Skinny Bear Punch It Skirts 2pk

Skinny Bear Punch It Skirts 2pk

The Skinny Bear Punch It Skirt can easily replace many of the jigs in your tackle box. Create a bait to fall slowly or a bait to crash through the densest trash or grass mats. The Skinny Bear Punch It Skirt is ideal to bulk up a flip bait and the rubber collar of the Skinny Bear Punch It is rattle capable. The versatility of the Skinny Bear Punch It skirt gives the angler numerous rigging options.

Punching Gear

7 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: i have had the worst luck with these skirts, they look nice, but once i hook up a fish and it thrashes violently the skirt always comes off the insert that its on, and it makes for a hassel trying to put it back on.

From: Delta Rat: Sacremento, CA 6/23/14

Comments: Awesome skirts! I used to fish the paycheck but i really do prefer the skinny bear ones. Plus i love that you can attach a rattle to the skirt

From: Nicholas: San Jose, CA

Comments: Love the skirts, great colors, very durable

From: David: San Jose, CA

Comments:If using heavy punchin weights, the lead bead tends to get smashed if you don't put a glass or plastic bead between the weight and skirt. other than that they are quality tied and the rattle inserts are good to have.

From:Anthony: Windsor, CA

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