Snag Proof Phat Frog

Snag Proof Phat Frog

Unsinkable - the Snag Proof Phat Frog solves a couple of the main issues plaguing frog baits. Snag Proof realized that most frog baits tend to eventually fill with water due to the fact that the collapsible cavity of the frog also has holes through which the hooks must be threaded. The Phat Frog solves this problem by creating two separate chambers – one to house the hook and the other a sealed air chamber to provide the collapsibility necessary for engaging the hooks. The folks at Snag Proof also positioned the legs of the frog closer together at the rear of the bait completely out of the way of the hooks. This limits the tendency of the rubber strands to foul around the hooks after violent strikes. Available in an array of effective colors, the Snag Proof Phat Frog will increase your chances by eliminating the necessity to constantly tune your frog bait.

16 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: fyi for everyone that uses these, trokar 4/0 frog hooks fit this frog perfect. I personally change all mine over from the gammys. Feel my hook up percentage is better and you almost always hook them really good with a trokar.

From: Brian: St. Louis, MO 7/15/16

Comments: This frog bait is by far, the best on the whole market: It walks perfectly, soft enough, very good hook up ratio, its density makes you able to cast far & accurately, color range is perfect & it catches lots of big fish! You can't go wrong with this frog! If you're new in frog fishing, buy this one and a bobby's perfect for a smaller profile!

From: Fab: France 3/3/16

Comments: The best frog on the market! Very easy to walk the dog straight out the package, no trimming needed. The hooks on this frog are very strong & sharp which allow for a better hook up ratio. They are also extremely durable & last a lot longer then other before they need to be replaced. Highly recommended

From: Cody: Lakeland, FL 12/14/15

Comments: Easy to cast and walk, don't sink, good hook up ratio, nice colors offer, price is OK & the rattling inside the frog is a nice addition. Nevertheless some colors seems not as soft as other colors... Not a big deal thought. The product is good, nice job Ish :)

From: Ben: France 10/14/15

Comments: It walks better than any other frog on the market. Great for open water and scattered grass. The large profile makes it easy to see and a good meal for a big bass. This is my go to frog. I don't go fishing without one tied on.

From: Trawick: Cullman, AL 10/9/15

Comments: This frog made me a believer in fishing hollow body frogs. The hook-up ratio is awesome and it draws multiple blow-ups even after a recast. I've not had to make any adjustments to the hook or skirt; it simply is good to go right out of the package. Got them in a few colors and they all produce, but dat bubonic Chronic make the bass choke, shh, this ain't no joke.

From: J: USA 7/13/15

Comments: Ish's Phat frog has quickly come my go to frog. This bait walks with ease and having the legs already pre trimmed certainly makes a big difference. Also with thr internal rattle chamber helps fish key in on the bait with working it over thr thickest of mats.

From: Ryan: IL 6/14/15

Comments: This frog is a winner.The bass are spawning on my lake right now and walking this frog over a one's head is simply something ole melonhead can't handle most of the time.

From: Robert: Columbia, SC 5/6/15

Comments: The Ish Phat Frog is the best frog I've used by far. The hook up percentage is unbelievable. I like the Cali color seems to work best for me. I've won over 14 tournament's in the last 2 years. I'm happy to say this frog was a huge part to my success.

From: Luke: Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2/10/15

Comments: Snag Proof frogs are the best frogs on the market. I hate having to squeeze water out of a frog, especially when you wanna cast right back out there. With the itt technology that is put into these frogs you will never have to do this. Some of my favorite  colors are Buck Nasty and CAli. You will not find a better frog out there.

From: Stephen: Hope Mills, NC 1/26/15

Comments: This is hands down the best frog I have ever fished. Snag Proof and Ish Monroe really went the extra mile on this frog. I can use it to skip under docks and overhanging trees, fish it through a laydown, and walk it through vegetation. You name it, this frog can do it. It's the easiest frog to walk that I have ever fished. It also collapses very easily and it has helped my hook up ratio on the frog a lot. 5 stars!

From: Trevor: Knoxville, TN 1/23/15

Comments: Living in Florida I'm naturally a big fan of hollow body frog fishing. I bought this frog in several colors to try out today and I just got back from breaking in the Cali color on Lake Seminole and I'm very impressed.  First, this frog has a glass rattle that's loud enough to call fish up from under thick mats. Second, the tube concept this frog employs WORKS.  The hook is secured in a tube that makes this frog pretty much unsinkable. All day of hard fishing and it never took on water.  Last but not least this frog is a joy to walk requiring almost no effort.  This is the only frog I've found that walks and skips as easy as the Spro Bronzeye Shad. At first I thought a negative would be the softness of the plastic used as it is a little firmer than the Spro or Live Target but I caught several bass today that were hooked rock solid so I guess it's firmer but still soft enough for good hooksets.  For the price this is a fantastic frog and is every bit as good if not a little better overall than the Spro or LiveTarget.

From: Hydrilla Gorilla: Lake Seminole, FL 10/1/14

Comments: First time out with this frog I caught around 35-40 fish with two kickers over 6 pounds, I missed about 20 which wasn't the frogs fault half user error and then the other half is because they were swiping at it at times, this frog walks flawlessly, it's my new favorite, I will be buying more very soon,only complaint is the weight fell off but even after it fell off I still fished with it till the end of the day and it still caught fish, highly recommend this frog anyway

From: Big J: FL 9/1/14

Comments: Now this frog may not be as a soft as a koppers or a jackall frog but it's till pretty dang soft, I've yet to miss a fish on it and it has strong good hooks. Secondly you could cut this frog in half and it would still float it's insane. Also it walks extremely easy, you don't have to set there and fight the frog to be abel to walk it, it's almost effortless. I've read some of the reviews on paint jobs and I don't think those guys get that it doesn't have to be some elaborate frog like a koppers but even those the bottom are all pearl it's really the color schemes, and they have all the color schemes you would need. I really have no complaints about this frog and the skirt is like no other I've seen, it has awesome flare. Most frogs have at least one or two flaws but this one is close to the perfect frog

From: JT: FL 8/26/14

Comments: By far the best frog I've ever used. I've used all the top Brands even some of the lesser know ones too like the Transpoter. this is the easiest frog to walk. It won't sink. It come through the thick stuff no problem. Hook up ratio is great.It does all the things I look for in a frog. Oh yeah and the Bass pound it. Great product will be my go to frog. Untill someone makes something better. Gotta keep an open mind. I'm always willing to try a new bait but this ones gonna be tuff to beat.

From: Jared: Peace Dale, RI 3/3/14

Comments: Frog is sick, I have 4 all in papa midnight. They cast forever, no tumble on the cast, and they are accurate on the cast, if you know how to cast right. Fish under 2lbs, not the best hookup ratio but if you stick quality fish they inhale it and the hooks are rock solid. I fish it on a 7'6" H, 65lb power pro and have no problem sticking good fish on almost every strike. They walk like a dream, and if you pop em hard in place and give it lots of slack, it will do 180s and hang in the strike zone forever. Price is great, durability is even better.

From: Kyle: GA

Comments: lets just say spro and snag proof are my goto on frogs there are others but why pay a lot more for something that doesnt work as good

From: Laboomba: TX

Comments: really like the sexy ish this color gets fish in the boat and one thing I like to do is skip it under a fallen tree then walk it through

From: Trent: Chariton, IA

Comments: I love the purple kush! Absolutely love it! The OG is always nice in the evenings. One of my all time fav's! Whenever...wherever the chronic always hits the spot..... Oops, that's right, I'm writing a review for the phat frog and not for  medical.... Umm... Ya know... Well anyway, Ish makes a mean frog, you won't be disappointed. There not as pretty as other frogs but they work. period.

From: MRH: SB, CA

Comments: Some guys buy baits cause their are pretty but I buy snag proof cause they catch fish! When these hit the market I had to try them and wow! no more draining the frog every 3rd cast!  Between the Ishalicious and the Moss Mouse I don't use any other frog now!

From: Alan: Houston, TX

Comments: By far the best frog on the market. This frog will walk way easier than any other frog which is great for people new to frog fishing. The hookup ratio is as high or higher than any other frog after bending the hooks up a little bit. Dont confuse missed strikes and blame the frog... when big momma gets this thing, she will be in the boat.

From: Megan: OH

Comments: These frogs are ugly, and look cheap...the paint sucks, but they put fish in the boat. There are a lot of frogs out there designed to catch fisherman, im guilty too....but if the most important thing is catching, this frog will get it done. Bend the hooks out a little for a better hook-up ratio!!

From: Mike: SoCal

Comments: This is such a bad ass that i dont use spro anymore, gave my old regular bobby b hollow away.  I think my hook up ratio is about 80% right now.  Love how i no longer have to squeeze the water out.  I can lit sit for a while with no worry of it sinking as i start to work it.  Only other frog going to try is bobby b buzz. 

From: Sir Calvin: CA

Comments: The best frog sold,periodUse braid and good heavy rod at least 7'3.Go Ish

From: Tony: West Chester, PA

Comments: This is the best frog on the market period. I own 6 and have 5 different colors. All fish catchers. I fish the cal delta exclusively... For those of you who say the hook up ratio is bad, learn how to frog fish...? Don't use the Walmart special ugly stick. Get a stout 7+ foot rod. I use a 7'6 heavy, and I use the frog stock right from the package.

Comments: BEST frog out there! my biggest problem has been sinking frogs - especially with spros. This frog doesn't sink, it's perfect.

Comments: Don't believe the griping about low hook-up ratios.  Bend the hooks to give yourself a gap of about two millimeters, use braid and you're ready to rock.  Excellent frog.

From: John: Stockton, CA

Comments:  I'm not a fan of ish monroe in the least and swore I'd never buy anything with his name on it but I was given one of these and after it performed so well I bought a couple.  Great frog on the mats.

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments: great frog, the key IMO is to turn your hooks out away from the body just slightly, I found this greatly increases your chances of getting a good hook set and landing your dream fish. I personally love the black.

From: Wayne: Eagle, NE

Comments: This frog is awesome. I smashed tons of fish on it all season. It does not sink or take on water and works flawlessly. It also takes a beating from fish including toothy critters. The bottom line is, if I set the hook right that fish was coming in the boat. I caught some real nice fish including a 5 pounder that put up an incredible fight, it went in the weeds, it went under the boat, it never gave up, but in the end it was flipped into the boat for a photo op. It was one of my most memorable catches. My other frogs now sit in the box and donÕt see daylight.

From: Adam: NY

Comments: Took one down to the practice pond, and, within an hour, landed two missed one.  I just barely bent the hooks up too.  Worked great in my opinion.

Comments: I really wanted to like this frog, but I agree with others that say the hook up ratio is lower than some other frogs. I find that it does not collapse as easily, and the hook gap is too narrow with too much plastic/rubber in the way. When I first used this, I missed 15 fish and finally hooked the 16th. Haven't thrown it since. The positives of this frog are that it casts very well, and the hooks are super sharp.

From: Mike: PA

Comments: good frog but i like my tru tungstun mad maxx more but still good frog

Comments: Great frog for heavy cover. Won't roll and tumble as you work it through the thick pads. It has proven to be very durable and hook up ration is very good.

From: H20man: DE

Comments: very good hook up ratio. easy to walk as well

From: Godzilla: Delta, CA

Comments: Love this frog. Have one of the best hook up ratios with this frog as well. One of my favorites without a doubt as well as the Spro 65!

From: Tiago, Lowell, MA

Comments: This is my favorite frog. Walks like no other frog I've used. It really is unsinkable.  Zero problems with hook up ratio here. WAY better than spros IMO...

From: Jacob: IN

Comments: Great walking frog however i wonder how much doctoring a guy has to do to have this tournament ready. Fished SPROS for years and with a little tinkering they hook over 75% of the bites. With this one, ive tried bending the hooks, softening the tops, and it seems the shape of the frog blocks alot of the hook (the sides of the frog). I got alot of blowups but the hookup ratio is quite low.

From: AJ: Wisconsin

Comments: Has replaced Bobby's Perfect as my #1 Frog. Easiest walking Frog out there. Doesn't sink and great hookups!

From: Ken: Chicago, IL

Comments: Not my favorite frog. The thin profile combined with the thick walls of the air chamber donÕt leave much hook gap. Walks nice and casts well but the hook up ratio is much lower than some others IMO.

From: Joe: Leesville, SC

Comments: have you ever seen a blue frog? a boat load of bass have and it was a ISH'S phat frog in the iced out color tied onto my braided line. 75% of the time color is not that important on top water bait's unless the water is clear. this seem's to be the exception to that rule. all the standard frog color's are effective with black and white leading the parade. ol' blue just crowded in. bubble gum and red frog's are also in the hunt but ol' blue is now my favorite "strange" frog color. why do bass like it? who care's?? this color work's on at least 5 different lake's, miles apart. the phat frog is also the best at not absorbing water--so far! 

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: VERY GOOD FROG!!! i fish frogs almost every time im on the water... spros, snagproofs, tru-tungsten, stanley ribbit and any more and this is one of my go to's. BLACK BLACK BLACK is the best color.... and platinum plus. caught a 6 pounder this year on the BLack!!! get some and try for yourself!

From: Gunnar: Viroqua, WI

Comments: This has to be the best quality hollow body frog on the market. I can't imagine any other frog being as tough or effective as this one! Over the past few months I, and the voracious bucket mouths ,have really put a beating on ish's phat frog, and nary a sign of wear or tear on the frog -- all the rubber strands are intact, the hooks are still very sharp, the colors have not faded. It looks the same as when I first took it out of the package .And trust me when I say that i've fished this frog **hard**.

From: Matt: Massachusetts, USA

Comments: This is the best frog ive ever used bye far. if u hate fishin frogs cause u have 2 empty it and squeeze water out every cast, then this is the frog for you! This frog will never sink! Its the only frog ill ever use!!!     

From: Mike: Johnstown, PA

Comments: Best frog on the market. Great hook up ratio and frog won't sink!!

From: Stephen: Sacramento, CA

Comments: I like the color patterns and the design aspects, not to mention the components. They definitely are unsinkable as Ish claims. If you are looking for a frog that doesn't need to be emptied every 4th cast, this is the one for you.

From: John: Virginia, USA

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