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Truly one of the most versatile baits around, the Sinister Wacky Worm can easily be transformed into several different presentations. Notice the indented cut or pinch lines about an inch from either curly tail. If you cut or bite off the worm at those points you are left with two grubs, and a stick bait. Cut off one end and you have a large curly tail worm and a grub. Cut it right down the middle, and you have two perfect size baits for flipping, pitching, and punching. And the most obvious way to fish the Sinister Wacky Worm is to just leave it alone for a killer wacky rig presentation with a little extra action at both ends. Designed and made on the famed California Delta by professional bass fisherman, Danny Davis, the Sinister Wacky Worm is a deadly bait you can use for almost any soft plastic application. Available in a range of proven colors and formulated with salt, anise and pork fat, the Sinister Wacky Worm is proudly made in the USA.

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Sinister Wacky Worms 8pk

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  • Alabama Craw
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  • Black Neon
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  • Black/Blue
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  • Delta Neon
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  • Green Pumpkin
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  • Green Pumpkin Red
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  • June Bug
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  • Sprayed Grass
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  • Watermelon Candy
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  • Watermelon Red
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Comments: When u need that extra action over senko style baits wacky rigged the two grub tails slow the sink and retrieve rate like gluing 2 in grubs on each side u can remove tail for grub or stick bait or curly tail worm they aren't cheap but they work very well

From: John: Monterey, CA 2/25/14

Comments: These look pretty good. It would be great if they had them in different sizes. I'll be trying them out soon.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

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