Smith Baits Hitch X Swimbait

Smith Baits Hitch X Swimbait

Keeping with Smith Bait’s dedication to detail and perfection in the water, the Smith Baits Hitch X Swimbait is the latest creation of master swimbait designer, Eric Smith. Measuring in at 8-inches in length, it delivers an anatomically correct profile, complete with etched scales, gill plates and 3D eyes. Its durable, single-jointed construction gives it a remarkable swimming motion, and as a slow-sinking bait, you can use it to attack the entire water column. If you enjoy throwing swimbaits for big bass, and you haven't tried the Smith Baits Hitch X Swimbait, you're missing out. Available in a variety of colors for a range of fishing conditions, the Smith Baits Hitch X Swimbait won't let you down.

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Smith Baits Length Weight Class
Hitch X 8" 3-3/8oz Slow Sinking

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

3 Colors

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    Model No. H-X-BLUE GHOST
    Blue Ghost
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    Model No. H-X-GREEN HITCH
    Green Hitch
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    Model No. H-X-SPRING HITCH
    Spring Hitch
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Customer Reviews

Comments: I got one from my friend cuz he has entirely too many damn swimbaits. First day I used it at my local city pond & I caught 2 dinkers (about 2lber) & a also banged a 7.2. It does swim odd compare to a deps, but its more of a bait that YOU need to figure out how to swim. idk wtf these people are talking about when they say it sucked lol I think they just suck hahaha


Comments: I've read all the bad reviews and thought, "wow, what a horrible bait".  All these guys can't be wrong right?  Well, my friend got one from a buddy of his to try; and had it with him when we fished one day.  I couldn't wait to see how horrible it swam.  You know what?  That bait swims great.  Smooth glide, fluid; I have nothing bad to say about it.  He caught fish on it too.  I'm really shocked at all the negative reviews.  I own Deps, and a few custom glide baits; and this Smith Bait swims very well.

From: Joesph: CA

Comments: These are very good baits in the truest sense of "glide baits". Take very little effort to make glide, just gentle pulls, not jerky movements of the rod. If you listen to the ramblings of the children who appear to have used this bait then you're missing out on a superb bait. Your loss is my gain ;)~.

From: TJ: CO

Comments: got two of the junk x's. they float and dont swim. does anybody test this junk

From: Jerry Clear Lake

Comments: bait sucks tail broke after ten cast

From: Joe: Sac. CA

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