Smith Baits Swim and Jig

Smith Baits Swim and Jig

The Smith Baits Swim and Jig is a super realistic swimbait that puts quality fish in the boat year around. Fish it super slow around docks, weed lines and points, its soft yet durable plastic formulation allows its tail to kick with even the slightest movement. Its top hook configuration also helps reduce snags and allows you to deliver rock solid hooksets. Available in several color combinations designed to mimic a range of baitfish, pick up a Smith Baits Swim and Jig, and you won’t want to put it down.

Proudly made in the USA

Smith Baits Length Weight
Swim and Jig 6" 2-oz

4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Looking for old Baitsmith. These are not bad. Nice weight to them. Plows the bottom. Tail Is lively but doesn't cause lift. Durable. Slow rolls and jigs well. Too much speed and the body rocks. I like the Blue Ghost pattern. It's produced a 9.3

From: Outcast: CA 8/1/15

Comments: These baits simply get bit all year long. Great swimming action and hold up even after multiple fish.

From: Rusty: CA

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