Skinny Bear Elite Football Head Jigs

Skinny Bear Elite Football Head Jigs

Built around the famous Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap hook, these Elite Football Head Jigs from Skinny Bear Jigs are everything you'd expect. Anyone who knows anything about bass fishing has heard of the legendary Gamakatsu EWG hooks. They have great hook-up rates and positive holding ability. These hooks are used in the Skinny Bear Elite Football Head jigs, providing you with one of the best hooks available on the market today. The attention to detail that these jigs exhibit will give you confidence that the fish will bite. Thick, flowing skirts of fine Living Rubber, fine round rubber, and quality silicon are hand tied with double wraps of wire. The ultra sharp hook points are protected by 24 strand weedguards for the perfect balance between a solid hookset and keeping the point from debris. Skinny Bear jigs are responsible for winning some big money in California, they'll do the same for you.

11 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Fished this jig for the first time in Northern Illinois with fantastic results. I rigged a variety of trailers on the jig to beef of the profile a bit in hopes of better quality fish.  My results couldn't have been better. 17 fish over 6 hours, AVERAGE size of 2.25lbs. Kicker was 5.6 and 2nd largest a 5.2. All these fish were caught on the same jig, no retying. (I checeked braid periodically for fraying) The hooksets were consistently in the roof of the mouth, just textbook.  I really like the angle of the hook, my hookup ratio was fantastic. Definitely found my new "go to" jig.

From: Jeremy: Chicago, IL 7/28/14

Comments: This jig is guaranteed to catch me a bass from a dink to large. I'm waiting to break my 4 lbs best on this jig itself. First cast, bam. Second cast, bam. I use strictly Strike King jigs, it catches me bass but slower catch rate than this. Grab it, you wouldn't regret it. It's even cheaper.

From: Billy: TX 7/19/14

Comments: These jigs can not be beat! They have everything going for them.  the color selection gives you options, the hook up ratio is ausome, and best of all the bass crush it!!!  For the best Football jigs look no further.....chose Skinny Bear.

From: Joe: Scottsdale, AZ 7/15/14

- Great hook up ratio due to the EWG hook
- Jig head to skirt color is good. A matte finish with rubber skirts would be primo though/

- Paint chips of in flakes very easliy. Takes about 45 minutes of fishing to have 60% of it down to the lead.
- Head shape isn't very football-ish compared to other football jigs I have used. More on the round side but still rolls over rocks ok.

From: Joe: White Bear Lake, MN

Comments: These are the best rubber jigs on the market. I just started using them this year and have had great success. The weed guards aren't stiff like other jigs I have used. I like how they come with Gamakatsu EWGs and are hand tied. Since they are hand tied and have round rubber the skirt flares out more and gets extra bites. Try these out you wont be disappointed.

From: Manuel: CA

Comments: These are by far the best football jigs on the market. They do an excellent job of coming through rocks, and the EWG style hook keeps the fish pinned. The skirt is hand tied so you don't have to worry about rubber bands rotting and falling off of the jig. Next time you need a jig for fishing rocky structure give The Elite Series Football a try.

From: Mark: Menifee, CA

Comments: these are some of the best hand tied jigs on the market with some of the best colors, but the paint on the jig heads flakes off extremely easy. i've found the same thing to be true about pepper jigs. the hardiest jig head paint i have found is on dirty jigs.

From: Mike: Phoenix, AZ

Comments: Hands down the best football head jig on the market.

From: Jimmy: Santa Ana, CA

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