with weightless worms. I couldn't be happier!!

From: Charlie: Trenton, NJ

Comments:  I own four of these reels.  That in itself shows how much I like them.  I also own a Core 51 and this Curado performs just as well for a lot less money.  The only advantages the Core has are the lighter weight, metal drag star, and a few other cosmetic touches.  Another great thing about this reel is that it is very easy to service, like almost all Shimanos.  The first thing you should do is flush out the thick oil (might even be grease!) in the spool bearings and re-oil with some light oil like Hot Sauce, YRF, Reel Butter, or Rem Oil (my favorite).  The reel will then cast incredibly far and with hardly any backlash issues. If you are ok with opening the reel, you can loosen the anti-reverse pawl "arms" or remove the pawl altogether for a much freer turning reel (don't do this if you are using heavy braid).

From: Blaine: HI

Comments: I love this reel, I have it paired up with a Cumara med action and it is my go to finesse setup.
 It has a ton of power for a small reel

From: Danny: TX

Comments:  Awsome reel, espically at 139.88, paried it with a powell casting rod and its awsome.

From: Leng: Siloam Springs, AR

Comments: I paired the CU 51E with the G. Loomis GL2 CR 722, 6-foot casting rod, on sale at Tackle Warehouse. Makes a nice combo. I am able to cast lighter baits far enough, even with the short rod. Backlashes and bird's nests are not a problem. I am uising 8-lb. test and have the brake set to the middle position. Only problem is that the 6.4:1 ratio is too quick for some of my top-water lures.  I use it for fishing close to shore where accurate casting is required.

From: Ed: Astoria, NY

Comments: Excellent reel. It seems that some of these suck right out of the box, but I must have gotten a good one. Just as smooth and casts just as well as my Core 50.

Comments: Love my curado 50, paired up with my St croix Legend Tournament  teaser rod, my whole setup is well under 10 oz. This reel is so light, smooth, casts amazingly far. Love this setup.

From: Eugene: Wheeling, IL

Comments: I like it. It has backplay in the handle and spool like all the Shimano Low Profile I have tried but if you can get around that these are great reels. We need more low capacity spool reels like this in the USA market. Lets hope they come down to even more finesse levels soon! USA bass anglers need to support this trend. I'm normally a Daiwa guy but I gave this one a shot. 

From: Tacklejunkie: Southern California

Comments:  LOVE this reel.  fits perfectly with my powell cranking stick, and casts the lightest of baits amazingly well.  I will definitely be getting another.

From: Charles: San Jose, CA

Comments: I LOVE this reel. It's awesome and my favorite. I have a 200 and some Abu's and Quantums but this little 50e is my favorite.

From: Kayton: San Diego, CA

Comments: it might just be my reel and i hope it improves with use but it reels in like the spool is hitting something the retrieve is not too smooth basically what im trying to say, it cast great and i relly hope this problem improves with use

From: Candlewood: Connecticut, USA

Comments: this reel is nice and small but the drag on this reel doesn't feel like a 10lb drag and i have a daiwa with 8lb drag and it feels stronger than this reel.

From: Hmong: CA

Comments:  Pleased with this little reel.  It is small, but even with larger hands it fits nicely....all in the design.  Great casting reel!  I throw alot of senkos with it and never have a problem with backlash.  Locks down well and brings the fish in w/out a problem.  

From: John: St Louis, MO

Comments: Best reel I own. Paired with Powell Max 684CB, its extremely lightweight. I can throw very light lures accurately with this reel. Perfect for crankbaits or other light weight lures.

From: Daniel: North Carolina, USA

Comments: I've got 6 of these and counting, amazing little reels and good for the money too.

From: Travis: Hoover

Comments: I will have to say the 50e is a nice reel.  It is probably about the same quality as the 200e.  It cast as far and retreives just as smooth as it's bigger brothers.  I do like the smaller handle knobs.  It makes the handle more comfortable for smaller hands.  As far as the size of the reel, it is smaller in frame than the 200e.  In the hand, I really could not tell much of a difference in the two different sizes. Having smaller hands, I was hoping this reel would be easier to hold and handle.  Not so.  In casting, right handed, I found the 200e the more comfortable of the two.  On the retreive, they were about equal. I also wished this reel came with different gear ratios.  A slower gear ratio would have been great for smaller crankbaits.  As far as the price. I am not sure why this reel cost $20 more than the 200e.  It should have been the same price. I know Shimano sets their prices, so retailers don't have much of a say in pricing. Is the reel worth $20 more than the 200e? I don't think so.  I bought the reel because it was smaller and lighter than the 200e. In conclusion, I really couldn't tell much of a difference in the two sizes.  The only main difference is the gear ratio. It is a nice reel but I think the 200e is a better buy.

From: Pao: Boiling Springs, SC

Comments: A great reel, i use it for bass fishing with a st croix 7ft mojo bass rod and it works great. It can cast senkos a mile. Truly a great reel for the money.

From: Alec: Wisconsin, USA

Comments:  Best reel i ever used.

From: Michael: Long Island, NY

Comments: Smooth as silk.

From: Jacob: Indiana, USA

Comments: Cheaper price better reel. same body as core 51mg, comfortable with any rods, super strong drags, I use this for 1/2oz jigs or spinnerbaits. but I don't like the green color.

From: Joe: Markham, ON

Comments: I have the 51 (lefty), set up on a 7'6 Shimano Calcutta CLCX76ML, and 10# Power Pro. I have used it  just a few times in the harbor primarily throwing 1/4 to 3/8 oz swim baits and spinnerbaits.

The reel was simple to adjust; with two brakes set, it casts well right out of the box, even with wind in your face. It may not be my furthest casting reel, 10-15% less compared to my Daiwa Advantage 153 HSTLA, but it may be less finicky/sensitive when the wind is up.

The reel is light, yet solid; has a smooth drag and fairly smooth retrieve, which may improve with more use. I can't wait to try it on some other rods and lakes next season. Or some largemouth or stripers in the next few weeks.

From: Sam: La Jolla, CA

Comments: This is my first Curado. I am very impressed with the way it casts smaller baits. I have been catching bass in the shallows on flukes and small floating rapalas and the Curado will get the bait to where the fish are. It is very light and fits in your hand like it was made to go there. I paired it with a Lamiglas 7ft. 3 medium action rod and the combo is excellent. When I go to purchase a new reel I never look no where but to Tackle Warehouse and Shimano. As long as you do the same you will always be totally satisfied with what you get. The only complaint that I have is they are really to expensive. You can buy the new Caenan or the Citica and spend a lot less money and still get a fantastic reel. I have compared the new Curado against the Citica and the Caenan and the only difference is the feel in your hands. All Shimanos are good reel and you will never go wrong with any of the reels that I mentioned.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: got mine two a few days and its just another great reel from shimano. its what you'd expect from it and outshines the 200e with the lighter baits. retrieve is also a bit smoother than the 200's. can't go wrong with this one.

From: Robert: South Gate, CA

Comments: If this reel is as smooth as the 200E it will be the perfect reel, also I like the smaller line capacity. You don't need 140 yards of line on a reel that is the only thing i dont like about the 200E. I have 15 Shimano reels some 10 years old and still working like new ones.

From: Bill: Leesburg, GA

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