Lightweight and breathable, the Simms SunGlove provides excellent protection against the harsh effects of UV-rays and fishing line. Made using Simms' SolarFlex material, the Simms SunGlove delivers a UPF rating of 50 and also feature a synthetic overlay on the index finger for added protection against fishing line.

To give anglers maximum connectivity and dexterity, the Simms SunGlove is built with an open-palm construction and a half-finger design that provides unmatched sensitivity. For easy removal, the middle finger of the Simms SunGlove has a finger loop that allows the glove to be pulled off with a single digit of the opposing hand. On the wrist, the Simms SunGlove features a pairing snap that keeps both gloves neat and organized. As winter begins to melt away and the bulky gloves come off, the Simms SunGlove offers lightweight, flexible hand protection that is ideal for transitioning into sunny months.


-UPF 50 sun coverage
-Synthetic overlay on index finger
-Half-finger design
-Pairing snaps for easy storage
-Finger loop on middle finger for easy removal

Approximate Weight: 10oz

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