Skinny Bear EWG Drop Shot Hook 6pk

Skinny Bear EWG Drop Shot Hook 6pk

The Skinny Bear Extra Wide Gap Drop Shot Hook gives the plastic bait more room, preventing worm ball up, and allowing better hook penetration. You will also notice deeper hooking, than just in the lip area. One of the sharpest hook points on the market at an affordable price. It works great for drop shotting, wacky rigging, and split shotting.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: First time using these hooks and I was impressed on how well they do. They're very "sticky" (sharp) pointed hooks that penetrate easily into fishs' mouth. Used them on drop shot in the bay for spotted bay bass and they did great, each strike was a fish on. Even though they are thin, they don't bend or break. They are nicely shaped and easy to keep them upright on the drop shot. These will be my go to d.p. hook for now on. Nice work Skinny Bear ;) 

From: G.H.: San Diego, California  1/4/17

Comments: skinny bear EWG drop shot hooks are amazing. They are better than trokar, better than misread, better than owner, better than gamagatzu their just better. The stay sharp for weeks of continuous use and they are the perfect lite wire hook that you want when drop shotting. You miss way less fish with these hooks than any other out there.

From: Troy: TX 10/1/15

Comments: These hooks are the best drop shot hooks I have ever used. I drop shot all the time for smallmouth in Wisconsin. These hooks a super sharp you cant look at them without getting hooked. Plus they have the super fine wire gage you want in a drop shot hook. They are perfect.

From: Austin: IL 8/3/14

Comments: I was recently put on to these hooks by a friend. These hooks are sick. I never used circle hooks until this past weekend for drop shotting but now I will. It sticks the fish perfectly every time. After every fish I would have to sit down and take a minute or two to get it the hooks out.I highly recommend these hooks they are awesome.

From: Manuel: CA

Comments: Great hooks, I have switched all of my drop shot gear to Skinny Bear because of how well I have done with the hooks, supper sharp, very durable, have caught multiple fish on one hook without losing sharpness. I have compared to other name brand hooks, and will stick with Skinny Bear. Great price too.

Comments: These hooks are awesome.  I normally flip and punch with EWG because I have not found a flippin hook that has a really good keeper on it.  When I was fishing Kentucky Lake I was flippin alot.  I was using Super Lines orginally, after straightening out about 2 packs in that one week, I decided to give these a shot.  I like these hooks alot as they have not straitened out on me.  The Barb on these hooks are massive meaning less loss of fish.  These hooks stick em real good.  I just hope one day they come out with a Flippin Straight Shank Hook, because I think Skinny Bear is on to something.

From: Anthony: San Jose, CA

Comments: A good all around hook.  It sticks them good.  The hook is unique in design and for me it has had a better hook up ratio.  It has some traits that Owner Mosquito and Gamakatsu Split shot/drop shoot hooks offer but you get the best of both world in one hook.

From: Anthony: San Jose, CA

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