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Smelly Jelly Scents are among the most popular fish attractants on the market today. Smelly Jelly has taken the essence of each forage species and concentrated it before mixing it in a jelly base. The jelly will stick to whatever you apply it to and will last. The Sticky Liquid is a liquid formula that comes in a squeeze bottle, making it easy and clean to apply to your lure. Use the Sticky Liquid on worms, jigs, any soft plastic lure, and hard baits. The fish will notice the scent and when they bite they will hold on longer. Available in scents for any game fish, Smelly Jelly Sticky Liquid is sure to be a fish catcher.

4oz Bottle

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Smelly Jelly Sticky Liquid

8 Available Colors

  • Baitfish
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  • Bass Feast
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  • Crawdaddy
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  • Crawfish Anise
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  • Crawfish Salt
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  • Garlic
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  • Shad
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  • Special Mix
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Comments: Love this stuff! The bass feast is a game changer! 5 drops in any plastic bag and you'll never have to apply it again. Used Bang for years, but this stuff is the real deal!

From: Jess: Oak Ridge, MO 1/14/15

Comments: I use this stuff on my baits but i just mostly use this stuff on my hands, masks the human scent and i think i actually catch more fish. great product. i love it.

From: Jim Bob: TX

Comments: Just received the Bass Feast scent. Based on all these reviews,although not pleasant, I was expecting a worse odor.

From: Ed: NY


From: Nick: Portland, ME

Comments: This stuff works great when a bass bites it wont let go. But like said before it stinks bad dont want to get it on your hands .

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: great stank for a great price. it stinks so keep it off your mitts.

From: Meatwad: Out of townski

Comments: this stuff work like a charm ever time i put it on bam hooked up

From: Frank: El Cajon, CA

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