Silver Thread Fluorocarbon

Silver Thread Fluorocarbon

Silver Thread Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible underwater, but still provides excellent visibility above water. Silver Thread's proprietary Fluorocarbon material is incredibly strong and is also very abrasion-resistant. It’s perfect for times when maximum strength is needed, but visibility must be kept to a minimum. A great choice as a leader on a Carolina rig, it’s also a great braided line leader when flipping or pitching in clear water. Silver Thread Fluorocarbon delivers the sensitivity and low-stretch features not found in other fluorocarbons or monofilaments.

-30% Lower Stretch
-Virtually Invisible Underwater
-Great Casting
-Excellent Sensitivity

"Silver Thread Fluorocarbon is the most incredible line I've ever used. It is ridiculous how good it is. When you catch 30 pounds and you don't even re-tie and your line isn't even frayed or nicked…that's incredible! I've never seen a fishing line that was like that." - Zell Rowland, multiple Bassmaster Tour event winner.

Line Diameter 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 17lb 20lb
Inches .008 .009 .011 .012 .013 .015 .016
Millimeters .210 .240 .270 .300 .330 .370 .395

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Silver Thread Fluorocarbon 6lb 200yd $18.49 3
Silver Thread Fluorocarbon 8lb 200yd $18.49 3+
Silver Thread Fluorocarbon 10lb 200yd $18.49 1
Silver Thread Fluorocarbon 12lb 200yd $18.49 3+
Silver Thread Fluorocarbon 14lb 200yd $18.49 2
Silver Thread Fluorocarbon 17lb 200yd $18.49 1/27
Silver Thread Fluorocarbon 20lb 200yd $18.49 1/27

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Customer Reviews

Comments: When i was younger i had a 3000 yard spool of silver thread mono and it always worked well for me so i thought i would give their new fluro a try. I bought it in 12lb test and use it for shallow to medium cranking. It is stiffer and has more memory than i prefer. I like a more manageable line because my thumb is not as educated as i'd like. When i first got it the memory was so bad that half of the backlashes i got required me to literally strip all of the line off my reel and then reel it back on because after i stripped off all of the line that was involved in the backlash, the line would just keep spooling loose. I never had that issue with seaguars red label. After a little use the line seems much more manageable and actually performs very well.

Comments: Some of the best Floro on the market. I use 6lb on my spinning reel and have landed plenty of 5lb plus smallies and a 9lb 13oz largemouth. I use it on everything but topwaters and it is some of the best line all around that you will find. I am so glad to see tackle wharehouse is carrying it.

From: Wes: West TN

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