Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog 1/2oz

Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog 1/2oz

There's almost no lure that can't be improved and made more effective with a little tweaking and modifying. We all know how effective the Snag Proof Moss Master Frog is when fished on mats, pads, and even open water. Now the frog master, Bobby Barrack, has made it even better with a few tricks and modifications he's used to win big on the California Delta. The result is Snag Proof's Bobby's Perfect Frog.

The first difference you'll notice with the Perfect Frog is that it uses the Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap Double Frog Hook. Proven to immensely improve your hookup rate, these extra wide gap hooks allow the body of the Perfect Frog to depress further below the points, giving you a better chance to stick the fish. The Perfect Frog also features Snag Proof's ITT technology, which consists of a tube that runs through the center of the frog that the hook slides into. This means no air can get into the cavity, so the Perfect Frog never sinks. Another secret that Bobby Barrack revealed with the Perfect Frog is the fact that these frogs will walk-the-dog much more efficiently because he trimmed the portion of the bait that the rubber legs run through. This lessens the amount of plastic on the end of the bait for less resistance and less material to get in the way of setting the hook. The Perfect Frog also comes complete with internal rattles. You'll also notice the great new colors! If you like throwing frogs, you'll love the Perfect Frog!

Snag Proof Length Weight
Perfect Frogs 2.75" 1/2oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The Bobby's Perfect frog is hands down the best frog on the market! The design makes it easy to work, so anyone can use this and catch fish.  My favorite colors is Florida bass and Bullfrog. 

From: Stanley Socha: Tolland, CT 1/7/17

Comments: Perfect is absolutely correct! This frog is my favorite hollow body frog to fish. Perfect size, shape & weight, not to mention available in several awesome colors, for pad crashing or open water swimming. I highly recommend you give this one a try, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

From: Keep: Quinton, AL 3/27/16

Comments: Best all around frog on the market. Use on the thickest mats, scattered grass, or In open water it doesn't matter this frog will catch them!

From: Trawick: Cullman, AL 10/9/15

Comments: One of the best frogs on the market because of great hook sets and absolutely no water in the frog!! Would recommend this to anyone who likes frog fishing. Favorite colors are florida bass, wild bullfrog and smoke

From: Mason: TX 6/30/15

Comments: To me this is the best all around frog on the market. It's the perfect combination of action, hookup %, profile and colors. This bait works equally well in Lilly pads, on top of a thick grass mat or working through sparse cover and open water. Very easy to walk yet has the ability to chug and slap the water in a straight line, which are my 2 favorite retrieves. This bait flat gets bit, and when it does it has the best hookup percentage of any frog I've found. Get a Fred's frog for when it's sunny, and a variation of black for when it's cloudy, and go to work!

From: Ben: Omaha, NE 5/5/15

Comments: This is my favorite frog, bar none. Bass crush this frog, and they lock onto the Gamakatsu hook until you pop it out. I call the Bobby's Perfect Frog my all-terrain lure. I don't hesitate to throw it into, over, or under the thickest brush because it simply doesn't snag, and it is tough. I like to pause it after the cast, then slowly walk it a short distance, then walk it a little more with faster twitches, and continue faster until the water surface flushes! Love this frog!

From: Marc: San Juan Capistrano, CA 3/24/15

Comments: It is one of the best one for vegetation field in Japan as well as US. And I have been using Snag Proof frogs for more than 30 years. I strongly recommend every one to use it at your favorite field. You can get more strikes than other branded frogs.

From: Shiinichi: Japan 1/28/15

Comments: The Bobby Perfect Frog is the best I have ever used. The softer body gives you move hookups, and now it's designed not to take on water. My favorite color is Smoky, me being from Tn.

From: Tom: Charleston, TN 1/27/15

Comments: It has to float right, walk right, skip right, cast right, with the right firmness, colors, skirts, and hooks. All of those factors are exactly why I choose Snag Proof Frogs. The Bobby's Perfect Frog is THE absolute best hollow body frog for fishing over matted vegetation. If your body of water has grass milfoil, hydrilla, willow weed, lilly pads you name it, the Bobby's Perfect Frog is the Alfa Dog of frogs.

From: Rob: Lexington, SC 1/23/15

Comments: Best frog period for fishing Calif Delta cheese. By far, the very best hook up ratio due to hook/body position and gama hooks. I use 7' hvy action rod with 50# braid. Doesn't walk the dog that great, but which frogs do?  Not any I've tried with slack line. 

From: Keith: Sacramento, CA

Comments: Out of the box, hook sets are not as good as other frogs as the hooks tend to be too horizontal and will often pierce and stick into the body of the frog.  Good action and cast-ability.  Just okay- not my favorite.

From: Dave: Towson, MD, USA

Comments: best frog tryed them all this frog is the only one you need

Comments: Was and still is the best frog on the market.  There are many new ones out there, some are prettier; but the Snag Proofs are still #1.  They walk easy, cast well; and the hookups are solid.  I've fished many of the others and I keep coming back to these.

From: AC: CA

Comments:  3-5-2012 Caught an 8-13, 8 and 7 pounder and a hundreds of smaller bass this past February in Florida! I never had any issues, it works great right out the box!

From: TAT: Canton, OH

Comments: I used on today on my friends micro just messing around b/c i never get hit on hollow bodies! i tossed this TWO 6lb... needs sharper hooks

From: FL

Comments: combines three frogs in one. casts like a bronzeye, is as weedless as a scum frog, and walks like a scumdog! it comes in alot of great colors too. when I order some more frog gear, I will get  bobby's perfect frog,ish's phat frog,and the guntersville frog. I am excited to try snag proof frogs, and they will probably be great.

From: Alex: Port Barre, LA

Comments: my other comment is right below this i went fishing last saturday november 13th and got 2 blow ups but im new 2 frog fishing and have a medium action spinning rod and missed both fish but i believe this frog is one of the best ive seen. it has insane exposed hooks, super soft body, and great skirt/legs! once i get a baitcaster i will put a new review on it right now i give it a 4/5 oh yea it walks extremely well!!!

From: Bassin' Cali

Comments: i have this frog in the cicada color and it looks great! dk how well it will do but next time i go fishing but its november so idk if they'll bite it

Comments: I wouldn't quite call this frog a "perfect" frog. It is a decent frog, but the hook is a little too loose for my taste, and the body fills up with water a little too quick. I'll keep this frog as a back-up though.

From: Skunk: Livemore, CA

Comments: I used to swear by the Spro Bronze eyes but now i dont think i will use another frog. I have been using the Tweety color here at Clear Lake while on vacation and it has been out producing all of my other frogs. Agreat frog

From: Bassboy18: Kelso, WA

Comments: i use the florida bass color and fish frogs 70% of the time and hands down best to walk across water, caught smallmouth,largemouth, pickeral and pike on it with teeth holes in it and still hammering them. also used mann's brand, spro and scum frog i like these the best. my frog set up is a shimano voltaeus 6'6" medium action with bass pro qualifier bait caster reel with 6.4:3 gear ratio. the softer the rod tip, the better you can walk it and the more action you can get out of it, i have all different types of lenghths and diff action casters and that is the best frog rod for me along with these frogs

From: Caleb: Maryland

Comments: Great frog...I just wish it was a little heavier for longer casts.

From: Ted: Blair, NE

Comments: The things i like about this frog are the things i don't like about the spro, and vice versa.
this frog has a better hook up ratio than the spro. the spro fouls up less. the perfect has a smaller profile than the bronzeye which also helps with the hook ups. i prefer the spro, but this is my go to when i have too many short stikes. the bronzeye jr is a good compromise.

From: Neil: Nor Cal

Comments: Very good frog, great colors and action but like other reviews have said after a few fish it does rip. BUT THAT MEANS GREATER HOOKUPS plus the frog is cheaper than other brands like spro, tru-tungsten. Great frog.!!!!!!

From: Gunnar: Viroqua, WI

Comments: Hands down best frog on the market. If you are concerned about having to squeeze some water out here and there or the frog ripping after a few fish then you might wanna go with another frog. Some of these frogs sink when you get em but slide the body back and look for a keel weight.. some have em.. cut it off and your in buisness. Soft frog bodys equal good hook ups. Bobbys the best frogger in the game.. so is the frog.

From: Ceaser: California Delta 

Comments:One of the most consistent frogs on the market. Bobby Barrack was the forefront of frog fishing, and still in many ways is. This frog, and the design he put forth in it, is wonderful. The hooks are sticky sharp, and they have a good hookup ratio. The only time I've had one sink was after a couple dozen fish, more than worth it. Don't use anything less than 30lb braid here, and go heavy on the setup. Fish it enough, and you can stick some very nice fish on this bait. This bait appeals to better fish with its size, and you will be sorry if you fish this in heavy cover on a lighter setup.

From:Chris: SoCal, CA

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