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The Simms Sun Sleeves offer serious sun protection for your arms - even if you left the house with short sleeves. This easily packable garment is constructed from a breathable stretch fabric that is also quick-drying and offers the wearer sun protection with a UPF rating of 50+. Elastic on the bicep helps to keep them securely in place while fishing and the cuff is also curved to allow for more hand coverage from the sun.     

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Simms Sun Sleeve

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Comments: got a set of these to try and def worth the money.  Tried them the first day and well during the 3hrs of fishing my arms stayed protected, the top of my hands not so much since I didn't wear the sun gloves....can def see the protection these give.  Light weight, stays in place, and like one of the prior reviews, feels like it's gonna be hot but within a minute or two it cools down.  Simms made an awsome product and I will def be using these all summer as well as their other sun protective clothing.  Also makes cooling down easy when you can wet the sleeves and still have the protection.

From: William: Long Beach Ca. USA

Comments: Used it 5 times. The sleeves are awesome. Pretty comfortable due to it's silky material and capability to stretch.  In the sun and heat, my arms feel way better than before. Also takes the worry of sun block away. Even though it's design with a cut to cover the top of your hand, it doesn't really work that way. Overall, it's worth the money.

From: Chue: Marysville, CA

Comments: Very comfortable and they stay in place.  They feel like they are going to be kinda hot right at first, but within 60 seconds, you start to feel that 'swamp cooler effect' and you forget you even have them on. I use with the Glacier Glove Dr. Shade Fingerless Sun Glove to complete the ultimate sun protection picture.

From: Mike: Las Vegas, NV

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