Shimano Curado 70 Casting Reel

Even after 25-years, the Curado continues to be the go-to baitcasting reel in bass fishing. Now Shimano introduces the Curado’s newest reincarnation - the Shimano Curado 70 Casting Reel. Offering a new, compact profile, it sets the standard yet again. This time for pitching, flipping and casting light lures.

Shimano’s X-Ship technology delivers even more smoothness and durability, eliminating friction and improving performance, and its durable, lightweight Hagane Body is easily palmable with the stiffness and rigidity to resist flexing even under the heaviest loads. The Curado 70 also features Shimano’s SVS Infinity Brake System and S3D: Stable Spool Design for easy-to-manage, consistent spool control and brake force, as well as, significantly reduced spool vibration.

Combining over two decades of refinement with the latest Shimano reel technologies, the new Shimano Curado 70 Casting Reel has what it takes to handle light weight lures and heavy weight fish.

-Hagane Body
-SVS Infinity Brake System
-S3D: Stable Spool Design

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
CU70HG Right 7.2:1 6.5 5BB + 1RB 10/105, 12/85 In Stock: 3+ $199.99
CU70XG Right 8.2:1 6.5 5BB + 1RB 10/105, 12/85 In Stock: 3+ $199.99
CU71HG Left 7.2:1 6.5 5BB + 1RB 10/105, 12/85 In Stock: 3+ $199.99
CU71XG Left 8.2:1 6.5 5BB + 1RB 10/105, 12/85 In Stock: 3+ $199.99

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    Offering a new, compact profile, the Shimano Curado 70 Casting Reel sets the standard yet again for quality casting reel performance. This time for pitching, flipping and casting light lures.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: One of, if not the best shimano reels to date and I've been fishing shimano reels over 35 years. The only thing I've done is upgrade the bushings to stainless bearings (2.5 x 4 x 7 bearings are cheap on ebay - 10 for $13))..You won't regret your purchase. 

From: John: Central FL 1/8/17

Comments: For the price this is my favorite reel. It is super smooth and casts a mile. This reel is also crazy well rounded. When i first got it I put 50lb max cuatro on it and used it on my frog setup, and it performed insanely well. After frogging season ended I put 15lb flouro and used it on my texas rig setup. It exceeds my expectations with every fishing application I use it for. Would definitely recommend it.

From: Quinn: Edwardsburg, MI 1/5/17

Comments: I've been using the 71HG since August & I've put it to the test in almost every situation. I've settled on using it to flip and pitch finesse jigs. This reel feels so small & refined but has as much, if not more, power than the 200I. It casts so much farther & smoother than the 200I. Not saying the 200I is bad, I love it too, but this one is my favorite.

From: Alex: Wooton, KY 10/29/16

Comments: Great reel! Palms nicely & cast real smooth. Feels more beefy compared to the Aldebaran. 9/10

From: Wally: CA 11/22/16

Comments: This reel is great. Have had mine for a while now with 20lb J line & the casting performance & feel of the reel overall is incredible. I have the 71xg, 20lb J line, on a MH bass rod. Use it for everything from weightless to 1/2oz jigs & the reel feels awesome & casts amazing, just as good as my Chronarch 151. Palms amazing, easy to adjust brakes & is powerful for a high ratio reel. Definitely will be using the 71 series for more setups & save my 201i's for 50-65lb braid & heavy cover fishing. Definitely feels like it replaced the Chronarch 51 & it also took the 199 price tag also, which I believe is worth it. 

From: Caseman: TX 9/22/16

Comments: Would have to agree with a few complaints on the price curados have always been at a great price but you get what you pay for and this reel is well worth 200$

From: Dane: Dayton, OH 8/12/16

Comments: This reel is amazing casting is so smooth. Feels solid in the hand as well as on Hooksets the only thing I don't understand is the curado has always been a very good affordable reel & they started off around 150 with the green curados, the they were 175 with last years model. And now there $199! Come on shimano the reel is worth it but in 5 years at this rate the curado will be up there with the metanium in price.

From: Jacob: Collinsville, VA 8/9/16

Comments: Been using the 8:1 on my Hackney Tour rod for flippin jigs & it flips better than the 200 Curado I if that's even possible. Palms excellent, makes long flips easy. This reel also has great torque for a 8;1 reel.

From: Matt: FL 7/4/16

Comments: This is an excellent reel. I've been using it for over a month & while I prefer previous generations of Shimano reels this is still a smooth, easy casting, strong reel that is pretty resistant to backlashes. The older braking system might not have the external adjustments a lot of people wanted, but I think it worked better. Still once you adjust this reel it works incredibly well.

From: David: NH 5/19/16

Comments: Got this reel for flipping & pitching. I use it now for t-rigs and senkos. Casts a mile, and is smooth on retrieve. Caught a 31lb. blue cat on a robo worm this reel was incredible.  Coupled with vicious 10 lb. floro, it is a great little reel.

From: Eddie: USA 5/17/16

Comments: The is pretty awesome. Really smooth cast a mile & a backlash is hard to come by. Yes you can cast senkos easily

From: Dbeck: MO 5/8/16

Comments: Was a die hard Tatula (Still love them too) fan, but after my first of these I must say "Wow". Smooth, easy to tune & zero backlash if long pitching braid w finesse jigs!


Comments: Good reel, palms really well & casts a mile. I regret my purchase though because I was expecting to be able to use this for wacky & other things weightless.

From: HH: CA 4/9/16

Comments: The new Curado 70XG is on point. It palms like an Aldebaran 50, if not better. Casts & retrieves much better than the older Curado/Chronarch 50E platform & makes the current Curado 200i feel like a clunker. It casts exceptionally well and feels solid & tight during retrieve & when fighting a fish. I honestly did not expect to like this reel as much as I do after using it. This is a reel that a lot of people are going to fall in love with.

From: G.C.: Lake Worth, FL 3/17/16

Comments: Finally have a reel that I can palm with ease. I was planning to use this for just flipping. But to be honest this curado 70XG is pretty well rounded. Took my out to a local pond. I didn't catch any fish because I was mainly trying this out with different rods, lures, baits, and etc. Load up with 30lb braid. This curado cast amazing. I don't own any new shimano baitcasters. So I was surprised how far this 70XG reel cast. Put it on a mix of rods from medium light to heavy. For me the reel felt pretty well rounded so I'm thinking of getting one more and 70HG for flipping. This is a perfect size reel and on top of that light. Shimano continues to impress

From: Juan: Eagle Lake, TX 3/7/16

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