Smithwick Elite 8 Rogue

Smithwick Elite 8 Rogue

Building on the success of Smithwick's Perfect 10 Rogue, the Smithwick Elite 8 Rogue offers a lethal blend of erratic action and stimulating acoustics that will terrorize bass in the 6-to-8 foot range. Engineered to produce the iconic "rogue roll," the Smithwick Elite 8 Rogue produces a bounty of flash and a darting action that works insanely well with a stop-and-go retrieve. Internally, a precise weighting system creates perfectly horizontal suspensions and helps generate long distance casts.

To increase its presence in the water, the Smithwick Elite 8 Rogue features a single tungsten knocker that emits an attention-grabbing "thud." Armed with three sticky-sharp Gamakatsu trebles, the Smithwick Elite 8 Rogue offers all of the bass attraction of the original – in a slightly smaller, yet just as deadly package.

Smithwick Length Weight Depth Class
Elite 8 Rogue  4-1/2" 1/2oz 6-8ft Suspending 

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

13 Colors

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