Snag Proof Moss Master Tournament Frog 1/2oz - $5.75

It's always a lot of fun when bass are smashing topwater lures, and it's even better when they're eating frogs. Thick grass, moss mats, and pads attract and hold lots of bass but they are almost impossible to fish without some kind of weedless bait. Snag Proof Moss Master Frogs are the perfect bait to throw across the top of floating grass and mats into emergent weeds for some rod-ripping, heart-stopping topwater action. Imagine casting your frog back under some over-hanging willows and getting flushed as soon as the bait hits the water, or hopping it along until it reaches a hole in the grass where you pause the frog on the edge, twitching it in the open water until a depth charge goes off. This is summertime fishing at its best!

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Moss Master Tournament Frog 1/2oz
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Snag Proof Moss Master Tournament Frog 1/2oz

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Comments: This frog isn't as good looking as koppers or spro or others, it hasn't the greatest hook ever, it hasnt the best detailed finishes... But that frog made in the USA is a fish catcher, it's resistant, it's durable, and if you tightly open the hook's gap, your hookup ratio will increase a lot. Try those US made frogs! They work great.

From: Fab: France 8/2/14

Comments: Good looking frog, I really liked how the legs are attached but the hooks I got on mine were extremely dull. I'm going to try the "Bobby's perfect frog." I might have gotten a dud though.

From: Spencer: San Luis Obispo, CA

Comments: Had one of these in chartreuse and didn't use it for years. Threw it this fall and it really helped bring back my confidence in hollow body frogs, as far as being able to catch fish on them. I think this is common in a lot of frogs, but the thing got really torn up from the hooks getting stuck in it, and needs to be retired already. I'll definitely buy some more because they are cheaper than others, and do catch fish.

Comments: I have this frog in chartreuse and im happy that i got 5 strikes in 1 hour, however i am pissed that not one of those fish were hooked... this frog sank within 1 minute of being in the water, it rolled over when i tried to walk the dog and the hooks are not in the right position to get a good hookset... i will not buy from snagproof again im going to try koppers. take my advice dont buy this frog!

From: Bassinincalifornia: Roseville, CA

Comments: Excellent frog works great in just about anything when bass are smashing top water. Very easy to use

Comments: this is a very good frog the Green color works great!

From: Tyler

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