Skinny Bear Shad Eye Jerk Bait 5.8" 3pk - $5.49

The Skinny Bear Shad Eye Jerk Bait is a 5.8" features a slotted body a long slender tail with a salted back. The action from a hand poured worm but the profile of a jerk/worm bait. It is possibly the most versatile bait on the market that can be fished in any part of the water column. It can be used on a drop shot, darter head, Texas rig, Carolina rig, shakey head or used as a trailer to a spinner type bait, etc. The irresistibly large profile of the bait is another tournament winner!

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Skinny Bear Shad Eye Jerk Bait 5.8

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  • Albino Ayu
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  • Aurora Smoke
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  • Ayu Shad
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  • Smoke Ayu
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Comments:Skinny Bear Shad Eye Jerk Bait is incredibly life-like, so natural--colors, texture and action. Absolutely soft plastic lure perfection. Even though this bait is quite soft & supple, it holds-up particularly well. Having a belly slit for the hook helps a lot in this regard, a feature, curiously their Kick Tail Swim Bait lacks. Rest assured, the eyes of Shad Eye Jerk Bait remain intact and will not fall off, a common flaw of so many soft plastic shad/baitfish imitating baits on the market.

From:Matt: Massachusetts, MA

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