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Keep your face, neck, and head completely covered during long periods of sun exposure with the lightweight and versatile Simms SunHood. Pull it all the way over your head for full coverage or wear it around the neck as a gaiter, the Simms SunHood provides a protective barrier against your skin and harmful sunrays. In addition, the Simms SunHood also fits over the crown of a hat, so you can keep your cap in place in windy conditions or while running down the lake. Built with SolarFlex stretch fabrics and laser-cut breathing holes, the Simms SunHood provides well-ventilated, one-size-fits-all wearing. Delivering a UPF rating of 50, the Simms SunHood is a must-have for any angler who spends hours-and-hours on the water and in the sun. 

Approximate weight: 5oz 

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