Please Note: Foxy Mama & Foxy Shad are Pro Rogue Models and do not come with Gamakatsu hooks.

The Smithwick Limited Rogue was designed for the avid angler looking for that "extra" advantage. Now, "extra" comes in two sizes, 4 1/2" and 5 1/2." The 5 1/2" Limited Gamakatsu Hooks Rogue offers anglers another member of the Rogue family that will cast efficiently, present a large profile in the water and maintain the signature roll that has made the Rogue truly stand apart from the pack. Each Limited Rogue features Smithwick's "Limited" decoration, which includes scale backs, gill plates, predator eyes, metalized bodies and realistic features. The combination of refined paint schemes and bright plated bodies creates an unmatched lifelike depth and flash. The Rattlin' Rogue's fish catching action, awesome paint schemes and premium, ultra-sharp Gamakatsu hooks all add up to what we proudly call our "Limited" Rogue.

Smithwick Length Weight Dive Depth Class Hooks
Limited Rogue 4.5" 3/8oz 0-6ft Suspending #6 Gamakatsu
Limited Rogue 5.5" 1/2oz 0-6ft Suspending #4 Gamakatsu

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It has been about a month or more since I posted my initial review and just to see if my opinion has changed is was going to post another. Well it has, this jerkbait is the best jerkbait in it's class. I have caught a ton of BIG bass on this bait. The key to this bait for me is the size and the hooks. I have 99% of my sucsess on a 5 1/2 inch model (still Hot Rod color) it has 3 #4 treble hooks on it and the only big fish I lost on this bait was because it wrapped me around a log and broke my line. The desighn and action of a Megabass or a Luck E Strike may be better, but until they put out a big 5 1/2 suspending version I will still be tying this on my line.

Casey: East Texas

Comments: I usually will not put up a review of a bait unless I am very impressed with the lure one way or the other. When the fish are in deep open water throw this bait. They will come a long way and simply attack it. I use a 5 1/2 inch Hot Rod color mostly.It catches BIG fish.

From: Casey: East TX

Comments: Excellent lure for fall Saugeye particularly when worked slowly

From: David: Springfield, OH

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