Snag Proof "Chris Lane" Guntersville Frog - $8.99

Born on a lake known for big bass and a great frog bite, the Snag Proof Guntersville Frog features two glass rattles instead of the traditional skirted legs. Anglers on Guntersville have been customizing the Snag Proof Tournament Frog for years with rattles for the added noise and vibration the rattles generate. Adding additional fish attraction to a frog already known for explosive results, the rattles also provide additional weight and less wind resistance - for longer casts. Available in a range of proven colors and equipped with a sticky sharp Gamakatsu EWG Frog Hook, the Snag Proof Guntersville Frog’s soft, chewy yet durable body can also stand up to the repeated abuse of stout rods, braided line and catch-after-catch.

Proudly made in the USA!

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Snag Proof

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  • Black
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  • Green
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  • Moss Back
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  • White
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  • Wild Bullfrog
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Comments: This thing was built for the slop.  It works great across the big mats at G'ville, hence the name.  I don't think it was ever intended to be an open water walking frog. It does exactly what it is supposed to do.

From: Nick: B'ham, AL

Comments: Frog is awesome, i agree with the other two reviewers, it doesn't walk the dog at all, just sorta bobs up and down but something about it gets the bass going crazy. i have caught some super nice largemouths on it, only other downfall is one of my rattle tubes has already fallen out, worth the buy though

From: Colin: Moline, IL

Comments: funny because it walks fine for me...

Comments: What a joke of a lure! Why did a good company like snag proof make something as bad as this?

From: Peter: South FL

Comments: very disappointed doesnt walk, nose bob, pretty much worthless. Just kind of rolls around on its back every so often. Dont waste your money!

From: Let Down: OK

Comments: new design for a hollow frog. unlike others,the guntersville frog has short legs with built in rattles! this frog will be an awsome night fishing bait, because it will double the noise so fish can track it down. at night, it will be amazing and so will your livewell.

From: Alex: Port Barre, LA

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