Snag Proof Ish's Poppin Phattie Frog

Designed by Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Ish Monroe, the Snag Proof Poppin' Phattie is the ultimate poppin’ frog. Its unique double concave face allows it to pop and spray water everywhere, generating explosive strikes - even in windy conditions. Featuring ITT - Snag Proof’s Inner Tube Technology, a separate tube for the hook and line-tie keeps water out and makes the Poppin’ Phattie virtually unsinkable. Weighing in at 5/8oz, it casts well - even on windy days - and its legs are set farther back to facilitate better hooksets from its super sharp Gamakatsu EWG hook. Available in a range of colors, the Snag Proof Poppin’ Phattie is perfect for the thick stuff or open water froggin’. It’s the Ultimate Poppin’ Frog.

Proudly made in the USA!

"When fishing in open water, take a pair of pliers and bend the hooks up just a touch for increased hook-ups!" - Ish Monroe.

Snag Proof Length Weight
Ish's Poppin' Phattie 2-3/4" 5/8oz

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7 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Good frog. Durable body and good hookups with it. Makes a really great popping and splash with that face on it. Also it's a little bigger than others. Main problem I have encountered is that the weights come out much quicker than other frogs and require you to rig up a solution if you'd like to keep using it. I had used a hex nut and Marine Goop to re-weight it to good effect.

From: Ian: Austin, TX 2/22/16

Comments:  This is a great frog for all situations! Its hard to beat! If you love frog fishing, you better use Snag Proof!

From: Bailey: Daphne, AL 1/5/16

Comments: Was a big fan of Spro Products (still am) but this frog has a special place in my boat! I have had a very hard time lately with Spro products getting holes and slits after being beat up by fish - this frog is very durable. This from is also a much weedless than a Spro. My best catching/ hook up from still is the Iobe, but the hook up on this frog is very good... better than a Spro.

From: Ryan: WI 10/26/14

Comments: I bought almost each and every brand of frogs on and had tested all of them. I have to say, this is the best frog out there. This frog will not swallow water like most of other frogs which annoy the hell out of me. Hook up ratio is superb! Pop the water really good. Get a lot of attentions from fish. I love it! It's the only frog I throw now. All of my others are just sitting in the box collecting dust.

From: Brian: SP, CA 6/18/14

Comments: Great frog!!!! no problems. doesnt sink, great action, and not super expensive.

From: Trent: IA 3/29/14

Comments: Ish you did well my friend. These just flat out catch fish....Papa Midnight on a low light day just whacks them!

From: Joey: Gilbert,AZ

Comments: This is my go to frog when im fishing thick mats. I like the Cali color. It spits water very well and i have had great hook up ratios with this frog. 

From: Ben: AL

Comments: Awsome frog. Plastic is soft, doesn't take on water, can pop it, walk it, twitch it, etc. Not gonna review an item and suggest another one I like better. This is a nice topwater frog that you can use in heavy weeds or throw it out in open water. Has a glass rattle in it too that gives off some extra attraction without having to alter a new frog. Worth the money. And if you're worried about how hard it is to walk, if you can walk a spook, you can walk this frog without doing any altercations to the skirt. 

From: Will: Long Beach CA USA

Comments: I disagree with chris in the sense that it takes on water. However i will agree that i would prefer the spro. The spro poppin frog can both pop as well as walk the dog. This bait can still walk but it talk quite a bit more effort. Also personally found this bait almost to loud and disrupted(which at times can be good)which takes away from it being a good all around frog. I bought this bc i was impressed with it in the video but it just wasnt quite what i expected. I think the spro also has much better plastic. Idk why within the last year or two scum frog thinks they can now charge nine bucks for the same three dollars frogs they have been selling for years.

From: Josh: IL

Comments: by far a superior frog to the Spro popping frog. It doesn't have a pronounced pop like the Spro but makes up for it by not taking on water and constantly need to be drained

From: Chris: Riverview, FL

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