Smith Baits Series X Topwater Sunfish

The Smith Baits Series X is an extremely versatile topwater bait that can produce the actions of several different topwater lures - all in one bait. Your line actually runs through the mouth of the bait, then down through the first segment of the body, where it pops out and ties to the line eye on the tail section. Designed to lay on its side like a dying or wounded baitfish, it's almost something you have to see to believe. Slight twitches with the rod make the tail come to life, and it is very easy to make it do anything from popping to walking-the-dog. Beautifully crafted with incredibly realistic detailing as well, each Smith Baits Series X is also equipped with super sharp Gamakatsu hooks.

Please Note: Smith Baits does not recommend changing or upgrading the hooks on the Series X. Incorrectly sized hooks will tend to hang up and snag on the joints, which has a negative effect on the bait’s performance and action. (Series X uses #4EWG Gamakatsu trebles)

Smith Baits Length Weight Class Hooks
Series X 4" 1oz Topwater #4 EWG Gama

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are great baits for topwater action! The nice thing is you can fish them really slow and just kind of 'pop' and 'sputter' them in place without moving them a bunch. Cast them into shade under trees, flap the tail a little in place and hold on! There is nothing like this bait out on the market and yes, you pay a little more but these are all custom hand airbrushed finished and perfect finishes matching Blue-Gills on most lakes

From: Trevor: Spokane, WA 7/14/14

Comments: wonder if they will improve the lure?  like improvements on baits and more colors like crappie, and other bluegill types.  very expensive for just on little plastic bluegill..

From: Alex

Comments: not what i thought it would be, horrible action, just go look on the videos on youtube on it, see for yourself, dont waste your money or time.its pretty much a jackall giron that swims on its side. so save yourself $20 and re-rig a giron so it swims on its side. but yea, BAD action!!!!

From: Steve: Chicago, IL

Comments: Very cool bait. Exciting and interesting with the different presentations I can create with it. Landed a huge 7 lb blackbass with it. Saw the big black spot sit under it, twitch twitch and she hammered it!

From: Ben: Hemet, CA

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