The Solar Bat Captain Sunglasses deliver sleek wrap around comfort and protection designed to fit average sized faces. Donning a polished black pattern with gunmetal trim, the frames are constructed from high performance TR90 material, yielding lightweight, rugged durability. The temple boots and nose pads are also made from a Solar Bat exclusive TGC (Temperature Controlled Grip) material, which actually increases facial grip, as the temperature gets hotter - so your glasses never slip down your face.

Solar Bat was started by optometrist and avid outdoorsman, Dr. Gary Nesty in 1994 to provide superior eye protection products specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts. He spent nine years prior to starting Solar Bat researching and developing, which included significant field testing by dedicated hunters and anglers. The Solar Bat pro staff boasts some of the best known names in professional bass fishing, including six (6) Bassmaster Classic Champions and six (6) Angler of the Year Champions as a testament to their quality and performance.

All Solar Bat lenses are constructed of proprietary Noctular Lens Material. It far exceeds government standards for impact resistance and is infinitely safer to wear than glass or hard resin lenses. Delivering the ultimate polarization for maximum visibility in bright light, high glare situations, the polarizing film is encapsulated within the lens so it will never peel off or fade. Solar Bat also double coats each Noctular lens, both front and back surfaces, with a super scratch resistant coating for additional durability. The curves of each lens are optically correct to provide you with the highest level of visual acuity possible, greatly reducing eye strain, and in addition, Solar Bat uses selective wavelength filtration technology to highlight sport specific colors, while bleaching out color distractions.

Amber - Highlights browns and filters out blue light. Excellent tint for flat light conditions. 16% transmission.

Gray - Nuetral filtration. Filters all colors equally. Superior all-purpose tint. 14% transmission.

HiCon Yellow - Brightens your environment. High-contrast lens for low light levels. 27% transmission.

Mossback - Brightens greens and bleaches out browns, making fish and under water cover more visible. Great for sight fishing. 15% transmission.

Mossback Gradient - Two different tints within one lens. The Top 55% is Mossyback and the Bottom 45% is HiCon Yellow. Ultimate tint for fishing. 27%/15% transmission.

Solar Bat Frame Material Lens Material Frame Size Fit
Captain TR90 with TCG temple boots Noctular PNV Eye-60mm, Bridge-17mm, Temple-140mm Average

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These glasses are awesome!  They fit my face great and the lenses are top notch.  The Mossback polarized lenses penetrate the water better then any other lense I've used before. 

From: Scott

Comments: These glasses wrap around very nicely, and the polarized lenses work as well as other high end glasses I own. I was impressed at how quicky Solar Bat repaired my glasses after I scratched one of the lenses.

From: Greg: Indiana

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