Snag Proof Pro Series Poppin' Frog

The Snag Proof Pro Series Popping Frog offers anglers a hollow bodied popping frog with more pro features than any other. Start with the extra-strong, extra-sharp Owner Double Hook that is protected from snagging grass and wood by the soft plastic body. This tough hook is attached to a double wire ring at the front of the bait and the plastic body is molded around this wire so it is impossible to pull the plastic body down to cover the hook points which will happen to lesser baits. The front of the popping cup is very high and wide causing lots of commotion on the surface and the thick, ‘tail' will give plenty of action even when the bait is stopped. The lead weight is molded onto the hook shank and will never come loose or slide back to interfere with the hookset. this frog works great in open water and around sparse grass but will work over mats as well.

Snag Proof Length Weight
Pro Series Poppin' Frog 2" 1/2oz

5 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  There are some days that bass won't hit a hollow plastic frog or a Moss Boss.  They will his these baby then.  You just sit it over a likely area, a blow hole for instance, and pop it gently.  Not for the impatient.  Lots of great bass have fallen to these things.

From: Dean: Apple Valley, MN

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