Skinny Bear Thin Dropshot Weights

Skinny Bear Thin Dropshot Weights

The Skinny Bear Thin Drop Shot Weight is built around the best line clip on the market that softly grips your line. The long bullet designed of the Thin Drop Shot Weight slips through rocks and cover with ease. The slowly tapered bottom end of the weight allows for constant bottom contact for optimal feel. The weight size is stamped on each Thin Drop Shot Weight for easy recognition. The Thin Drop Shot Weight is a must have for the serious Drop Shot fisherman!

1/8oz, 3/16oz, 1/4oz - 6 per pack
3/8oz - 5 per pack

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Skinny Bear Dropshot Weights 1/8oz 6pk $2.69 06/01
Skinny Bear Dropshot Weights 3/16oz 6pk $2.69 10+
Skinny Bear Dropshot Weights 1/4oz 6pk $2.69 10+
Skinny Bear Dropshot Weights 3/8oz 5pk $2.69 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Been using these weights for a few years and was happy with the product until recently. The line clips are to loose and will not stay on unless they are pinched with pliers. I have since switched toanother brand.

From: Garry: SoCal

Comments: Had to use pliers on the top of all of the 1/4 oz weights otherwise my 8 lb line would slip right through.  The lighter weights were better

From: Darren

Comments: These drop shot weights are great. The unique design has never hung up on the cover fishing through a variety of waters. Great durability that lasts. I tend to bang up gear, and these have lasted me a long time.

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