Introduced at the 2006 B.A.S.S. Masters Classic Expo: The Okeechobee rig – featuring the New Sizmic Jungle Toad and Sizmic War head weight system. It was the hottest selling new innovative lure sold at the Expo. This rig will replace your Texas rigged technique by placing the War head weight at the bottom of the New Sizmic Jungle Toad. Flip this rig right into the heaviest of cover (grass mats, cabbage weeds, lily pads, etc) and it punches right through to the monster bass and with the small appendage on the side of the Jungle Toad for the hook to be hidden it is totally weedless. Another added benefit of having the weight on the bottom is that when you are shaking the Jungle Toad, the bait is up off the bottom. The Sizmic Jungle toad has a solid head design and body is hollow for inserting a rattle.

Click here for Rigging Instructial video from Sizmic.

Length Quantity
2.9" 8

0 Colors

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