Snag Proof Pro Series Tournament Frog

Snag Proof Pro Series Tournament Frog
The Snag Proof Pro Series Tournament Frogs have all the excellent features of the standard Tournament Frogs plus super-sharp and extra-strong double claw hooks from Owner America. New pro colors dress up this line. The addition of some sparkle allows bass under grass, pads, and moss to key in better on their target for more bites, and the Owner hooks make for more positive hookups. Want some fun this summer? Imagine yourself hopping your frog bait across the top of a moss mat or over some pads and watching it disappear in a white water explosion. Want to make a check in a tournament this summer? The Pro Series Tournament Frogs with super-sharp Owner hooks will help you put more fish in the boat. Be sure to check out our selection of rods specifically built for fishing frogs and rats.

Snag Proof Weight
Pro Series Tournament Frog 1/2oz

12 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: To small. hooks are not big enough to get a good hook up

From: PT: IL

Comments: I got this frog about 2 months ago in the watermelon and black w/ red flake color but never really had the time to use it. I would just like to say that this frog is AMAZING. I went to a secret spot with my friends and on my first cast after tying on the watermelon color. BAM! 4lb Largemouth bass. 6 casts later..BAM! Another one. These frogs are just amazing I recommend these to anyone whether novice or pro price wise and effectiveness.

From: Brien: Mission Hills, CA

Comments: i dont normally fish frogs because there isnt many place near me that are well suited for it. i have finally found a good spot for frogs so i picked a black and blue one on the way there. in 2 hrs i had 15 blow ups and caught 5 bass. i know the hook up ratios suck on frogs but when i did get them they were stuck good. it comes through heavy cover with ease and didnt fill up with water. also held up good to those fish.

From: Jason: CA

Comments: I just caught an eight pounder at a public lake in North Central Indiana on a Pro Series Frog. Named him frankenstein - FEED MY FRANKENSTEIN! BIGGEST BASS I HAVE EVER CAUGHT! ON A FROG!!
From: Nate, Kokomo, Indiana 9/04

Comments: Best all around frog available!
From: David, Huntington Beach, CA 6/04

Comments: The frogs are a big hit right now. The fish in San Diego prefer the black one with blue dots. You definitely catch quality 3 lb bass. I will let you know when I catch a serious toad on one.
From: John, Chula Vista, CA 6/03

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