Skinny Bear Shad Eye Kicktail 3.45" 7pk

Skinny Bear Shad Eye Kicktail 3.45

Possessing the same vigorous tail action as its big brother, the Skinny Bear Shad Eye Kicktail 3.45" will make a scrumptious appetizer for big bass everywhere. The new, highly detailed scaling pattern looks great rigged on a finesse umbrella rig or nose hooked on a drop shot. Available in a number of cutting-edge colors, the Skinny Bear Shad Eye Kicktail offers endless rigging possibilities with an action that will have bass asking for seconds.

Length Quantity
3.45" 7

6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I was fishing from shore this Spring for smallmouths on Lake Ontario when two young ladies approached me because of all the bass I was catching, and that I was the only one catching fish. They commented on how many bass I was catching and asked me what I was doing. They were using worms and still not catching so I invited them to move to the point I was fishing. They still weren't catching so I let them real in some of my fish. I put a jig and kick tail on their poles and they each caught five 3-lb smallies. Of course, they took all kinds of pictures and practiced catch and release. It was very satisfying to watch the smiles of these 8th graders as they caught fish on their own equipment.

From: Fred: New York, NY 6/2/14

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