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Simms Sport Crew Sock - $16.95

Great for hot or cold weather, the Simms Sport Crew Sock provides extra warmth when the mercury drops, and moisture-wicking wonderment when the temperature is on the rise. Made from a 50/47/3 blend of premium Merino wool, nylon, and spandex, the Simms Sport Crew Sock delivers added cushioning along the footbed, and is built with a smooth flat-toe seam for optimal comfort. Additionally, the Simms Sport Crew Sock also ensures a better fit and promotes increased circulation. Perfect for fishing, hiking, or hunting, the Simms Sport Crew Sock will undoubtedly make your feet happy on your next adventure.


-Premium Merino wool
-Smooth flat-toe seam
-Cushioning in the foot bed

Approximate Weight: 4oz

Size Chart Small Medium Large X-Large
Men's Shoe Size n/a 5-8.5 9-12.5 13-15
Women's Shoe Size 4-6 6.5-10 10.5-12.5 n/a

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Simms Sport Crew Sock

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