Skinny Bear Drop Klaw Hook 6pk - $2.29

The Skinny Bear Drop Klaw, (circle hook), was added to Skinny Bear's line-up of hooks because of all the success it has had in other angling methods with live bait. This hook works best when nose hooking your baits. The fish seem to hook themselves when they swim away, so you can expect solid hook-ups. One of the sharpest and strongest hooks on the market and very affordable.

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Skinny Bear Drop Klaw Hook 6pk

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Skinny Bear Drop Klaw Hook 1 $2.29 4+
Skinny Bear Drop Klaw Hook 2 $2.29 4+
Skinny Bear Drop Klaw Hook 4 $2.29 4+

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Comments: I've used these hooks since they first came out.  They are very strong and super sharp.  Since using them, I see no need to sweep set, a simple reel set is good enough.  The hook has a different design from other companies.  If you like Owner and Gamakatsu hooks, you will definetly enjoy these hooks as they have many benefits that you will find in both companies.

From: Anthony: San Jose, CA

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