Snag Proof Wiggle Wog - $7.99

The new Wiggle Wog from Snag Proof bridges the gap between frogs and swimbaits. The Wiggle Wog is perfect for those situations when there is open water between the bank and floating weeds. The natural tail action makes the Wiggle Wog an ideal open water bait. The best feature about this bait is it gives an angler the ability to run the bait through blow holes and open water tracts in the weed mats while remaining weedless so you can run the bait over the mats from one hole to the next. The Wiggle Wog also excels in those times when the weeds are in an emergent stage. Fish this bait slow and it will float while still allowing tail to kick seductively, fish it fast and the wog will swim like a fleeing baitfish or frog.

The Wiggle Wog comes equipped with a premium 4/0 Owner double hook, internal glass rattle and kickin' paddle tail.

Snag Proof Length Weight
Wiggle Wog 4.5" 3/8oz

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Snag Proof Wiggle Wog

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  • Chart. Sparkle
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  • Chaw
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  • Firetiger
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  • Moss Back
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  • Smoke
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Comments: Looks ridiculous but gets slammed and is awesome through cover. Sent the original back because of irreparably misaligned hooks but #2 was perfect and is such a nice addition to my cover fishing game- much more effective than I had thought it would be. I only use the Chaw color. 

From: Matt: MA 6/13/14

Comments: This is an great lure!!  Fish it any way, on top, swimming slow or doctored up a bit to get it deeper...Big fish anihalate this lure!  Up here the season are short, and from Spring through Fall this bait is tied on.  Mossback and Smoke are my two favorites.

From: DL: Green Bay, WI

Comments: This is probably one of the best frog lures I have ever bought. I was bringing this right through everything; slop, branches, cattail, and hyacinth. I had never snagged it beyond retrievle. And on top of that I had incredible hook sets, many of which almost swallowed the bait, and the ones that missed it would repeatedly strike again and again. Whats more, it can be fished on top, middle and bottom by filling it with water. Works great on all retrieves but i found medium to fast was best, and don't think it's only for the big fish, I've seen everything from 6 inchers to a heafty 18 incher get hooked. Go with watermelon or chart. sparkle.

From: Braedyn: Wellsboro, PA

Comments:  Neat little bait.  Works well over the slop, and in open water has an enticing wiggle with a similar tail waggle to a swimbait, with a much fatter profile.  Try a very slow retrieve to produce a nice waking effect.  Best color has been moss back.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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